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thomas sanders is friends w/ some high school drama teachers in my town and he'll just show up to rehearsals after school and be like "can i use these children to make a vine" so that's the story of how 16 year old me is in the background of like 5 thomas sanders vines. also he was the substitute teacher for my drama class once. at the time i thought he was 19 so i was like ??? but nope he was 24 w/ a fuckin bachelors degree in chemistry.

You could have stopped him before he was too powerful.

I hate not having some sort of background noise but I can. not. handle too much noise because then everything starts to sound saturated and mmmmmm I start to crave that mineral death

Harry Shum Jr. On Glee

So you’re thinking, “hey! I’m a new fan of Harry’s because of Shadowhunters. I love him as Magnus Bane and heard he was on Glee! But there are so many eps/I’ve heard its kind of bad/he doesn’t have that big of a role” 

Yes, all of these things are correct. But while his role wasn’t BIG, he was there in most of the season 1-3 episodes and was part of the group AND some episodes featured him more than others. As for the other thing, yes Glee was a rough ride for us all. Even those of us who loved it. But lucky for you all, I’m a Gleek and if you feel like just watching something Harry has been in I’ve made a handy guide for you. Some of this is from memory, some is based on my recent rewatching. 

Episodes with a star* next to it are ones particularly worth watching if you are a Harry fan because the scenes are longer/relevant to Mike’s plotline.

You’re welcome! Enjoy.


WARNING, PLEASE READ: no joke this show is pretty damn offensive at times and deals with the following issues, with varying degrees of success and occasionally very flippantly and terribly handled: suicide (a fairly graphic suicide attempt is shown in season 3), teen pregnancy, infidelity, sexuality, gender identity, domestic violence, physical assault, bullying, death threats, homophobic and transphobic slurs, theres a school shooting in season 4, sexual assault, childhood molestation of a male and a female character is discussed in season 5 I believe, death (a main character dies due to death of the actor), statutory rape (teacher/student relationship), drug use, alcohol abuse, racism, perpetuating stereotypes, disability, homophobia, victim blaming, internalized homophobia and self hatred, body image and weight, eating disorders, homelessness, sex work (a main character becomes a stripper to support his family), mental illness (it handles characters with mental illnesses in condescending terrible ways), religion and religious bashing. And thats just whats off the top of my head. 


NOTE: Harry’s character is named Mike Chang. 

Season 1 

(Not very much in this season has Harry, hes in most of the eps in the background but he was a very very minor character. Hes on the football team and joined Glee club I think around episode 4? I think he had like, almost no lines all season.)

  • If you are interested in the general Glee storyline, these eps are worth watching: The Pilot, Preggers, Journey to Regionals

Season 2

(Mike starts getting speaking lines! He is in nearly all the episodes this season. Note that most of these eps listed here I’m calling out because they have scenes that I liked/remembered. But he has scenes and speaking lines in MOST eps this season, although many are somewhat brief.)

  • Audition (we see a small flashback of how Tina/Mike got together over the summer and it’s cute. And we get to see his abs. So.)
  • Duets (Not much, but theres a fun Tina/Mike Duet and touches on his nervousness and not being able to sing)
  • Never Been Kissed (cuuute Tina/Mike make-out scene. Also, this is the episode where Kurt meets Blaine if thats something you are interested in. Its cute. Warning: physical and minor sexual assault of a main male character in this episode. Also, features guys being shitty.)
  • Furt (on here just because there’s a scene where Mike and some of the guys stand up to Kurt’s bully near the beginning half of the episode, and they all get into a physical altercation. Then afterwards they talk about the fight in the choir room. Warning: some physical assault, physical/sexual intimidation and bullying of a main male character)
  • Comeback (I just like that they all want to join the Justin Bieber Experience lol. Nothing major tho). 
  • Silly Love Songs (On here just ‘cause I love the Pretty Young Thing performance that he does with Artie. And Tina gets very emotional singing a love song to Mike.)
  • Blame it on the Alcohol (Hes cute in the scenes where everyone is getting drunk and dancing and everyone is super hungover the next day. He has a couple funny lines and scenes. Plus I like the songs they did this ep. Warning: underage drinking, projectile vomiting, biphobia)
  • Original Song (confession, theres barely any Mike, but its when Kurt and Blaine aka klaine get together so I put it on here ‘cause thats how I roll)
  • Night of Neglect** (actually has a pretty cute Mike plotline with the Brainiacs and he has some good lines and scenes, and a good solo dance scene. Although the rest of the ep is meh. You can always fast forward to the Mike scenes lol.)
  • Born this Way (Not much Mike, but its the episode where Kurt transfers back to mckinley high, and a couple other major plotlines emerge so its worth watching if you are into the overall show plot and into Klaine stuff and karofsky’s redemption arc).
  • New York (I don’t think Mike has any notable lines in this episode, but its the finale of the season, and them all performing at Nationals. So skip if you don’t care.)

