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Laughing during sex goddddd that's my favorite concept. I feel Harry is 80% of the time written as a really serious, intense lover which i'm SURE he will be but honestly i feel like more often than not he's falling over himself and giggly as he tries to pull your socks off and playfully nipping at your ears so he can see you blush with a big grin on your face. Like he wants you to feel good of course but he also just wants you to be comfortable with him and making you laugh is his #1 trick


So I had to make an emergency car trip which meant I had a whole day of driving to think of stupid ideas. Here is my worst favorite one:

Does he love me? I wanna know.
How can I tell if he loves me so?

Is it in his eyes?

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Oh no! You’ll be deceived.

Is it in his sighs?

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Oh no! He’ll make believe.

Or is it in his face?

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Oh no! That’s just his charms.

In his warm embrace?

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Oh no! That’s just his arms.

How about the way he acts?

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Oh no! That’s not the way.
And you’re not listening to what I have to say!

If you wanna know if he loves you so
It’s in his kiss.

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(That’s where it is)


15 Days Dream Team (Twilight) Challenge ― Day 1 ― Favorite character:
Edward Cullen.


decided i’d try to draw them all like this ?? so i did the cousins !!

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Vamp brothers ways to snuggle/cuddle? (You can choose who to do in this one.)

Shu: This tired ass bitch always wants to fucking cuddle. And he fucking will. There’s I’m bored cuddling, after-sex cuddling, I’m hungry cuddling, make-up cuddling, Monday cuddling, Tuesday cuddling, etc. Other than spooning, he has another favorite way of cuddling. He’ll hold you tightly so your legs are wrapped around his waist and your head is buried in that muscular ass chest. He’ll grope the booty and stoke your hair and bury his face into it. He’ll enjoy how floofy and soft it is and comment on how good it smells (speaking of good smells, the way he smells…👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit) Basically you guys will be in that position and he’ll whisper some good ol’ sweet nothings into your ear allllll night with that sexy voice of his.  

Reiji: Lol does this douche know what cuddling is? His version of cuddling can go both ways. The first one usually happens when you’re salty ass has been a good girl and you haven’t received an ass whoopin’ all day. It’ll start off with him sitting in the armchair and he’ll call you over. He’ll tell you to sit on his lap like he be Santa Claus or some shit and you’ll curl up like a cocoon on his lap while he holds you with them nice muscular arms. Mmmm Lordy~. Next is when your sinful asses have been done makin’ some sweet love (jk he don’t make love, he fucks) and you guys are tired as hell, laying down on some possibly broken bed. He’ll be layin’ down and wrapping his sexy muscular arm around you while you snuggle up to that nice chest of his (your face will probably be next to his nipple), with his sexy ass cologne the only scent you smell…not that it’s a bad thing tho.

Ayato: Yours Truly is the best at everything…even cuddling. This fucking trickster likes cuddling without his lover suspectin’ shit cuz he mischievous af. Mr. Strawberry Shortcake will probs playfully pounce on you when he’s feeling playful without you playfully suspecting it and you guys will probably playfully wrestle for a playfully bit because you guys are fucking playfully playful. After his fatass gets tired, this sexy redhead will climb ontop of you, because he dominant af, and hold you tightly so your face is buried in his heaven - smelling muscular chest. This possessive bitch will stroke your hair and talk about how your his and his only. He’ll eventually get off of you and start spooning you. While spooning, he’ll grope and grab dem titties because he be like some fucking McDonald’s ad when he grab dem titties cuz this bitch be lovin’ it. This’ll continue till you both take a nap.

Kanato: Okay even if he psycho and possessive and crazy af, cuddling with him would be like fucking heaven.  It’d feel like cuddling with a fucking cake cuz this hoe be smellin’ like one so make sure you ain’t hungry. It usually happens….whenever the fuck he wants to. And if you defy him then bitch you’ll be gettin’ more than an ass whoopin’. When cuddlin’, he’ll set Teddy down so you know this some serious shit.  He likes it when his lover is sittin’ on his lap all curled up and shit and he’ll hold her tightly so she’ll be buried and snuggled up to his chest that smells amazing af.  Another favorite position of this kawaii ass bitch is when they both layin’ down and he’ll latch onto her.and bury his face into dem titties because like his Onii-chan, he likes dem titties. He’ll hold you so tightly, you don’t know if he be tryin’ to kill you or cuddle you. The best thing to do is to just accept it and hold him back and pet his soft ass floofy hair.

Laito: This pervy ass hoe loves cuddlin’ whenever. His favorite position? Spooning. Why? Because spooning leads to forking. Enough said.

