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she’s a handsome woman // panic! at the disco

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– what does your muse like to do on a rainy day?

– what does your muse like to do on a snowy day?

– what does your muse like to do on a sunny day?

– does you muse have any contradicting opinions/views? If so, then what are they?

– has your muse ever had a near-death experience?

– what sort of hobbies does your muse have? If they do, then do they have a preference for any particular one?

– does your muse prefer coffee or tea? Perhaps both, or neither?

– how lucky is your muse? Do they believe in luck as a concept, or think it’s a bunch of hooey?

– has your muse ever killed anyone? Has it been in cold blood or self-defense? Both?

– has your muse ever used someone to gain something, whether it’s been power/material possessions/political control/etc?

– what’s your muse’s health like? Do they keep up with it, or has it degraded over time?

– does your muse feel incomplete? Do they feel whole? Why do they feel whichever way?


365 days of ryan ross; day 39 (oh my god look at jon)


she had the world || panic! at the disco


must watch anime: psycho pass (2012) [action, psychological, sci-fi, police]

“The law doesn’t protect people. People protect the law. People have always detested evil and sought out a righteous way of living. Their feelings, the accumulation of those peoples feelings are the law. They’re neither the provisions, nor the system. They’re the fragile and irreplaceable feelings that everyone carries in their hearts.”

Ladies and gentlemen, an actual scene from Panic!’s 2006 live in Denver show.


the one artwork i decide to convert to digital and it’s…….this

a nice lighthearted doodle before we are either utterly relieved or utterly wrecked tomorrow

dialogue based off that one scene in fairly odd parents



2. takes my breath away (with her art and as a person)


4. IS THE CUTEST GF IN THE WORLD, and i love her <3

5. makes me associate our relationship with kiribaku 

6. is too fuCKING GOOD!

7. is really supportive and sweet, wow \(0o0)/


she had the world // panic! at the disco


I was tagged by my beautiful children @edgeofmyniall and @niallsgirlalmightyy to do the aesthetic moodboard thing. So yep there it is. Apparently I have only 3 photos/gifs of Niall on my phone…how sad for me. Rules: you can’t save/download any pics or shit for this. They have to already exist on your shit. I tag @midsummervixen, @littlemissmeggie, @peaceandnlessings, and @peachbootielou