that's me swimming


Faith (fāTH): complete trust in someone
Love (ləv): an intense feeling of deep affection
Family (ˈfam(ə)lē): a group of people united by certain convictions


BRUH,this was supposed to be a quick David doodle and yet…here I am. 

The first one was me randomly thinking “What if David has some early greys because,honestly he’s under a lotto stress??” 

bruh his arms is too b i g g 


My sano babies ita-bag!! ( ◜◒◝ )♡

Ahhhh my bag is ready for Anime Expo~! I have to show off my love for my precious cute little sunshines ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

I have some cute small cherry blossoms that I want to add… I just gotta find them! (๑˃ o ˂๑)

legolas is my favorite blonde ever.

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Literally she just fuggin….piCKED HIM UP??

A David to calm my sadness :’)

I’m love him my dudes fanart for my own fanfic?? of course

its not great. i need to get used to drawing water and metals

“I think we want to be intoxicated to the point of losing ourselves.” - Richard Armitage (x)


mlg means major league golf i think


This scene is so popular rn, but I HAD to contibute. I had to draw the angsty-sarcastic-freaking swimteam-Jackson at his finest.

Sorry for my crap photo, computer is being the dumb right now. =P