that's my favorite face he makes

I feel so lucky to near the anniversary of when I started dating this beautiful man I call my boyfriend, It has been the best year of my life with a smile glued to my face as full as its ever been. From making people melt to the point they are sick of how cute we are, to gaining a public name as Shaun Jon at our favorite bar. All the new things he has shown me, the support he gave me while dealing with a tornado disaster, the love and security he gives me each and every day. I’m in love with him and thats what it all comes down to, I wouldnt change it for the world! and for ever and always <3

anonymous asked:

I enjoy seeing Marx suffer and you make it possible thx ( っ´ω`c)♡ also Marx jelly over lobster man being close with Kamui and looking up lobster/shrimp recipes for when the time comes (ી(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)ʃ)

marx is literally so easy to make suffer he’s so fucked up tbh his kicked puppy face practically asks for it the angst writes itself

but OH MAN tbh marx just being a fucking asshole to crustaceans bc of lobster lord is honestly one of my favorite things. are lobsters the ones that fucking like scream or w/e when you put them in the pot to boil (even tho its supposed to be the steam or whatevver bc im p sure lobsters cant scream). well. anyway. yeah Ryouma and Kamui come home and they’re all laughing n stuff when Marx flicks on the lights to the kitchen, in full regalia but instead of his pally crotch flap, he’s wearing a frilly apron. looks ryouma dead in the eye. tosses a lobster in the pot and lets the screams speak for themselves.

idk why i am attracted to these older men its so fucking awkward like i seriously try and push that way and it works but then randomly comes back lol i make gay ass stories in my head and i have my favorites in order lmfao I’m such a fuckingweirdassmotherfucker they probably think I’m CIA or some weird as shit nah I’m just fucking liking your faces lololoolololololololololo its hella awkward. two of them i already kno shit cannot be bc well fuck man thats too crazy. but i mean hiiiiiiii to the single one! haha lol no he probably doesn’t even like a youngin even tho we’d have so much fun hah lol i needa stop before weird shit happens :/ idk i don’t want to i just want him shit, first i found him so attracted then it all went away, now its all back lollol nah wtf i needa chill I’m crazy but wtf and he blushes idk if thats something we barley even talk but wtf i wanna talk to him but idk if he interested i think I’m to shy then i get mean but thats me flirting and that is so in a pro pro but fuck its hard he has such pretty eyelashes and fucking cute eyes and like he’s arms are so yummy and strong hahah, OMG and i love how tall he is, all the weird shit noises he makes fucking adorable little birdy well but birdy my pretty boi fucking bbyface so adorable k ima go die not literally but i can’t believe i really typed that fuck is this ugly feeling lol nah he is so attracting and his character is amazing fucking his scrasism i dont get at all wtf hahahah but fuck it loll love how much music he is into, style is cool, hair omg fucking perfecttt t t t t t  t  t t t t t i love it i can’t believe i told him i liked it lol i hope that wasn’t weird…. :c he just looked so fucking good omfg oops no inapropro stop . u need to stop bc thats too much, cowboy is sooooooo yummy lol yum cowboy makes me think too naughty. ohnonono, lat one athletic tho….. scared to sayh ha no ill probably delete this loll :/ :( it all makes me sad!!!!!