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I like to imagine the first time MC and investigator meet where MC blatantly shows symptoms of a bIG GAy cRuSH on investigator, and investigator seeing right through MC, being all smug :^) am i makinh sensnse

I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN MC just “I wasn’t loOKING I SWEAR I” Investigator all cool like “Well that doesn’t bother me just be more discreet-” djjsjg

Hey im just wondering

Yo know how Nanu in Pokemon Sun/Moon lives with like 12 meowths? And also there’s a lady on one of the routes in… Akala, I think, who lives with like 8 stufful?

Reblog this and put in the tags which single pokemon you’d adopt like 10 of and contentedly live with. Bonus points if you say why and what you’d do with them. I’m curious…

Unwritten Rules:

Never answer “who in the kitchen?!”

Sleep with the door closed

Root for the black family on Family Feud

Grab all the groceries at once

Even if you know what happened, you don’t know what happened

Yeah I heard that noise, but I’m not a fucking detective

Eat while you there and make a togo plate

Your two complicated sons




Animagi? Animagi.

Newt’s animagus form is a Eurasian Red Squirrel, Tina’s is a pigeon, Graves’ is a greying timber wolf (most people assume he’s just a very large dog) and Credence’s is a Hebridean lamb/sheep :’ )

Meanwhile, Jacob had no idea what’s going on but he’s a little weirded out by all these vaguely familiar animals…