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I may have lost            t h e   o n l y   p e r s o n
in the world I cared for to gain this captaincy. »

First Draft is...done.

arisacake replied to your post: i go down stares into my room with my …

I’m gonna draw your momma a erumike fanart and hope for an eren plush

sure better yet draw her erueldmike and you’ll probably get a figure or somethign tbh

but if you aren’t comfortable giving me your addresses to send it then it can stay with me till you come get it

ill keep it safe

eruri is such a High Quality ship though

commander/captain power couple? you got it

enemies to friends to lovers trope? coming right up

bad jokes and horrible taste in fashion? ye

size difference? hella

unbreakable bond? y e a h s o n

Ruki: what color does this look like to you? when I saw it in the morning, I couldn’t see anything but blue-black no matter how hard I tried, now, no matter how hard I try, I don’t see anything but white-gold. creepy.
Ruki: eh, it’s slowly going back to blue-black..