that's motivation right there

It has been a busy month for me. I have been reading (probably also been obsessed with new tv shows but that’s a whole other story), studying and taking pictures in the snow. Hopefully I’ll get my motivation back because thats what I’m lacking on right now.


Forever~ We are young
Flying petals, swirling like the rain
Wandering through the maze of life

koganelovesmcclain replied to your post “i found the thing i wrote to counter my writer’s block again and while…”

I feel you. I was really excited. But now, I’m like ://///

just great. here’s hoping that we’ll regain motivation before march because from then on things are going to get serious D:


Title: Real
Pairing: Reader x Simon
Warnings: N/A
Preface/Prompt: “could you make me an imagine with Simon, so basically you are doing a q and a and he makes the last question up asking you to be his girlfriend because he really liked you” AU (via anon)

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anonymous asked:

Never trust a man who when in a relationship with him he sides with you whenever you complain about your dad - I’m guessing now to only do it with ulterior motives, or because he thought thats what the right thing to do in a relationship was.. But when the relationship ended he gets mad at you and sides with your dad when you’re not even complaining about your dad, your just having a normal conversation about him.. sorry if this didn’t make sense, men are just so ugh -.-


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You don’t owe the world anything. make the art you want, however you want, and offer no apologies.

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If people are offended by me, I hope that it is because of Christ and not because of me. I feel like this is one of the hardest lines for me to walk, especially as a blogger. I want people to only be offended because they see the truth, not because I have a personally offensive manner.