that's my baby :3


Jay & Evie protecting each other

Once, when Allura was small, Alfor took her to his lab where he was working on the Lions. She is so excited, blabbering away happily but at that moment his assistant asks him to go through some reports. He literally turns his head for one (1) second and suddenly he realizes that Allura is gone.

Everyone flips out and they’re searching for her and calling out her name when they hear a faint ‘Papa!!’

She’s on the fucking black lion’s incomplete head, giggling away like anything.

Alfor’s “HOW THE QUIZNAK DID SHE GET UP THERE??????????” was heard all the way to daibazal

Lance is going to be the paladin of the red lion

(So that’s mean allura is going to be the blue lion)

If you see in the first trailer we have this.

and if  you see in the new trailers this happend

the same explosions, and it looks like it’s the same place

Like!!. Do i need to say more?

The moment the clip end. it ends showing the eye of the red lion, and if you combine does scenes ( first the lion then lance). it fits perfectly, in my opinion


Wilhelmina Reese Sauveterre, 18

Made a new sim! This is her Beta version, once I actually get more time I plan on making her look less like a carbon copy of Melodie lol


“Really, Bruce? The nurse’s outfit wasn’t enough?”


I’ve worked on redesigning my old OCs a few weeks ago and now I wanted to introduce them to you.

Here is a little bit of information about the world they live in:

They live in a world in which a long time ago, Angels and human beings lived alongside each other. A select few got the privilege to be taught magic by the angels which caused envy for those who hadn’t been chosen. They started to hate the Angels and that hatred grew until they wanted to eliminate their entire race. They created demons that had only one task. Kill Angels. Because of that, a war started that killed a lot of people and every angel and every demon in existence were extinguished. Because the humans feared that a repeat of this war could happen, they banned magic from this world and killed all people that showed any sign of magic powers. In order to safe those last children possessing magic abilities, the last surviving Angel, Heavens mother, and a friend of hers hid the children from the world. These children, are the OCs you see in these drawings.

My wonderful and super talented Baby started drawing a gorgeous Kookmin fanart, and it’s still a WIP but I couldn’t wait any longer so just had to share a glimpse of it ^.^ The full art will be released too, soon~

(Please don’t steal art, don’t repost art, and credit the artist properly. Thank you.)

Thought I’d have some fun and give this a coloring. The Jackson bunch.