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I was at Indy PopCon this weekend, so if you saw me there, hello!
I was Pidge on Friday, Dreamer Roxy on Saturday, and Slightly Decapitaed Dirk on Sunday!
(Find me on insta if you want at momma_molotov)

Ya know, one thing I regret from RTX (other than not stopping Kerry or Gray on Friday when I walked literally right past Kerry, and watched Gray go from the escalator to the door (I’ve been kicking myself since Saturday)) tbh is not asking Miles for his picture. I did get a selfie with him (and he signed my RWBYlands Handsome Roman watch) which was pretty fricken amazing, but I really should’ve asked him for his own stand alone picture. I know that sounds odd, but listen, he was cosplaying as David from Camp Camp. That’s literally the most canon cosplay you could ever achieve. Like that’s something I strive for and hope I can do myself, aka have the opportunity to voice/perform as a character and cosplay the character as well. I know I even thought “I should get his picture!!! He’s cosplaying!! His cosplay is really good!!” But boi I was too thrown off guard by actually meeting him, to do that. High key regretting not doing that. Maybe next RTX?

Sometimes I feel like I should post selfies because y'all are my friends and I want you to be able to attach a face to my URL but then I remember that I hate my face and don’t want to do that ever


[11/09] Happy TsukiKage day! 月影の日おめでとう〜

 Finally released some of these photos from my trial last month hahaha <3 (tbh I was supposed to upload them on TsukkiKage week but then I suppose I could stick on making fics by then because free from acads yay)

Based on the request I asked @gaypixiefairylu-art. I’ve been contemplating on this concept for a while now tbh hahaha

Sorry for the LQ photos though ; ; Also keep posted on AO3 because I’m still working on a certain sequel right now hahaha

Tsukishima Kei/Photo: @shsltitanenthusiast