Season 3 

(season 3 is when Harry was promoted to a series regular -go HARRY! - so he starts getting more scenes in general. Hes in ALL the episodes and usually has some key scenes and lines in every ep, but I’m just listing key ones/ones that stuck out. There are probably a bunch of Mike performances I’m missing. Pretty much anytime someone performed and there was dancing, Mike was involved. If you only wanted to watch two episodes I would watch Asian F and Hold on to 16. Please be warned if you watch the full season, the episode On My Way has a fairly graphic suicide attempt by a character)

  • Purple Piano Project (Some small scenes and cute lines and stuff here and there, but its the season opener so its always helpful to start with that)
  • I Am Unicorn* (super minor but good Mike stuff, he teaches the “Booty Camp” lessons and thats kind of cute, I think thats it. But it will help you understand some of the other plotlines this season)
  • Asian F**** (start of Mikes story arc with his parents, auditioning for the school play, a wonderful touching scene with his mom. Probably the best Mike ep to watch if thats all you are watching for)
  • The First Time** (minor scenes in here, but its continuing this story arc with parents and theres a confrontation with his father, his school play performance, Tina talking about her first time with Mike)
  • Hold on to 16*** (the conclusion of Mike’s small story arc with his parents. Its not a big part of the episode but its a nice completion of the story started in Asian F. He also is a lead vocalist during a competition song which is a first for him. If you only wanted to watch two eps, I would watch these two)
  • Michael* (on here just ‘cause I LOVE the song “Scream” he does with Artie in this ep. And he’s wearing eyeliner in it and its very Magnus Bane. Warning: a character gets hit in the face with a slushie laced with rock salt and sustains a serious eye injury and is hospitalized)
  • Heart (on here just cause theres a cute song he sings with Tina near the beginning of the ep)
  • Nationals (not any noteable Mike scenes but if you are interested in the plotline this season this is when they compete for nationals. Skip if you aren’t interested)
  • Goodbye (nothing really, but its the season finale and graduation for many of the main characters including Mike. Skip it if you just are interested Mike’s storyline/him having lines because I think hes just in a couple songs but doesn’t have anything else).

Season 4 - 6 

(this is post high school graduation for many of the original characters, including Mike Chang. The show then becomes a mixture of New York/Ohio plotlines with an increasing number of newbies. The “original/main” characters all also come back to school/Ohio for a variety of plot reasons. Between season 4 and 5 Cory Monteith, who played the lead character Finn, died of a drug/alcohol overdose. They deal with this in the episode The Quarterback, and everyone comes back to Ohio. I have only seen this episode once, it was obviously very emotional for the cast to film, and its extremely difficult to watch.)

Season 6:

  • A Wedding(conclusion with his Tina storyline, kinda sweet but brief. Also worth watching for the Klaine/Brittana plotline if you are interested)
  • Dreams Come True (not anything with Mike/Harry really although he is technically in it and performs BUT this is the finale of the series so its worth watching if by this point you’ve become somewhat invested in seeing how the show ends). 


I can’t believe how much I wrote. But oh well! I love these sort of things when I get into a new actor and just want to see their noteable stuff. Its always hard when that actor was on a TV series as well because you want to just watch their scenes, but you also might be interested in the overall plot of the show to see how they fit into it. But not interested enough to actually WATCH the show. You feel me? So this is for you. Thats why I included some Mike-lite episodes that were still relevant to the overall plotline of the show.

If anyone gets interested in the Klaine storyline (or any of the storylines) by watching this, I’ll gladly supply key eps to watch if you want to just follow that! Many of the “big” klaine eps are in this list anyways but theres a bunch of missing ones that are key to their break ups/make ups (especially for season 4-6)

Hit me up if you have any questions about a specific episode or want more details about the trigger warnings I’ve listed.