Subaru: This tsundere ass bitch is too thug life to fucking cuddle so don’t expect it too much from his salty ass unless you give him dem puppy dog eyes and lip tremble.  When he cuddles, it’s usually when you guys are in his coffin (so his brothers don’t see), his lover is sad, or he just fucked the shit outta his lover. Since his lover is smol and he is tol and strong, he’ll want to hold her tightly with dem nice biceps of his when she’s curled up in a tiny ball of floof and cuteness. He’d want her face turned away from him or her face buried into his muscular ass chest so she don’t see him bein’ all blushy blushy desu and shit. If she was cryin’, he’d quickly peck her tears away and say sweet nothings into her ear. He’d pet her hair as she breathes in his sexy ass scent and eventually take a nap. 

Ruki:  Mhmmm~ despite bein’ salty af, this sugar daddy has a sweet side when cuddlin’ with his lover.  He does it when his lover can’t fall asleep cuz she had a spooky ass dream or after she got herself an ass whoopin’.  Like Reiji, this thot be thinkin’ he be Santa Claus so he’ll pull his lover onto his lap and rest her head on that fine ass muscular chest of his and softly pet her hair like she be some fuckin’ cat or some shit.  During sleep time, he’ll wrap an arm around his lover and hold her tightly with dem biceps of his while he’s readin’ some shit.  She’ll probably wrap one of her  legs around him and bury her face into his chest. He’ll probably stroke her back and even though he ain’t even lookin’ at her, he knows exactly what he be doin’ with those fine man hands of him.  Point is, he’ll only wanna cuddle if to calm down his lover or make her fall asleep.

Kou: This fake, two-faced, annoying, crazy, Honey Boo Boo lookin’ ass bitch is a very clingy cuddler.  He cuddles whenever tf he wants and bitch don’t even TRY refusin’.  Master will expect his Kitten to cuddle whenever he wants to.  Before sex, he’ll usually spoon because it gives him easier access to grind on his lover. He also likes spooning after sex and he doesn’t mind bein’ the big or little spoon. Other than that, his usual cuddlin’ method is that he’ll pounce on his lover and wrap his arms and legs around in her so she’s trapped in a Kou cage.  She’ll probably be curled up in a little ball and smooshed against his pecs/square-boobs.  During cuddling, he’ll probably attack her face in kisses and keep talking about how cute she is.  However, sometimes he holds her too tightly and she’ll have to let out a squeak of some sort to signal him to loosen his grip.

Yuma: Even if this thug ass ho be scary lookin’ as shit, he’s just a giant teddy bear. He’s always in the mood for cuddlin’, all you have to do is say the magic word. After sex and before you guys fall asleep, he’ll just spoon you.  Other times, he’ll wrap an arm around you and hold you while you breathe in his sexy ass smell.  This hoe also likes when you’re curled up on his chest like a cat and since he’s tol af, you could easily fit on his torso.  This tol ass bitch also likes when you wrap your legs around him and bury your face in his chest while he holds you tightly.  He’ll probably pet your hair and occasionally grab the booty or oppai when he feels like it. Cuddling with him usually starts off with some play wrestling before he tackles you down and forces you to cuddle with him.  Expect him to very touchy-feely when he’s cuddlin. Laito isn’t the only perverted ass bitch in this series.

Azusa: Are you kidding me? He hates cuddling. Don’t even go near him or he’ll cut you. Bitch, don’t even think about cuddling with him or else he’ll go full on fucking Super Saiyan on you. Haha JUST KIDDING. This cinnamon bun lives for fucking cuddling.  He’ll cuddle whenever, however. When spooning, if he’s the big spoon he’ll pet your hair but if he’s the little spoon he’ll want you to pet his hair. His way of cuddling his simple. He’ll just hold you tightly so you snuggle in his chest. Like Kanato, this bitch be smellin’ like some cinnamon apples so don’t be hungry when you’re cuddling with him.  Like Kou, he’ll sometimes hold too tightly so you’ll have to squeak to let him to loosen his grip. He’ll nuzzle into your cheek and neck and make sure he ain’t hungry either or else you’ll have some bitemarks you need to hide.  

Jimin+Baekhyun scenario - Pocket size miracles


Genre: Cute, fluff, supernatural?

a little sad in the beginning, but gets better! For all my people that weren’t happy about one or two of their finals! fighting!!!

Summary: spending Xmas with a feuding family, so your little men come to help!

