that's not a high five

  • <b> Dude: </b>I'm pretty good at cheesy pickup lines<p/><b>Me:</b> Go ahead<p/><b>Dude:</b> Are you a magician? 'Cause I swear, with you around it's like everything else disappears.<p/><b>Me:</b> I thought you'd be the magician<p/><b>Dude:</b> ?<p/><b>Me:</b>'Cause you seem to know how to make women vanish.<p/></p><p/></p>

“What does that mean?”
                  “It means you’ve overstayed your welcome.”



AND this is the first time I’ve had to wait around for awards to be handed out lol. I never win anything :O

Anyway, I’m super proud of this. 

(Text of race results: Time = 25:32. Pace = 8:13 minutes per mile. Placement overall = 49th of 139. Placement in women’s category = 15th of 73. Placement in women age 25-29 = 2nd of 9.)

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Came to this site's community because of your blog, stayed because you've made my experience here a hundred times better~ (I know that's not how the meme works, but I came and stayed at your blog for the same reasons of bellies & best fran)

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but yeah agreed, You’re the whole reason I’m still around in the belly world in the first place. I might have retired a long time ago. 

remember this OTP challenge?

well I wanted to apply it to les amis… but I kind of felt like it made sense for more than one group. 


Supernatural Preference- Your dad finding out you got into a fight at school


Dean would be pretty proud that you won the fight, especially since it was for a good reason.
“So what even happened with this fight?” Dean asked you as you both sat down.
“Well this dude kept saying some really gross stuff and looking right at my tits, so I knocked him down and beat the crap out of him.” You say casually as you take a bite out of your burger.
“Thats my girl!” Dean tells you with a big smile and a high five.


Lucifer would be pretty proud of you, I mean being the devil and you showing any sign of rebellion makes him pretty proud.
“So what was this fight about?” Lucifer asks intrigued as you walk through the door.
You turn to him as he looks you up and down seeing the state of your hair, clothes and face it was pretty obvious. 
“So theres this girl at school who is a total fascist and basically just wants everyone to be like her and is being cruel to anyone how doesn’t even think outside of her small square of knowledge or who dresses different. So she was telling me off for it and I punched her in the face, she threw me in a pile of mud and I threw some at her and squished it into her hair.” You told him, not feeling one bit of remorse.
“Well I’m very proud you.” He simply says giving you a hug.


Sam would be less than impressed but deep down would be pretty proud of you.
“I’m not happy with what you’ve done, y/n.” Your dad tells you.
“Horse shit, I read your diary and you’re always proud when y/n stands up for herself and others.” Dean says coming into the room and sitting down.
“You stay out of my room.” He points at Dean.
“And you, go to your room.” He says pointing at you.
“You’re proud of her.” Dean says before taking a sip of his beer.
“Shut up.” He tells his brother with a smirk.


Gabriel would be proud that you stuck up for what you believe in and would get in a fight with anyone who says other wise.
“I heard she punched the guy and kicked him down the stares just because he said he didn’t like her.” You heard one of the girls in the office say about you when you were waiting for your dad to pick you up.
“Ooooh, well I heard something different.” You heard your dad say from behind you.
“I heard that he called her a fat dyke for saying she didn’t want to go out with him.” Gabriel told the girls with a cocky smirk.
You smiled over at them and flipped them the bird as you left the office with your dad.

All of Zombies, Run! season one is transcribed and posted!