that's my list rn

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How's that 12 page English comic goin?

sketched out the pages, still need to get a feel of the characters before I feel confident enough to do ink right away

I dont know if the last pages would work - honestly its a bit of a risk since its tied to the number of pages I took - but once its inked itll be apparent I guess

that was a dumb move on my part

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Hi! I've read all of your fake boyfriend drarry recs (like the ones under the tag) and, since its my absolute fav trope, I was wondering if you had any others? thank you!

Aw, I’m glad you liked them! :) I’ve read a few others, but none that I love strongly enough to add to my rec list- I tend to only rec fics that completely dominate my thoughts and make my soul come alive. 

And I actually haven’t been reading much Drarry lately, sadly! I’ve mostly been writing Next Gen and reading Andreil (which is so fucking good, omg, they are everything I’ve ever wanted in a ship and more). I’ll get back into Drarry someday, and I’ll probably look for more fake boyfriend fics then, because I really do love that trope. But until then, I’m sorry I can’t help! 

Also, when I go into the sci-fi section, why is everything a dystopian novel?!

I want SPACE! And aliens and exploring new worlds and new technologies. 

I want slightly hopeful sci-fi. 

Even if it’s all going to shit on some distant planet in 150000 AD or whatever. At least we managed to get there before we imploded.


People should send me art suggestions~
Running low on my to do art list thats not
Im up for anything rn
Full of prompts, just a character that maybe i dont draw enough or at all, or you headcanons

Bonus points if its uuuuh

-mitsuki/inojin and/or mitsuki/inojin/boruto
-rock lee, and/or gaalee family stuff


Have you heard of this book called throam?