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  • Norway: wow the stars are beautiful
  • Denmark: yeah they are
  • Norway: you know who else is beautiful?
  • Denmark: *blushes* who
  • Norway: Iceland
  • Denmark:
  • Norway:
  • Denmark:
  • Norway: did you know that he still sleeps with a light on because he hates the dark? he also doesn't like sour things and he hates anything spicy, so when he has to eat either of those types he makes this really cute "ick" face and scrunches up his nose. also--
  • Denmark: he likes sweet things right? chocolate especially, and he picks out the green m&ms because thats one of his favorite colors. did you see that framed photo of all of us on his dresser when you go into his room? it's just me, you and him, not even fin or sve. he gets so embarrassed about it.
  • Norway: i know, right? furthermore--

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Absolutely smitten and my face for the dodie asks. //TGE DODIE ASK NOT ANY OTHER 😂😂😂//

absolutely smitten: what is your favorite thing in the entire world at this very second?

thats so hard ugh probably the sound of rain bc its raining and it calms me down so much since i woke up anxious

my face: when do you feel the most beautiful?

when daddy and i skype and he tells me i’m the prettiest princess ever and aaaa 💞 that or when i fully beat my face and i’m contoured, highlighted, got my eyelashes long as hell,,,,ye that makes me feel pretty. i did that yesterday, maybe like this up if y'all want me to post a picture?

First interview

She wiped her hands on her dress as she exhaled, trying to calm her nerves.This would be the first interview she had, now being known as “Harry Style’s Girlfriend”. She was nervous for a number of reasons, despite the constant reassurance she was getting from Harry and her friends. They were going on the Ellen Show to talk about their relationship for the first time. As she was collecting herself, she heard a knock on the door.

“Babe, you alright in there?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, I’m coming out now.” She said as she shook out her hands and opened the door to find a concerned looking Harry. She tried to walk past him but he lightly grabbed her forearm, pulling her back to him.

“Baby, I know you’re nervous but I promise, it will all be fine. I’ll be right next to you, holding your hand. You don’t even really have to talk much if you don’t want to. He said trying to sooth her. She just nodded and took his hand as they began to walk to the stage.

“And now, please welcome the worlds newest, biggest, and in my opinion, the cutest couple in the world, Harry Styles and Y/N Y/L/N!.”

The music began and you walked on stage hand in hand, while the audience cheered. They got to the seats and got pulled into a hug by Ellen, which helped reassure you a bit. they both sat down and the music started to fade, Harry’s hand tightly gripped by her.

“So, Harry, Y/N, It’s such a pleasure to have you on the show. I have been waiting for this for a long time. The fans really want to know more about your relationship, and I’m pretty nosy as well.” The crowd laughed and you cracked a smile.

“Thanks for having us on, we wouldn’t want our first interview anywhere else. “ Harry says to Ellen.

“I’m glad, because I wouldn’t want to have to bring up the painful memories of you spilling secrets to someone else during my speech at your wedding when you get married. Maid of honor duties and all that.” Ellen said as she winked at Y/N.

“So, the world would love to know how you two met. Was it a romantic eye locking during a concert, bumping into each other at a restaurant…?”

“Well, not exactly. We met at a Carnival. I saw her standing there and I thought she was one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen, so I started talking to her. I told her I was going to win her a stuffed animal from that strength test games, the one where you hit the hammer and you try to ring the bell? Well Instead of hitting the little platform, I was distracted by her and I slammed the hammer on my foot. Had to leave and get an x-ray as well, but I got her number and it kind of continued on then.” Harry spoke while looking at you, kind of as if he was reliving the moment in his head. Feeling a little confident as the crowd laughed at the story, she decided to add in.

“The foot swelled up really big, and he was trying to be “manly” and say it was nothing, but when we sat down I made him take his shoe off, the foot looked like double its normal size. His name is still Big Foot in my phone if I’m honest.” She said, laughing a bit. Harry’s face was a bit pink in embarrassment. 

“Well, thats a story. Entertaining. Don’t tell it at parties though.” Ellen said, making the crowd laugh yet again. “So, what are your favorite things about each other.”

“well, my favorite things about Y/N is her ability to make me feel better after a rough day. She’s the only one who has been able to make me forget about the rest of the world for a while. She also really understands me and can read me like a book. I can never hide anything from her and she calls me out for everything. I like that we can be silly together and spend days at home doing nothing but watching movies, talking and eating but then we can go out for a hike and go on adventures. She gives good back massages. And shes nice to look at as well.” Harry kind of rambled on, smiling at her.

“Well my favorite things about Harry, hmm. I would have to say my favorite thing is that he carries me from the car if I’m too tired to get up after a car ride. No, I’m kidding. I love listening to him talk about his day, and he gives great advice. He’s a good cuddler, so that’s a plus. He can cook some pretty good meals, and he also cleans the cat’s litter box so I don’t have to. But my absolute favorite thing about Harry is that he is always there for me, no matter the time or place. “ She says, the nervousness forgotten, feeling very comfortable now.

“Wow, you guys are actually goals, or whatever it is the kids say.” Ellen said with a chuckle. She blushes and lean into Harry a bit.
“How is it when Harry’s on the road, is it hard or have you figured that part out yet?”

