that's my baby :3


Jay & Evie protecting each other

Thought I’d have some fun and give this a coloring. The Jackson bunch.


Laaate birthday present for my dear @succulent-flower <3 looook turtle-cat made you a special succulent cake!!! \^O^/ (… errr was really Al taking a day off and borrowing out extra recipe books… but the baby pet helped!! >3<”)


what a great family. i hope you dunt mind me doodling your precious turquoise baby, the-chibster !!

Me: haha I hope I don’t accidentally have a bunch of baby crickets man that would SUCK wouldn’t it lol
Me: *extensively looks up cricket breeding videos while taking notes and purposefully gets a male and female cricket*
Me: wouldn’t want that to happen!!


Happy 6th birthday to the cutest little boy in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. 💕 
(n. june 17th 2010)

umm.. i don’t quite understand what is “being like themself” the last anon before i turned off the anon ask back then lllOAO)/


So, tell me. Think a girl would fall for that? 

Just as long as it’s the one standing in front of you. 

It doesn’t matter to me what he says. He plays in Qatar or somewhere. Those who want to be on frontpages, speak of me. He won everything but 0 Ballon d'Ors. I have 3.

Cristiano Ronaldo on Xavi’s comments about him 10th September, 2016 Post-match

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Wicked, 2nd National Tour, pt. 2 (pt. 1)