that's my favorite scene ever


“Huh, see, The Cobra’s like a superhero but…more super and…more hero.”

This scene made me realize that Billy could have just easily phased into a computer, again, to get this information so that Spencer would pass Ponzi’s unfair and mysterious “Special Test” but nope.

This precious dork went the extra mile for his cousin and actually traveled to the deepest part of the ocean to study the giant tube worms and came back in time to complete the test for Spencer as he was passed out.

It’s so adorable how Billy is always willing to make things up to Spencer when he causes trouble for him. ;v; I love them both so much! <3

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65 - with Tyler! 💞

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65. “Look at me—just breathe, okay?”

Tyler was outside, the weather just absolutely perfect, as he casually kicked a soccer ball around with one of your little cousins.  

“Just a sec bud,” Tyler says, kicking the ball back to the boy as his phone rang in the pocket of his slacks.

Tyler fumbled with the phone for a second before seeing it was you calling.  “Hi babe,” he answered cheerily.  Now that everything was set up and Tyler was all dressed in his suit and tie, it was starting to set in that he would be marrying you in less than an hour.  He was thrilled, ecstatic, bursting at the seam- no combination of words could really describe it.  

“Tyler-“ you say heavily.  

He hears something off in your voice, “What’s wrong?” he asked immediately.  

“I know it’s like against the rules and everything, but can you come here?” You say, trying to hold back the tears.

When Tyler walks in the room you’ve barricaded yourself into, he has a hard time holding back a gasp.  You’re sitting on a the edge of a chest, fumbling idly with the hem of your wedding dress.

“Wow-“ is all he says, stopping dead in his tracks.  

You look up at him, forgetting about how upset you were for a moment to appreciate how handsome he looked in his suit.  

“You look-“

“Horrible,” you finish his sentence for him.

“So so beautiful,” Tyler hums, staring at you questionably.  He sees the anguish in your eyes and grabs the seat from the corner of the room to pull up in front of you.

You let out a shaky breath, the tears on the verge of coming back.

“Hey, hey-“ he says sympathetically as he sits down.  

“My vail tore,” you whisper, as you reach up to grab the ripped fabric and the tears start to fall.

“You look more beautiful than I ever could have imagined,” Tyler says, taking your hand in his so you’ll let go of the vail. “Who cares about the vail?  You can barely notice it.  Love, you’re so pretty.”

“Thank you,” you sniffle. “But Tyler, everyone’s driving me crazy.  My mom won’t leave me alone and the bridesmaids keep fighting, and my sister told me that your cousin and my cousin are already planning on hooking up, and my uncle’s already drunk and I just can’t handle any of it anymore!” you say all in one shaky sentence.

“Look at me—just breathe, okay?” Tyler says.  He cradles your face with his hands and places one, soft kiss to your lips.  

“Why did we invite all these people?” you whine.

“Forget about them,” he says, “This is about you and me.  Everyone’s been driving me crazy too, but it’s okay.  Because in about twenty minutes, I plan on marrying you.  So none of that other stuff matters.”

You sniffle again, this time with a smile on your face.  “I love you,” you say.

He leans forward and kisses you again.  “I love you.  And here,” he says as he walks over to the dresser you’d been doing your makeup at.  He grabs a pair of scissors resting on the desk and snips the end of his tie off. “Now we’re even.”

You let out gasp in disbelief.  “Oh my god,” you laugh.

“Are you ready to go get married now?”

You nod, and as you lace your fingers with his, you know you’ve never been more sure about anything in your entire life.  


“Sam, we can’t just keep ignoring this. I know you’re angry, but maybe this isn’t really a bad thing…”

“What?! It’s not a bad thing that I can’t even look you in the eye anymore? You are my best friend Y/N, and I screwed it up.”

“Maybe I don’t want to be best friends anymore Sam.”

“What the hell does th-”

“Sam! What we had that night… I want that. The two of us, together.”


if walls could talk 
they would say ‘I want you more' 
they would say 'hey - never felt like this before' 
and that you would always be the one for me 

79/365 Days of Outlaw Queen


7 Days of Frary  Day 1: Favorite episode or moment or quote