“I think that when you really love someone, distance doesn’t matter. I never really worry about him cheating because I trust him completely. You need trust in a relationship. It does get hard sometimes when he’s not home and all I want is to relax and talk to him, and we do have our fights but in the end, we know that we’re in this for the long run and that we can get through anything.” She says, smiling at Harry, whose hand squeezes yours back in affection.

“You guys are super cute, I can hear all the fan’s hearts being broken and put back together. Speaking of, how do you deal with fans an paparazzi? Is it a daily problem?”

“No, not really. I mean it can get a bit annoying feeling people take pictures of you or having to hear rude comments from some people, but most of the fans have been lovely and I love them.If you give the paparazzi a shot, they usually go away if you’re kind to them. I love interacting with fans, and being friends with the. I used to be a fan myself, spending money on their tickets and things, and I know the feelings they have so I like to be able to give back to them. They’re so great and the ones who have been supportive of us are so kind and I appreciate them so much, we both do.“ She smiled at Ellen and then waved to the fans screaming your and Harry’s ship name in the crowd.

“That’s so great, you know you being a fan and all. In fact, we found some old tweets from a couple years ago from your fan account, why don’t we bring those up?” Ellen said with a smirk while her face paled.

“This one says, “I want Harry to choke me with his Alexander McQueen scarf.” Do things really get that wild in the bedroom?”

“Now look at this one, “My only wish in life is for Harry to dick me down.” Well, looks like you got your wish, didn’t you, Y/N?” Ellen said.

You turned to Harry and smiled at him with your cheeks still pink.

“Yeah, I guess I did.”


A lot of people requested me to do a Dragneel Brother fanfic, so here it is. B) Of course I had to through some NaLu in there too. c: This is dedicated to my lovely waifu nanakoblaze

Setting: Cop AU

Pairings: NaLu, Dragneel Brothers

Summary: Two escaped convicts seek revenge on the pink haired cop that put them away. After seeing him with his pregnant wife, they knew what the perfect revenge was.

“I can’t wait to go home.” Natsu groaned out, sitting on a stool outside of the cell he was suppose to watch.

“You can say that again.” Zeref said from the seat next to his younger brother. He looked over to his odd haired brother.He noticed his hands were interlaced behind his head, leaning against the wall. His eyes were closed, a small smile on his face. The corner of Zeref lips turned upward. “How’s Lucy?”

“She’s great besides her mood swings and strange cravings.” Natsu explained. “Yesterday I got sent to the store after my double shift for pickles and ice cream. What person eats pickles and ice cream?!”

“Your pregnant wife apparently.”

Natsu laughed a bit. He was about to reply when another voice spoke up.

“Ahh so Lucy is pregnant now?” The two cops looked in the cell where the two inmates were staring intently at the officers.

“You really should have told us Natsu, you know Jackal and I get bored in here by ourselves all day with nothing to talk about.”

Natsu narrowed his eyes, hopping of the stool and over to the iron bars that separated the four males. He gripped the bars tightly, pushing his face in the bars. “I better not hear Lucy’s name come out of your filthy mouths.” His voice was dead serious.

“Aww, but officer Natsu.” Jackal spoke up, a smirk on his lips. “We love hearing stories about your lovely wife.”

Natsu felt himself becoming more enraged by the second. He gripped the bars tighter, beginning to growl at the two inmates who were leaning against the wall behind the bars. Seeing his brother’s attitude grow more sour, Zeref decided to intervene.

“Mard Geer, Jackal stop aggravating him.” The older officer said walking besides his younger brother. “Or we’ll hold you even longer than we’re suppose to for disrespecting authority.”

Laughter rang throughout the cell from the two convicts. “More time? We’re already serving life in this hellhole.” Jackal said in between laughter.

“Thats what you get when you murder someone in cold blood.” Natsu fiercely explained. “You don’t take someone else’s life and still get to live yours.”

When Mard Geer smirked, it uneased the pink haired officer.

“I wouldn’t be to sure of that officer Natsu.”

Natsu was about to scream back at him, but a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

“They’re not worth it, Natsu. Its time to go anyway, Lucy’s waiting.”  Zeref comforted him. Natsu wanted nothing more than to yell at the inmates, but the thought of being at home with his pregnant wife sounded much better than being here.

So, without another word Natsu walked out the room. Leaving Zeref alone with the two prisoners.

“Have a good night you two, we’ll see you tomorrow.” Zeref walked off, leaving the two still smirking prisoners alone.

