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not to be rude, super honest question, what are your relationships with other animators? like robin and gritty and cran (but especially robin cause he's my favorite don't tell anyone)

Oh, thats not a rude question!

They’re my friends! Are you asking how I am with them?  well Cran and I just sass each other all the time by making stupid faces or posting stupid memey videos at each other from time to time.  Gritty and I get along in talking about things to watch and that I should be watching Samurai Jack when I keep forgetting….  Also we randomly like to start dancing out of no where which is pretty great. Robin and I talk quite a bit about a lot of things and he tends to sass me a lot as do I in return… but he always wins the sassing cause he’s too smart and too clever with words haha

but yeah we’re just a bunch of goofs!

One of my favorite headcanons is that James is a foot taller than Lily. 6′3 and 5′3. Sometimes when she is particularly feisty he will pick her up and carry her somewhere else and it pisses her off even further. He also controls the kisses - she can’t reach his face unless he wants her to (which obviously he almost always does) and sometimes he makes her work for it which also pisses her off. When they are standing in the corridor talking to their friends, he rests his arm on her head because she is the perfect height for it and she returns his affection by jabbing her elbow into his side. Basically him being so much taller usually ends up with her being mad, but she also loves it. Once she asked him how tall he actually was and he responded “taller than you in heels, evans” and she nearly died.


Ravi Moments – VIXX TV2 (Episode 48)

“Is that my shirt?” BestFriend!Calum asked, looking at you as you entered his room. “Yeah. It’s really comfortable and you left it at my house a few weeks ago when we were watching movies, so I took it.” You shrugged going to sit with him on the bed. He had his guitar resting against him with a few notebooks open laying on the bed. “Yeah thats why its my favorite.” he grumbled under his breath. You knew he was kidding, he would let you smash his bass if you really wanted too because you’d probably have a reason for it. I mean if you didn’t, what kind of best friend would you be? “Do you want it back?” you asked with a pout on your face. “No, don’t make that face, that’s not fair. You can’t use that face. Fine! You can keep it. Jeeze.” He finally surrendered as you smiled in content. “Thanks Cally.” you said. “Now, I’m going to fix your nails because I know that one was’t dry when you touched something and messed it up.” You brought out a bottle of remover as he put his guitar down. “Thanks, I was really hungry and I forgot that they were still wet and I think I might’ve eaten some varnish.” he laughed taking one of the cotton balls and wiping his fingers. 


you know whats fucking adorable, when luke closes his eyes really tight when he sings because hes so into it. hes so inlove with his job and that makes me fall even more inlove with him and jesus i realky jUST WANNA FRICK HIM!!! my favorite thing about him is when they preform disconnected live he gives his little speech about everyone just putting away there phones and enjoying the music because thats what the whole song is about and i feel that he has such a personal connection to that song and omg just look at his face how can you not love him

Hey ya’ll it’s Sam! (he/him) I’m so excited its TST It’s been a while! This picture is from my recent trip to San Diego (my favorite place to go).

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