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Oh no i had a bad thought in the midst of my nihilistic rampage. 

Stan’s been heavily foreshadowed to catch on fire at some point, right?

Well yknow what else has been heavily implied to have a major effect on the plot? Time travel. 

Yknow what time travel tends to DO?

Set fires. 

And it just seems…. too specific of a thing to be in the show for it to be inconsequential, right? It hasn’t had any major, lasting effect yet (unless you count Blendin’s hair loss) but it’s been brought up and shown to us multiple times. 

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isn`t c@lvin investor in tidal? where the show was streamed, aka he was making money while kanye was playing songs about f@cking taylor. but a single 'lol' on austin`s ig makes everything ok for the fandom of doom.

My mom just asked me if I could go with her to pick up my brother and his family (brother, wife, two young kids) at the airport because apparently they bring so much stuff it takes TWO CARS to do this - and my mother has a minivan, not some little sports car.

I mentioned this to my sister who told me that last time they traveled, they used all of their “two free checked bags, two free carry-ons” for all four of them, including the kids, *and* three of my sister’s allowed bags were theirs. That’s 19 pieces of luggage for two adults and two kids, who are going to a major metropolitan area to visit family … for ONE WEEK.

I just saw a fanart with little Ben Solo asking to everyone to see him while he grows up but no one hears him. 

Until a red voice tells him back, “I see you”.

Fuck you :)

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Hopefully this'll help: There's the series called dragon age. Dragon age is a great series but theres these 2 places for the story in the First game (Dragon age origins) that everyone basically cries over. The first one is the fade. The worst place possible. Because you arent with your squad either, everything is just a whole lot worse (the level still gives me nightmares). The second one is Orzammars deep roads. It will take days to finish it + its really goddamn hard. Hope this helps!

i just looked up a video about it and what. the fuck. the developers must be sadistic to make such a level holy shit.

eruri is such a High Quality ship though

commander/captain power couple? you got it

enemies to friends to lovers trope? coming right up

bad jokes and horrible taste in fashion? ye

size difference? hella

unbreakable bond? y e a h s o n


The way she came into the place I knew right then and there, there was something different about this girl. The way she moved, her hair, her face, her lines. Divinity in motion. As she stalked the room, I could feel the aura of her presence. Every head turned filled with passion and lust. The girl was persuasive. The girl I could not trust. The girl was bad. The girl was dangerous.