“Oh officer Zeref, I doubt you will.” Jackal said lowly, laughing slightly. He stood up from the wall, touching the wall until he felt a flimsy substance. He pulled off the camouflage blanket off the wall, revealing a large hole in the wall. “This was worth all the cold sleepless nights.” Mard Geer stepped beside him chuckling.

“This is what happens when idiot cops like those brothers leave us alone for 20 hours of the day.” He remarked, following Jackal as he crawled through the hole in the wall making their escape.

“Honey I’m home!” Natsu called out, him and Zeref walking into the large home.

“I’m in the kitchen Natsu!” The voice of his wife shouted. The two brothers walked to the source of the voice, revealing the six month pregnant woman in front of the stove. Natsu’s lips turned into a lopsided grin at the sight of his pregnant wife. Leaving his brother’s side, he strided over to the other side of the kitchen where his wife was currently stirring something in a pot. He smiled as his hands wrapped around her waist, earning a squeal of surprise from the woman.

“Natsu! You about gave me a heart attack!” She shouted, relaxing a bit as she felt his large hands rub up and down her overgrown stomach.

Burying his face in the crook of her neck, he relaxed as he inhaled her strawberry and cream scent. “But you knew I was home.”

“Thats not an excuse to scare me like that Natsu.”

“But it’s so much fun Luce!” He unburied his face from her neck, propping his chin on her shoulder, hands still rubbing circles on her swollen stomach. “What are you making for dinner?”

“Spaghetti and garlic bread.”

“My favorite!” Natsu hugged her closer for a second. “You’re the best Luce, I needed this after the day I’ve had.” He removed one of his hands from her belly to put in on her face so he could turn her face towards his to give her a kiss on her lips.

“Oh come on, do you guys really have to kiss in front of me?”

Lucy instantly disconnected her lips from her husband’s, face heating up. She released the pot and turned in her husband’s arms, pushing his to the side to see her brother-in-law.

“Ahh, I’m sorry Zeref. I didn’t realize you were here.” Lucy said apologetically walking over to him giving him a welcoming hug.

He returned her gesture, chuckling. “I know you didn’t, but my brother sure did.” He released his sister-in-law, shooting a look to his pouting younger brother.

He huffed a breath, crossing his arms over his chest. “Sorry for showing my wife I care.”

Lucy gave him a glowering look pointing to her stomach. “I’m pretty sure you showed me you cared about me whenever you got me pregnant.” Zeref began to holler with laughter while the pink haired officers face started to flush with color. Seeing her husband all flustered made the blonde giggle. She walked back over to him, wrapping her arms around his torso getting as close to him as her plump stomach would allow.

“Oh Natsu you know I’m just teasing.” She kissed his cheek before returning back to the stove top to tend to the spaghetti noodles.

Natsu walked back over to his brother and in a whispered voice said, “Told you her mood swings were crazy.”

“I see what you mean.” Zeref muttered under his breath watching as Lucy pulled the bread from the oven. “But least it keeps things exciting, and I know you don’t like to be bored.”

Natsu shrugged. “Yeah, I guess.”

Lucy turned around to the two boys, a smile on her face. “Dig in guys!”

After an eight hour shift, the officers didn’t have to be told twice.

“Man, dinner was great but nothing beats ice cream!” Natsu unnecessarily shouted.

“You said it.” Lucy said licking her strawberry ice cream cone. “I wish it had pickles though.”

“You’re to cute sometimes.” Her husband commented, giving her a cold peck on her cheek. Lucy began to wipe away the little ice cream residue he left on her cheek.

“Thats gross Natsu!” Lucy said frantically wiping her cheek.

“Smooth move bro.” Zeref commented finishing off his vanilla cone. Natsu glared at him from the side.

“You’re just jealous that you don’t have anyone to do this stuff with.” He commented, moving his free hand and intertwining it with his wife’s.

Zeref scoffed. “Brother please, I don’t need a wife to keep me happy.”

Lucy grinned. “What about Mavis, Zeref?”

Seeing the older male stiffen, Lucy knew she has struck a cord. She proudly smirked.

“I, uh…”

“Luce, they flirt so much with each other new inmates think they’re dating.” Natsu snickered. Zeref’s cheeks turned red, turning the other way of the couple.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He said trying to divert his attention. He lifted his wrist up, looking at his watch. “Oh would you look at the time. I gotta go, have another eight hour shift tomorrow. Goodnight Natsu, Lucy.”

The couple watched at the older officer walked away from them to his small apartment a few blocks away. Natsu laughed as he walked away.

“Hes so in love with her.” Lucy snickered back.

“I can already tell.” She detected, walking down the street to their home fingers intertwined with her husbands. The duo did not notice that just around the corner, two escaped convicts were watching their every move.

The two smirked, a plan of action forming in their heads.

“It’s almost time, Jackal.” Jackal smirked at Mard Geer’s words. 

