that's most likely what they were saying tbh

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ahhh i might be lowkey in love with u tbh. i check this blog every day and i love it so much, ur so creative and lovely, like i get that feeling of sitting in a flower field in summer and watching clouds go bye while were drinking some good juice and theres soft nice music playing somewhere and its lovely and i literally dont understand what im saying but?? i love u so much???//?????? ur so talented and ur aesthetic is amazing and iM GAY

also! ur the most beautiful girl in the world tf!!!!!!! thats illegal!! im sorry i lov u!!! byE


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TBH my favorite part of the Rita article was the hint that Harry and Ginny's marriage was falling apart. BC I could see that, since that IS what happens to most High School Sweethearts who get married. I know most of what Rita says is wild exaggeration but that's the one thing I saw her being right about. Also, that Ginny is a slightly absent mother? I'm not sure how I feel about that one still, but it feels like it has some truth to it.

It’s true! I’m shocked that Ron and Hermione were still married tbh. Although with J.K.’s revelation last February you’d think she’d write something new for pottermore on how she settled for a guy who makes her unhappy over the one who cares about her more than he cares about himself.


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what's happening with bighit?

what isnt happening with them is the better question tbh

  • first of all remember those hiphop monster dolls they were selling? this fan got it like this (alt. image) and that probably isnt gonna be all the packages but thats kinda weird as hell
  • bighit deletes most of the messages in the suggestions board on the fancafe (basically they dont bother checking and ignore pretty much whatever you say and this has been an issue for some time now)
  • recently taehyunga (a fansite) closed down and said that a fan manager for bighit was using a present she sent to taehyung on their 1 year anniversary (taehyunga also put up a warning for armys saying its better to give them gifts in person where you know they will receive it)
  • they’ve used fansites photos in their updates before (not sure if this was done out of consent but either way thats lazy as hell and not fair…)
  • another thing is the webtoon???? we’ve been promised that months ago as well as promised AGAIN that we’d get it last month. yet august is breezing past us and still nothing
  • ive been hearing official armys dont even get their benefits (the showcase coming up can be a big example? its being done by some kind of lottery thing.. no matter if ur official or not)
  • people are complaining/telling bighit fansites are closing/fans are leaving and they arent really responding to these problems at all

bottom line is bighit isnt treating us right and avoiding any issues people have with them

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i know calvin was not very mature but like... same son. i tend to have this kind of reactions too and yeah it's not ideal and it's not my best attitude but i kinda get it... and when he cried in that video ... rip it made my so sad like !!!!!! my baby son !!!!!!! we are all very sensitive and that's ok

tbh i feel like people push the whole idea of men not showing emotions etc on him all the time when in reality he’s a super emo guy and most of those who were like #shook by all the stuff he was saying and calling what he was saying “abusive” and shit like that just aren’t used to not being able to throw away another one of taylor’s exes and act like he didn’t exist because he was VISIBLY hurt by what was going on behind the scenes but nobody wanted to listen and couldn’t listen because so many people were screaming ABUSE so damn loud that after a while it was forgotten that he is human too with real human feelings and human reactions to things. i want someone to go to a real victim of abuse and ask them if him finally cracking under the pressure of trying to subdue media and ugly fans was “abusive”. they both took jabs at each other. just because taylor didn’t say shit didnt mean what her and her people were doing was any more right than his rants. honestly this was The Realest™ breakup. the only thing plastic about it was the way it started.