that's my selfie tag from now on

anonymous asked:

U should post a selfie of your gay self <3

….. this is what you meant by “selfie” right

Ya know, sometimes I like the way I look. Even the long hair that I’m dying to cut.
I especially love it when I can pull dumb stuff like this in the middle of the night.
The elf ears are now required in all past-midnight selfies, it’s the law.


anonymous asked:

aaaa thank you for tagging eye contact ... but,, could you make a general selfie tag so i can blaclist? it just makes me rly rly uncomfy to see peoples faces on here, ive familiarized with mostly just seeing ppl as their icons and such,,, sorry if thats too much to ask

i normally tag any of my selfies with “face”- I forgot to this time as I way on mobile, that’s my bad! ill make sure to tag them all from now on, its not too much to ask at all! <3