“Yes, yes it is.” 

A loud ringing sound sounded throughout the master bedroom. Groaning, Natsu unwound himself from his wife and tried to push his annoyance out of his tone.

“Yeah?” Lucy’s eyes opened up slowly at her husband’s gruff voice and the loss of his warmth. She looked at the alarm clock on the night stand seeing that is was only four in the morning. Seeing his eye’s widen to the size of dinner plates as she heard the incoherent sounds of the voice on the other line.

Natsu shot up out of bed, already throwing the blankets off of him and reaching for his cop pants. “Are you serious? Okay, I’m on my way right now.”

He ended the call and chucked the phone on the bed, fastening his pants while reaching for his shirt. Lucy stared at him, eyes glossed with concern.


The pink haired male directed his attention to the blonde in the bed after he pulled the shirt over his head. “Emergency at work.”

Lucy nodded in understanding. “Okay, be careful.”

He walked over to her side of the bed, giving her a kiss on the lips. They lingered there for a moment before moving their way down to her growing stomach. “I’ll see the two of you later.” After he spoke those words, he immediately ran out the door. Thats when Lucy knew that the situation was more than just a normal emergency.

Natsu rushed down the streets of Magnolia, cop sirens blaring in the early morning sky. Once he pulled up to the correctional facility, he barely turned off the car because he was in such a rush to get inside. Once indoors, he dashed to the familiar cell, the one he was in charge of watching every single night. Once there, his mouth gaped open at the scene.

Officers were all over the cell investigating the large hole in the wall. He noticed his brother was searching their bunks, checking for the items they used to make a hole that size. He seen Zeref look up at him.

“Good Natsu you’re here. We don’t know the details besides they made Jackal’s blanket look camouflage to cover the hole so we wouldn’t see it.” Natsu growled at his brother’s observation, more angry at himself than anything else. He was a police officer, he was suppose to prevent things like this from ever happening. It was his block, his cell. He had felt honored when he was assigned to watch the most dangerous criminals in the facility. Now the honored feeling was beginning to fade away, self loathing replacing it.

He had failed.

Hearing his brother’s breath hitch brought the pink haired officer out of his thoughts. He watched as Zeref’s head snapped towards him. “Natsu, go check on Lucy now.” Zeref’s tone was dead serious, there was no sign of joking in his voice.

Natsu scrunched his face in confusion, eyeing a piece of paper in his hands. “What does that say?”

Debating whether it was best or not, Zeref decided that it was better if he seen it for himself. He handed over the piece of paper to his brother unable to keep his hand from shaking due to his anger. Natsu took the paper and quickly read the one line sentence before dropping the sheet of paper and racing out the cell.

“I hope your wife’s okay Officer Dragneel.”

“LUCY!” Natsu screamed as he made it to his home. He busted through the door, taking in the surroundings.

It made his heart almost stop.

Everything was trashed, out of place. Papers all over the floor, chairs pulled out. It looked like a tornado had just run through the house. Not wasting another second, he dashed to the master bedroom. He at least have a sliver of hope that Lucy was still sleeping peacefully in bed.

The hope was crushed as he looked at their king sized bed.

It was empty, Lucy was no where in sight.

Out of the disheveled mess of the bed, something red caught his eye. Though he was shaking due to the resentment and anger he was feeling, he walked closer to the bed. He looked at Lucy’s side of the bed, feeling his stomach drop as he recognized what the red substance was.

It was blood.

Lucy’s blood.

On the bed, and her pillow.

Natsu felt himself shake even harder, feeling tears build up in the back of his eyes. His complete worry for his wife and his unborn child made the tears stream down his cheeks. He needed answers, needed to know what happened. Through watery eyes, he spotted a sheet of white paper in the center on the bed. With shaky hands, he picked it up reading the neat manuscript.

“"Hello Officer Dragneel, I see that you got our letter. Don’t worry, we have your darling wife with us and she is fine… for the time being.”

Natsu gripped the sheet of paper tighter with every word he read.

“Good luck trying to find us Dragneel, and if you know whats good for your wife, I wouldn’t make us wait too long.”

The tears fell rapidly down his cheeks, eyes filled with so much tears he could barely read the paper in his clutches. He read the last line of the letter, it felt like his heart was just stabbed. He dropped the letter, mouth gaping mind repeating the last line of the message.

“We’re going to ruin your life, just like you ruined ours.”


Oh man, so everyone is posting their participations in the Homestuck fandom–I guess I should too! I’m not a writer, I can’t make music, nor can I draw, and I’m pretty quiet (one might call me a little bit lurky). What I can do is make stuff, teach, and maybe cosplay a little bit (but only a little ^_^). So I have my own cosplays, some tutorials, and like, a book full of questions I have answered from younger cosplayers!

