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Right. Maybe the last ones, but then again, maybe not. A different leather jacket, also profile. (x)

Today, the 4 years-old kid I babysit was looking at my keychains and suddenly exclaimed “She’s so pretty!!!”
I quickly eliminated Thor and Totoro from the list of suspects. Remaining ones were Kashuu Kiyomitsu and Hijikata. 
As I thought, she was talking about Kashuu.

Repeat after me: Migrating to another country especially because of the shit that the Philippines is going through does not make you less of a Filipino. Denying that you’re a Filipino after you have migrated does.

derpypony123  asked:

In the turtle tots post you said before tmnt 2012 ends thats not anytime soon right????? I cant even think the turtle would ever be diffrent then these turtles

This series will end late this year or early next year. BUT that doesnt mean there wont be anymore TMNT! you never know! The possibilities is endless!

We should see this as a good thing! This show is ending when is needed, I mean look at what happened in the 03 series? or even the 80s? As long as this series ends on a good note, Im sure it will be okay :) Us fans will still be here for the next series that will appear again someday! 

And  Im positive that series will be a masterpiece, just like all the other series thats been done!

melancholycliche  asked:

yo im trying tp remember a song thats on voodoos blog (i cant check anytime soon) it was about trees? do you know what it was called? thank you!

Follow me down to the red oak tree? Its the kind of sad one but pretty

Owari no Seraph - Star Wars AU

Since I won’t finish that piece anytime soon… have a preview. :)

Shinya: Thats your new Padawan? ⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒

Guren: Yes. Why are you asking?

Shinya: Just to keep an eye on him~ Don’t want him to turn to the dark side, because his master can be an insensitive bastard at some times~

Guren: Do you have the guts to repeat that?  (¬_¬)


I can’t draw comics but that won’t stop me from drawing pointless first meeting

anonymous asked:

you do not think 1d is coming back as a band? why so? idk i think they will but wanna know your thoughts :)

Thanks for the question - it’s a really interesting one. I don’t not think they’re coming back (if that makes any sense).  I don’t think I’ve ever commented about this before. The short answer is: I don’t know.  but has anyone who follows this blog knows, I’m really bad with stopping at the short answer. 

I think predicting the future is a fools’ errand at the best of times - and demonstrably more so one it comes to 1D (there are things that have been clearly signposted - but the band is also the epitome of that moment in Buffy where Whistler’s voice over is all “the big moments - you never see them coming.”

What I’m most sure of at the moment - is that there is messy behind the scenes negotiations that are limiting what Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall do.  I think there are plenty of signs of this.  Whether it’s Dawbell not announcing Harry as a client, Liam not being able to release his Juicy J collaboration, Louis signing with a management company whose demonstratable skill is to get people on British TV, when the official story is that he’s in LA for the indefinite future.  

But more importantly than any of that - is that nobody is trying to make money off of them at the moment - either individually or collectively.  The nice thing about capitalism is that it does help make things clear.  And if you have a brand as valuable as One Direction and no one is trying to making any off of any part of it - it’s pretty clear to me that no-one can at the moment.

If One Direction were definitely breaking up - then I’d expect one or two of them to try and launch a solo career relatively quickly.  Their brand and fanbase will dissipate during the break.  And the speed with which Zayn’s solo career was launched is I think indicative of that. 

So I think the big question will be - what happens when things start happening.  I basically see three options - either the thing that’ll happen will be an announcement of what One Direction is doing next, or it’ll be the launch of solo careers in a way that is incompatible with One Direction doing more for a long time, or it’ll be the beginning of smaller scale solo projects with One Direction still officially ‘being on a break’.

Basically I don’t think we’ll know anything until people try and make money off of 1D, individually or collectively - and when that happens we’ll have a lot more information.

If I was going to guess I would guess at the moment they think they’re coming back. Just because what people can do at the moment is position themselves for what happens next.  And apart from maybe Niall, they don’t seem to be positioning themselves for solo careers.  But I don’t really know enough about the range of ways that band members have positioned themselves before going solo to make that judgement.

a little help plz

ok guys, my donation button is on my page and im about to tell you why

we’re trying to crack down on some important things with little money

we have been fighting bed bugs for a about two years. basically we’ve been dealing with these bugs as long as ive had kids. 

our landlord has had an exterminator come in multiple times to try and rid of these things. they just keep coming back. 

but now that we owe him rent money again because we have nothing to give, hes more likely to ask us to leave than deal with the bugs while we’re here. 

matt and i have been trying to keep the bugs contained so that they only bite us while we try and get things on track, but it doesnt look like thats going to happen anytime soon. 

now my kids are getting bitten, and so we are going to try and nip this in the bud ourselves. so i ask your help to donate money if you can or to reblog this and get the word out. 

i need to be able to buy bug bombs and covers for things to protect them from bugs along with an abundance of laundry to make sure everything is super clean. anything we can to deal with this problem til more money is coming in from matts new job. (and right now diapers, baby wipes, gas money, car insurance and other house hold things have been taking up the money. also why we havent payed rent lately and our bills are also behind)

our priority is making sure our kids stop getting bit. i hate waking up in the morning and find blotchy red dots in groups of three on their legs or arms. its hiked my anxiety waaay up than what it was when matt and i were the only ones being bit. i keep crying and im at least glad my kids arent allergic to the bites like i am (my bites puff up really bad and scab over, i have scars all over my arm and now matts arm looks about the same)

i wanna make sure this ends. bed bugs are the most terrible thing to have in your home. they are harder to rid of than fleas or cockroaches.