that's not a pillow!

Online Safety 101:

> before u agree to see a naked girl on a camsharing site, ask her what her favorite pokemon is. If she keeps doin a sales pitch shes a bot, the site wants ur credit card

> any site thats supposedly free as dirt but wants ur card number anyways is fucking lying m8. Theyre gonna take the money and run.

> that random fuckin chick who wants to give u a business deal if u just follow the link she just sent is a fuckin liar, block her

> in general, any randomass person who wants u to do a thing after u click a link is probably tryinga pull a scam. Why tf do they keep doing this when will they learn

> if ur seein a website thats sellin posters and pillows and mugs of EVERYONES artwork, even the crayon doodles of a fuckin nobody from deviantart, that site’s lying. Its a honeypot they want to get ur personal info when u file a dmca claim

> if u see a blog with a weirdass name do some Sexual Robot shit on a random ass post fuckin block it before it snatches ur selfies to peddle its scam

> but before u do that check the blog to see if it has some other schmuck’s selfie and then report that shit to tumblr asap. Also find the original user if u can reverse image search successfully, and give them a follow cuz they’ll need it.

> become deeply familiarized with the rhetoric and terminology used by mras, nazis, other assorted white nationalists, terfs, and 4channers, so when the discourse hits, you’re gonna know exactly what’s up, and u wont fall for some cheap bait like “my gender is attack helicopter stop triggering me u genderist” or fuckin whatever they pretend sjws say these days.

> if a stupid goddamn troll wont leave u the fuck alone, start with rickrolls and BOFA jokes, and if that doesn’t work, start quoting old fuckin youtubes like charlie the unicorn, and if the troll STILL wont block your ass start Literally Copy-Pasting The Last Sentence They Sent U until they’re annoyed and give up. Congrats u just beat a troll. Now report them to tumblr.

> if u start getting weird hyperlinks under every other word in ur webbrowser and when u mouse over it some random shit tangentially related to the word pops up? That shits a terrible goddamn annoying ass virus and ya gonna have to purge it from ur computer manually by runnin into the registry and the hidden files and deleting everything even remotely related to it. It doesn’t take ur info or anything its just annoying as fuck and is a goddamn cockroach

In all seriousness Andrea needs more credit for being the one who drove Taylor around record labels while sharing around demos, for driving her to radio station after radio station and joining her as her shows got bigger and bigger and further and further away. Of course most parents are going to do this for their children, but would most parents spend their time walking through crowds of people, dancing with them and ultimately selecting them to have their biggest dreams come true?

Andrea means the world to me for so many reasons I can’t even explain it, she’s as much of an idol to me as Taylor is. I see my own mum in her. I see a successful business woman who is willing to give up a lot of her own time to see her children flourish, and give a great deal of time and energy giving back to the people who help make it all happen.

So here’s my character chart for my new Diamonds Au. I didn’t do White D cause I’m lazy… sorry, I will do her… just later, but she is the CEO.

So in this AU, all the diamonds work together in a (get this) Diamond mining company/ jewelry company… I know its super original… Anyways they actually have only been working together for just a couple of years, and are still getting to know each other. I’m going to draw this Au in both mini-comics and photos, not in a story but scenarios that happen with these guys… I will not be writing a Fanfic unfortunately, just cause… I can’t write fanfictions.

If you have any requests or questions about this AU please ask! I would love to hear about new idea’s and concepts! 


“My hands are stained with the blood of millions

Imagine Hades’ Palace in the Underworld. It’s a grand but barren palace with Roman columns made of human bones, black marbles floors and yellowing, cracking sculptures. There’s no furniture or rugs; not an ounce of warmth or humanity anywhere in the grand structure.

But his bedroom, a private annex toward the back, is carpeted in lush moss. Flowering ivy hangs from the canopy of the bed thats covered in pillows and blankets.  Assorted pots and planters sit on the sill of the tall, pointed windows that flood the room with blue light.  Candlesticks sit on stacks of books surrounding the overstuffed reading chair that Persephone sits in, her legs draped over the arm, reading poetry out loud, while Hades lies in bed, watching her, trying to remember what his time in the Underworld was like before she came to stay and brought so much life with her.

My boyfriend explains how periods work.
  • Him: So, for a month your uterus is all like "oh! We might have a visitor! Let's make everything all welcoming and comfortable in here with soft cozy pillows" and then a month goes by and the visitor never shows up. You uterus gets mad. Real mad. "We spend so much time planning...and not even a phone call! Throw it all away! I never want to see these pillows again!" So all the pillows fall out of your vagina.
  • Him: Except the pillows are made of blood.
  • Him: that's the bad part.

Me: Like your new pillow, Ducky?

Ducky: It smells like you.

Me: It’s stuffed with my old shirts!



Ducky: I’m sitting on a garbage bag?

Me: No! It’s a bed that’s meant to be stuffed with an owner’s clothes.

Ducky: Owner of what now?

Me: Sorry. Meant to be stuffed with clothes of doggy daddies and mommies.

Ducky: Okay. Why?

Me: Doggies like the smells of their people.


Me: Isn’t that true?

Ducky: Depends on the day. Were these shirts worn on pizza days?

Me: They weren’t chosen for that reason but given my diet, odds are good.

Ducky: So you gave me a pillow filled with your shirts because you thought I would like it?

Me: Yup!

Ducky: Well that’s very nice then.

Me: Yay!

Ducky: Thank you.

Me: Don’t mention it.

Ducky: But what if you need these shirts?

Me: Oh I won’t. They’re all shirts that I needed to get rid of anyway so they just would have ended up…



Ducky: I’m sitting on a garbage bag.

Me: I love you, Ducky.

Ducky: I love you, Daddy.

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