And I still have stuff I want to finish! I have Dave doll, and some other things, and I still haven’t cosplayed Rogue of Void Roxy! And I have to make that jacket so Kai can cosplay Jaspers! Oh, and beekeeper troll when the game comes out! There is no choice–I’m in it for the long haul. It’s not over yet!

What I may have contributed isn’t really much, but I have made a lot of friends, and this fandom has given me a sense of awe over the wealth of creativity and inspiration.

By the way, if any of you want to check out my other cosplays or tutorials, my crafty and cosplay tags are #stuff i make and #tc25cosplay! I usually remember to crosslink to deviantart for the tutorials.

Bonus stuff that didn’t really fit:

Of course I had to cosplay my fave kid! (scarf knitted by jumpingjacktrash)

Another devart prop tutorial–Homes Smell Ya Later!

Cuvier Safiro fantroll doll from Be The Seadweller Lowblood!

Jaspers bag!

All rights go to rejet. 

YuiPuppet: Hello, how are you today?
*subaru chokes puppet*
YuiPuppet: “Awh You’re hurting me, please let got!”
Subaru:I won’t let go *yuipuppetdies* What are you doing?
Yui:Puppet SHOW~ What do you think?
Subaru: What, that’s weird
SubaruPuppet:your wierd, your wierd, your wierd
*SubarupunchesSubaru puppet*
Yui puppet: Stop it! Don’t hurt him! He did nothing wrong!
Yui: oh really then……… 
Subaru Puppet: *bites yui puppet* Shutup!!
Yui puppet: Kyaaaaa!!!!!!
Yui: Is that a lot better? 
Subaru: Not even close!!
2nd part:
Yui: this is my favorite toy it makes everyone smile, he really does comfort people and give you such a warm feeling inside.
Subaru: As if, who would believe that?
Yui: *pushes rabbit into subarus face* Then how about you try holding him! I’m sure you’ll feel the same way!
Subaru:*holds bunny*
Yui: Can’t you feel it? The warmth gathering in your heart? Ah maybe this might helps you since your always so grumpy
Subaru:*punches bunny* What you say? 
*bending noises*
Yui: AHH! you’re so mean Subaru-kun!
Subaru: Your the one who started it!

Yui: Ah but that dosnt mean you have to do that!!!!
Subaru: well you were being annoying.
Yui: awhhh your being so unfair right now!!! *leaves*

Subar: As if i care so dont bother me, *sits down* Jeez,

 Yui :*CLANGS*

Subaru: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!                                              Yui: What did you like it!?

Subaru: im gonna kill you!? YOU KNOW YOU COULD HAVE MADE ME DEAF!!! 

Yui: (yelling) eh eh i thought i could suprise you.  

Kids: Whats going on! He’s bullying her?

Yui: you know subaru-kun Bullying is wrong, didnt your mother ever teach you that?

*gets hung*

Im sorry, i wont ever do it again.

Subaru: alright.

“Is that my shirt?” BestFriend!Calum asked, looking at you as you entered his room. “Yeah. It’s really comfortable and you left it at my house a few weeks ago when we were watching movies, so I took it.” You shrugged going to sit with him on the bed. He had his guitar resting against him with a few notebooks open laying on the bed. “Yeah thats why its my favorite.” he grumbled under his breath. You knew he was kidding, he would let you smash his bass if you really wanted too because you’d probably have a reason for it. I mean if you didn’t, what kind of best friend would you be? “Do you want it back?” you asked with a pout on your face. “No, don’t make that face, that’s not fair. You can’t use that face. Fine! You can keep it. Jeeze.” He finally surrendered as you smiled in content. “Thanks Cally.” you said. “Now, I’m going to fix your nails because I know that one was’t dry when you touched something and messed it up.” You brought out a bottle of remover as he put his guitar down. “Thanks, I was really hungry and I forgot that they were still wet and I think I might’ve eaten some varnish.” he laughed taking one of the cotton balls and wiping his fingers. 


Ravi Moments – VIXX TV2 (Episode 48)

First date with Luke like:

- freaking out because he’s supposed to pick you up in 20 minutes but he can’t find his grown up shoes or your favorite flannel of his he was planning to wear

- “Hey Cal? Yeah man it’s me, are flowers to cheesy for a first date or no?”

- running out the door with only half of his buttons done and his hair everywhere (that chest tho)

- running by a flower shop super fast because you always said how flowers were your favorite thing and he couldn’t wait to see your eyes light up when he gave them to you

- blasting Blink 182 all the way to your house to calm his nerves

- “Woah, y-you look really pretty y/n.”


