that's me trying to flirt

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Can I have some headcanons for oikawa iwaizumi and bokuto where they're crushing on a part time trainer at the gym (she got a bangin booty too)

I’m alive guys…. I’m surprised i have time right now to write this. oh wait, i don’t but thats not going to stop me. -mod owl


  • Will try to flirt with other girls to see if you’ll get jealous. 
  • If you do, he’ll stop immediately and try to talk to you instead and explain that he actually isn’t interested in that girl. 
  • If you don’t, he’ll pout then befriend you boss THEN complain how you’re not getting jealous and not showing that you like him. 
  • Will only go to the gym when you’re working because he’s honestly only there to see you. 
  • You actually have you hit him because he’ll stop working out just to look at your ass. 


  • Subtle hints that he likes you. aka brushing against you when he’s walking to go lift and weird awkward winks. 
  • Like Oikawa, he’ll only go to the gym when you’re there.
  • Works out shirtless so prepare yourself. 
  • Will always look at you while he’s working out and flex when you look at him. 
  • Is a try hard when it comes to working out near you because he wants you impressed. 
  • Tries not to look when your butt is in front of him for whatever reason and has to grab his hand and not spike the fuck out of it. 


  • WILL FOLLOW YOU AROUND LIKE A PUPPY DOG. “____-chan!!! Work out with me!!!!!” 
  • Will bench more than he can actually bench near you so he can show off even though his arms are literally about to break off. no shame. 
  • Doesn’t care and will go up to the front desk and ask for you number, your last name, where you’re from, and then proceed to ask to use the intercom to page you to the front just so he can talk to you. 
  • Doesn’t know what self control is when you’re teaching your client how to squat. will go up to you and watch. 

“You do know I’m still standing here, right, (Y/N)?”

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  • Me: *sees cute boy*
  • Me: *trying to flirt* Hey, that's a sharp outfit. Careful, you could puncture the hull of an empire class fire nation battleship. Leaving thousands to drown at sea.
  • Boy: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Because
  • Me: it's so sharp
  • Boy: ...
  • Me: Wow okay this did not go as well as I planned.