that's my first time making gifs like that

@vess-hs huhu I’m sorry I couldn’t make your art, please accept my offering of a blushing V gif instead T_T my fingers worked long and hard to make him as cute as possible

It’s going to take quite some time (very long time) before my animations turn neater, but for a first-timer-thing, I’m really proud of this!! His hair gets poofier when he blushes, I don’t know if I want to hug or punch myself HAHAH

(  ˘  ³ ˘ ) ♥  tvixx’s 5th follow forever!!

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(actual representation of me)
Hey, um, so this is awkward like me but hey!
I see all these cool people posting things about themselves and I’m like woah they’re really cool! But the thing is that I’m never good at making the first move,, but maybe you are;))
My name is Nick, well thats my nICKname (ayyyyy lmao sorry), I’m a 15 year old boy in search of love and validation:(
I’ve submitted before but it ended in tumblr chats like
How are you?
I’m fine and you?
Yeah I’m good
And then my anxiety came and ruined the day making me never answer you again:’(
Thats why this time I’ve decided to talk through emails! Actually I wish I could send you letters but I don’t know how that works, but who knows maybe one day?!
My email is bahepin @
If you’re thinking about sending me something then introduce your beautiful person to me and come with the most random topic you could think of, make me fight you! Make me cry of laughter! Make me have an existencial crisis? Thats fair! I just want to keep the conversation going so maybe we could end up being super best friends:’)
I don’t mind if we have different interests! As well as I don’t mind neither your gender, race, sexuality and all of that. It would be cool if you were around my age 14-16.
Well I like to do many things!
+ I like drawing and playing the guitar.
+ I like swimming but it’s still a little cold where I am from.
+ My taste in music goes from the soundtrack of Shrek to the beautiful melodies of Frank Ocean. + I love dogs! And I’m the father of 7 plants.
+ I like to read but only if it doesn’t have anything to do with my history homework. I like Percy Jackson and pretty much all of Rick Riordan’s work, Aristotle and Dante (pretty gay smh:^) ) and I also have a soft place in my heart for some fanfiction.
+ I’m a zodiac nerd, I’m sorry in advance.
+ And finally I like the ugly youtube rats Dan and Phil.
Hope you like me:( And I also hope we get to talk pretty soon! If you want to talk about your neighbor’s affair nobody knows about or that time you saw your weird cousin kissing a fish then you know who to talk to!
Hasta pronto mi amigo/amiga/nb pal!

your favorite suho stan back at it with yet another FF,, honestly,, i thought nobody did this anymore but I’ve seen many around so I was like,, why not,
I was gonna make another edit instead of recycling last and last last year one but honestly,, who has the time, and I havent used photoshop in like 10 years so idk if i could even make something pretty,
But thank you all for making my days a bit funnier and pissing me off sometimes, those who praise Bayern or CLAIM suho is not the best thing about Exo,,but i still aprecciate every single one of you! sp. the ones who I’ve been following since,, 2014? that i made this blog, thanks for sticking with me i love u deearly,,,

Also this is not in alphabet order because thats too much organization for me..

First of all i wanna thank you, for not unfollowing me evenn though i went from 100% football to 10% you’re the real MVPs!

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i love u all mutuals or not

Tiny high-fives because YOU DID IT!!! Congratulations, therealjacksepticeye!! Sorry, this is my first time drawing you (and Sam!) so I probably got a lot of things wrong- I hope it’s okay I drew this for you!! c:


Okay, what happened?


We save one life, we save the world. 


The Unholy Trinity in Monstrance Clock.


I’ve been drunk since Friday and I heard a thingy on the radio about one direction fans forcefully introducing the world to a song called No Control, and like I LOVE no control, and all my friends were too hungover to function today, so I drank some more and made this 👍


jiyong and seunghyun being so playful with each other. they just can’t stop goofing around and being touchy together♡


the iron wall can be rebuilt again and again.