- “So I planned us a picnic, but not just a regular picnic, I’m not Ashton we’re not sitting outside for extended periods of time.”

- giggling the entire time because that kid is funny

- blindfolding you when he parks the car and leading you through various hallways and stairs and giggling every time you stumble

- “Fuck okay the blindfold was not the best idea, sorry baby!!”

- gasping as he takes the blindfold off and you see a cute little picnic on the stage of the arena you first saw him play at months ago

- “Hope you like sandwiches, cookies, and lemonade!! I made it all myself! :D”

- talking about the night you met, behind this very stage and wondering why it took him so long to ask you out

- “You know Out of My Limit? Yeah thats you to me princess. I couldn’t just ask you out, I had to work up to it!”

- blushing and giggling as he breaks out his old acoustic and sings you all your favorite songs

- “Okay now this is a new one… and I um, I wrote it for you.”

- him making the :D face as he finishes the song and you tackle him with a hug and kisses all over his face

- “You were wrong Luke, Out of my Limit is more about you to me.”

- smiling soo so so big and kissing you right there on the mouth because even though he’s only known you for a short time, he already know’s he’s in way to deep

- driving home and screaming the lyrics to All Time Low together

- taking selfies on his phone the whole way home partly to annoy him and partly to change his wallpaper to a pic of you

- “Just a suggestion, we could take one together you know! :D”

- taking silly selfies and kissing him one last time before running into your house with the biggest grin on your face

- getting a notification from twitter like an hour later that Luke tagged you in a tweet, and it’s 3 of the selfies you took and then the one of the two of you

- giggling and smiling so big because the caption says “Best first date with the best girl in the world.”

Thanks Baby Boy

It was so sudden and unexpected, Peter didn’t have the chance to move back or away.

It was so sudden and unexpected Peter hadn’t pulled back yet because it was still clicking into place in his head.

And now that he was realizing what was actually happening, he still hadn’t pulled back or moved away because it wasn’t as bad as he would have thought it would have been. If he had ever thought about it at all. Which he honestly hadn’t.

Wade’s lips were chapped and scratchy and scared but they were also warm and just slightly wet. As if he had licked his lips before he had leaned in to capture Peter’s with his own.

It was a light kiss. Wade just barely pressing against Peter’s mouth. His lips weren’t puckered like Peter would have expected Wade to do. No, they were just lightly pressed against his. Almost like it wasn’t a kiss. Almost like it was just an accidental touch.

But Wade’s eyes were closed and his head tilted just slightly so their noses didn’t bump.

And now Peter’s realizing that he’s been thinking about this and not doing anything for way to long. But Wade is still gently touching their lips together and Peter cant find it in himself to move back anymore.

In fact he might be making the worst mistake of his life, but he leans forward just the slightest.

It doesn’t feel like a mistake when Wade let’s out a warm relieved sigh from his nose that Peter can feel on his cheek and Wade presses even closer, harder. Wade’s hands are suddenly on the side of his face and the scars are rough and warm but not as disturbing as Peter would have thought they would be.

Wade tilts his head even more and is beginning to move his lips against Peter’s. Peter’s shoulders stiffen and almost touch his ears. But he closes his eyes as something weird fluttered in his stomach.

Peter’s eyes finally close and he reaches up to fist his hands in Wade’s sweater.

Peter’s kissed and been kissed plenty of times through out his life. But this feels different. And not because he can feel Wade’s scared lips and hands against his face.

He feels almost nervous. Which is obviously ridiculous. Wade was the one kissing him.

He also felt kind of warm. Which was also ridiculous.

But the kiss was getting into his head and he soon found himself moving his lips against Wade’s as well.

Wade let out another relived sigh and Peter found himself breathing it in.

Peter had no idea how long they stayed like this. Just lightly brushing their lips together hard but somehow gentle at the same time.

When Wade began to pull back Peter almost followed but Wade’s hands stopped him.

Peter opened his eyes and found Wade smiling so softly and happily at him. Peter had to swallow thickly. Nervously.

“Thanks baby boy.” Wade whispered, his voice hoarse and gravely. Why? Peter had no idea but it sent shivers down his spine. Wade leaned forward once again and lightly pressed his lips against Peter’s one more time before Wade was the one moving back and away.

Wade gently pulled Peter’s tightly clenched hands from his sweater before he was walking away.

Peter watched him go until Wade was gone.

Peter raised a hand and lightly ran his fingers against his lips before shivering. Peter’s eyes went wide and his stomach flopped and he could feel his whole face heat up.

What the hell did he just do?


Not my first little story tidbit. But the first I’ve posted. I wrote this like five minutes ago for no reason other than I had a little random idea. I like it. One of my favorite ships. Sorry if its insultingly bad or terrible. May make it into something bigger. I don’t know.