that's most likely what they were saying tbh

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Full Name: friday (middle name) owens (i rlly need to give them all middle names)

Gender and Sexuality: androgynous lesbian

Pronouns: she/her

Ethnicity/Species: cat

Birthplace and Birthdate: not sure abt her birthplace but june 23rd. it says on her info page 1995 but that would make her 27 this year and thats too weird?? so were bumping it up to 1998 so shes 24

Guilty Pleasures: no idea tbh

Phobias: spiders and something else i cant remember

What They Would Be Famous For: Laziest Yiff Alive

What They Would Get Arrested For: probably for buying drugs but not serious drugs just weed or smth

OC You Ship Them With: none of em rlly

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: again none of them?? my furries are all pretty cool w each other. if anyone its probably piper but piper has the same probability of murdering any of the rest of my ocs (aside from aurora but) cause shes got serious difficulty handling her anger but its not high or anything shes getting better w it

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: scifi probably

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: ???

Talents and/or Powers: uhhh…..she has some talents i swear but i just.. cannot remember them at all

Why Someone Might Love Them: if u get to kno her shes rlly nice to be around shes rlly chill and doesnt judge vry much.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: shes kinda moody and closed off to strangers and that might give off a bad impression

How They Change: furry universe isnt really in a story kind of thing?? so she doesnt have a set storyline for her to change with so idk!

Why You Love Them: ive kind of funnelled my depression and more laid back qualities into her so ive had a few ppl tell me shes the most Relatable and i really like her design. shes fun to draw and fun to write and i jst like her in general idk
thank u