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Spray tonner water directly onto the face,
Tighten the skin into something else
You are someone else now
Build up your walls again.

Use a spot treatment when it breaks out,
With the numbness let feeling go
Do not let them see you like this
Like he saw you, raw and half put together.

Let face masks become your best friend,
Empty every emotion into them
Rivers flow into the paper
Become composed once removed.

Apply eye cream with the index finger,
Let the sleepless nights he caused
No longer be

Use lip balm often,
The scent will taste like summer air
It will be sickly sweet by winter
The honey is masking the decay.

Do not touch your skin,
It is a sacred temple built for you
False prophets are not welcome anymore
No longer desecrating your walls.

Use moisturiser twice-daily,
Soften yourself into someone you no longer are
With it will come a lightness
As your forget those memories.

Drink 8 glasses of water a day,
Let yourself become one with it
Move in and out with the tide
It does not care for the whims of men.

—  Skincare 101 by Harper Calloway (via @nearlyahermit)
fic rec friday

This week’s theme is polyamory! I only just realised that most of these involve Bokuto and Kuroo, so they’re officially poly kings.

To Build a Home by rarepairenabler: bokukurooi, 14k; “You’re gonna be living with them?” Iwaizumi asks, sounding more concerned than necessary. “With the two neighbors you’ve been crushing on for the better half of the semester?”What.Ridiculous. He does not have a crush on Bokuto and Kuroo. They’re just friends. Good friends. The fact that Bokuto’s bulging biceps and Kuroo’s shapely thighs have fueled more than one late night fantasy is purely incidental. Besides, Bokuto and Kuroo are dating and Oikawa hasn’t figured out the logistics—“Oh my god,” Oikawa groans. He thuds his head against the wall, curses himself for not noticing it sooner. “I have a crush on my upstairs neighbors.”

The Trifecta by surveycorpsjean: bokukuroteru, 28k; It only took an ass grab, two black eyes, and a couple beers for them to realize how cute Terushima actually is.So Kuroo tightens his grip around Bokuto and grins.Because teasing is what he does best.

Rewards Program by surveycorpsjean; bokukuroaka, 8k; Akaashi enjoys his normal life, as a normal grocery checker, at a normal grocery store.Of course, it all goes up in flames when two hot as hell college kids dump their items on the conveyor belt.Donuts. Glue. Donut holes.And that’s only the beginning.

Perihelion by nein: aofutakama; 4k; Every life, Futakuchi Kenji remembers two names from the 21st Century. When he remembers, he tries to find them. And if he can’t find them, he tries again.(Reincarnation!AU into the future with soulmates and a dab of sci-fi)

absolute trainwreck by laubear:bokuakaiwaoi, 2k; Oikawa is surprised when Iwa-chan is the one to suggest they go on a double date. He’s even more surprised when the other couple is Bokuto and Akaashi from the university volleyball team.Alternatively: How Akaashi Keiji Landed Their Boyfriend Squad.

Ink On My Skin by thugboyfriendnagisa: karasuno first years, 3k; Hitoka was born with four names. Two on her left arm, two on her right.

me: really wants people to approach me and/or ask me out 

also me: is too anxious to ever talk to someone first and just waits for them to come to me but they never do

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Birthday Cake Kisses

Summary: Dan gets ditched by his “friends” on his birthday, but thankfully a kind stranger offers him a ride home. 

TW: alchohol mention

Word Count: 1.6k

Genre: Fluff

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*staring off the sunset, haunted look in eyes* listen my guy, i’m trying. i don’t have the talent to extensively write about dick okay? like some of us have to go through dungeons, fight off dragons, and get out with only 200 words of vague smut material as a prize, the sort that was common in like, early 2000′s era fic. it’s a damn trial every single time, my dude, it’s a damn trial. 

Updated and expanded here:


Everybody knows Bilbo Baggins returned from his strange adventure with enough gold to fill a several rooms in Bag End (and that’s probably with a few piles left spilling over into the hallway). After all, dwarves love gold and it was a known fact that Bilbo had come back with one of them, too.

For several months the Shire gave Bilbo a wide berth because of his strange new guest. Friend. Husband. (Did a hobbit that got married outside the Shire count as married? It was a subject of debate many a night at the Green Dragon.) For several months Bilbo enjoyed the lack of visitors immensely. 

He might have had the opportunity to get used to it, except of course Bilbo was closely related to Tooks. Now if he’d had only Proudfoots and Bolgers in his family tree he might have managed to spend the rest of his life without visitors. By the time they got over their fear they probably would have settled comfortably into the habit of not visiting Bag End, of not risking a conversation with Bilbo and his dwarven… companion. Not so with the Tooks.

One spring morning Ivyblossom Took knocks on the green door of Bag End fearlessly. She is wearing her favorite yellow dress and a new hat. Her husband, Adriac, is a few steps away from her, puffing on a pipe and pretending not to be at all interested in who would open the door. But they are both disappointed when the only face that appears on the other side of the door is Bilbo’s. He looks much like he did before he disappeared for a year on an adventure except he’s not wearing a jacket or even a weskit and it’s half past eleven in the morning. 

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She said I look so Virginia
I always knew I was a lover
What’s that saying about the pink sky at night?

I’m Saturn’s favorite place
I’m Orion’s only lover
And there’s a Space Station orbiting around my head

These headstones are everywhere
And suddenly we’re holding hands
A Neon sign romantic with my hand out the window

I saw the most beautiful thing once
But If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me
Oh how I love the unknown
Just south of home

My back fence medley
All these wishes I’ve made
Clever backyard riddles
I remember, Sailor’s Delight


This fic popped up when I was listening to‘Rather Be’ from Clean Bandit.

He didn’t really dream anymore.

Not since he became a demon.

Ironic since he is The Dream Demon.

And yet, he was dreaming now, wasn’t he?

This fuzzy but yet strangely clear form of consciousness was typical for dreaming.


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Leia keeping Shmi’s recoded journals and giving them to Jacen when he starts showing interest in sentient rights

Leia telling him to learn from his great grandmother, but understand the conditions she was living in

Leia hugging Jacen tightly and telling him that she trusts him with the journals, which she’s shown precious few people in the past

Jacen resolving to use the material in the journals to make a difference

Aight, you can carry on


Maybe… maybe you’re a little crazy. Maybe I like the way you make me laugh, the way you make me feel… free. But maybe it’s moments like this, moments you take my breath away. Can I scream? Can I shout? What’s the point… you never hear me. But maybe… I love you. And maybe tonight, I’ll tell you.

This is a completely unreasonable pet peeve to have but it makes me so nauseous when I see people who have clearly never been dirt poor a day in their life make headcanons about characters being dirt poor.
Like? The Dakotas were scraping to get by but their parents could afford to take them on family trips? And buy them matching outfits? And own a car? And waste fuel driving South around just to help her get to sleep? Lmao okay.
Idk there’s something about the idea of some middle-class white person daydreaming about their white faves struggling with some sort of romanticized version of fantasy poverty to tickle their fee-fees that makes me unjustifiably disgusted.