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Gongmyung always being supportive of NCT 127 and his small brother

kahuna-burger  asked:

Hey, since you have trouble touching people without stabbing them, but like cuddling pets, have you considered trying to hug T'Challa? Or possibly getting Tony to put on cat ears?

you have a serious flaw in your logic. 

tchalla is a cat-man who has repeatedly tried to claw my face off. it was freakin traumatizing. you think a normal cat that doesnt wanna be petted is bad, try getting handsy with tchalla.

not that ive gotten handsy with tchalla. i like my face attached to my person, thank you very much.

tony put on cat ears a few months ago in a fit of confused sleep deprivation. the picture circulated through avengers-related group chats for weeks. nick fury called it, and i quote, ‘fucking adorable.’ tony is sometimes a no-toucher too though, so mostly we let him initiate contract when he wants to. so no, i did not hug tony when he was wearing cat ears. 

steve did have to carry him to bed though. and that picture circulated for months

Was talking with a friend and he went on to say something and started with “though I’m not a practicing Muslim..”. So I just asked him, what is a practicing Muslim? He goes, well, you know me. And to be honest it still doesn’t sit right with me. Like I know you believe, I know you pray, and I know you fast. I just don’t know why we short change our selves. Really, what is a practicing Muslim? Someone who seeks knowledge? Doesn’t that just make you someone that seeks knowledge? You do some haram stuff, doesn’t that just make us disobedient? Don’t we have repentance? Are ‘practicing Muslims’ infallible?

I think of that story of the man who our Prophet (saws) said is a man from Jannah. So Abdullah Ibn Amr stayed at his home to see what it is that made our Prophet say that. The man didn’t pray in the night. He didn’t voluntarily fast. And he didn’t even recite Quran that much. Abdullah became frustrated and asked him, what makes you a man from Jannah? I don’t see you doing anything that a man from Jannah is supposed to do? And the man replied, you’re right, but I make sure that when I go to sleep, I have no feelings of hatred or jealousy in my heart towards my fellow Muslims.

And I think its unhealthy for us to think this way. Allahu alam. Some of us even abandon our faith because of our bad deeds. We overlook character and manners. We overlook the power of repentance. Isn’t one who repents like one who has never sinned? Is it our deeds that take us to Jannah or is it Allah’s pleasure and mercy? We’re Muslims, we’re sinners, and we’re different. Allah SWT didn’t reveal this religion for just a few excellent individuals. He revealed it to humanity. It’s undeniably necessary to acknowledge ourselves and our shortcomings so we can work around them and repent for them. But I feel awkward equating practicing Islam with someones religious aesthetic or their level of knowledge. We have our 5 pillars of Islam, our 6 pillars of faith, and a Merciful and Kind Lord who gave us a beautiful religion. And He knows best.

Imagine Kenma having multiple handheld gaming devices so if anyone takes one away from him he just pulls another one out of his bag and continues like normal

Happy birthday Twinyards!

I know they technically don’t celebrate it, but I needed an excuse to ignore my essays for a bit. :D

lowkey pumped for camp half-blood confidential coming out in august

Hey everyone look at these fuckin’ NERDS @ro-fo-sho and @queerquestion. (Unrelated sexy lumberjack @maplehoofs bigfoot posing in the back).


Amidst all the presents and festivities, remember that the real gifts are your family and friends. Merry Christmas!