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nerd!jimin + unknown territory (pt3) 

Jimin stared at the larvae sitting across from him, warily, it was currently trying to eat spaghetti with a knife. He should probably stop it, but that meant touching the thing and then he would—

“Stop looking at my kid like that.” You roll your eyes before replacing her knife with a fork and watching a happy little grin stretch across her face.

“Like what?” Jimin clears his throat.

“Like you’re having an entire internal monologue listing all the reasons you’ll never have kids.” You mutter, using a napkin to wipe stray sauce from Mina’s face.

“I’m not doing that.” He says and he shrinks when you pin him with a hard stare, “What? I’m not! I did that on the drive over here – now I’m just watching in mild fascination at the eating habits of—”

“Oh my God.”

“I’m kidding! I’m kidding!” He laughs when you move to get up, he tugs you back down by the wrist and you ignore the butterflies erupting your chest when he takes a second too long to remove his hand, “Will you relax already? You’ve barely spoken to me since we’ve ordered. Tell me about yourself, how have you been how did all of this happen?”

“It’s not exactly exciting.” You sigh, “It’s actually a very long story.”

“Let’s start with the basics then – are you still with her father?” Jimin lowers his voice, sparing Mina a glance.

“He left about as soon as I took the pregnancy test so no.” You laugh bitterly, picking up your own slice of pizza to dig in.

You watch helplessly as Mina nearly swipes her pasta off the table but Jimin is on top of it, grabbing her bowl before it makes its crash landing and sending the little girl a stern look before handing her back her fork. She grins unabashedly.

“Do I know him?” Jimin queries, keeping a careful eye on the brat now that she’s decided to make toys out of the cutlery. He sighs but waves over the waitress, “Do you guys have like one of those coloring sheets for kids or something?”

“Sorry sir.” The waitress sends an apologetic smile before moving to refill everyone’s water. Jimin glares but begrudgingly unlocks his phone before opening one of the few games he has stored.

“She’ll crack your phone.” You say mildly, watching in only half amusement as Jimin glares at your daughter when she keeps pressing buttons.

“I’ll buy a new one.” He snaps before he remembers he supposed to be wooing you.

It was too easy, too easy to fall back into the pattern of your old friendship.

You had begrudgingly agreed to dinner with him, only because in turn he allowed you to pick the restaurant, a quaint little mom and pop pizza parlor not too far from your office that you frequented. It wasn’t anything he was used to, at least not in light of recent events and his acquisition of millions, but it was good. One of those places that hand made their crust, they were popular and bustling with business but still managed to find a seat for you. Jimin took quick notice of the warm, familiar smiles sent your way from the old man working the front of house, going as far to boop the little girl you were toting, on one cherub cheek.

He was scared someone might break into his car in this neighborhood and you could only roll your eyes because this place was a suburban dream compared to where you stayed.

“No you don’t know him.” You say when you find your heart doing weird floppy things at the sight of your daughter and Jimin interacting so causally – it was something you wanted to erase from your memory because it hurt. “He was some guy I met at college, well before I dropped out to take care of Mina.”

“And your parents?” He asks, a frown marring his face at the thought.

“Disowned me when I wouldn’t abort her.” You shrug as though the words didn’t feel like nails clawing their way up your throat – an old wound re-opened but you feigned indifference pretty well now a days. Even you almost believed your lies.

“So who helps you? You don’t get child support or—”

“Jimin.” You say softly, because it’s in your nature to treat him with kid gloves on, even if he is overstepping, “I’ve been doing this for a while now. It’s tough but I manage. I’m fine – we’re fine. Now can we talk about something less, I don’t know, depressing.”

Jimin lets out a long suffering sigh but he relents with a curt nod, you don’t miss the way the muscle in his jaw jumps – and what a chiseled jaw it’s become over time. You nearly lose track staring at it.

“Where do you work at now?” He asks, momentarily distracted by a piece of cheese hanging from his chin. He lets out an expletive before wincing at Mina.

You stifle a grin because it’s so much like the old Jimin you couldn’t help the elation that bubbled over in your chest. Instead you choose to rest your chin in your palm while watching him.

“I sale time shares at a realty office, though I’m sure you already know that since you tracked me down and sent me gifts.” You murmur dryly when he smiles, “It was very Tony Stark of you.”

“That’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me.” Jimin says honestly, putting a hand over his heart.

“Mmm.” You hum sarcastically, “So how are your parents, living lavish at the hands of their millionaire son I assume?”

“Living lavish.” He scoffs, “You’ve met my parents. My mom barely let me renovate our old house and only did so because I threw a bitch fit that she wouldn’t accept the beachside bungalow I had lined up for them.”

You grin at the thought of a very stern and self sufficient Mrs. Park arguing with her mogul son, because she probably won… but still you making tsking noise anyway.

“Well, in her defense you can be a bit… frivolous with your spending.” You say, nodding towards the bag of gifts seated next to him.

“I work damn hard to be frivolous. You two always did love ganging up on me.” He glared, “You’re so much like her it’s scary.”

“It’s why she loved me.” You tease back. “I’m her favorite child, even Jihyunnie has accepted it.”

Something changes in his face and his expression is softening. You scramble to change the topic because you knew how easy it was to get caught up in the old days, where things were much easier and there was less pressure on you, less weighing on your mind.

“How is he now?” You ask suddenly and Jimin’s features shutter closed – back to the calm, cool and collected Jimin that had picked you up.

“He’s doing good. He’ll graduate in a year.” He says mildly, “He’s still a brat and beating me up on visits.”

“I would hope so. You need someone to keep you grounded, remind you where you came from.” You harrumph.

“They miss you, you know.” Jimin says quietly, suddenly unable to meet your gaze. He’s taken to staring at Mina who was currently taking about a thousand pictures with his front camera. “My mom misses you. You know how she always complained about being the only woman in the house.”

He looks up at you and it’s your turn to look away. Because you had shoved back so many memories that were associated with him, but now sitting here at dinner, reminiscing it was easy to remember the bond you shared with the elder Park. It was something you also couldn’t have back and again, it hurt knowing that.

“I’m sure she’d love to see you again—love to meet Mina too.” He says softly.

“Jimin.” You say curtly and he returns your tone.


“I don’t think that's—”

“You think too much is the problem.” He sighs, before signaling the waitress for the check, “Just because you… because we ended on rough terms… I know it’s a lot to ask but, I hope you don’t hold that against my parents. You were great to have around and they miss you. I’ve never gotten so much shit over something in my life—you would think that we were actually dating.”

You averted your gaze for the millionth time that night because it was true. Though there was no official label between the two of you, you were caught in an open limbo between more than friends but not quite dating. Even if Jimin couldn’t admit a lot of things to himself he was forced to acknowledge that things had been almost domestic between the two of you – between the sheer amount of time you spent over at each other’s places, or in his bed, lazing around doing nothing. When his parents would ask for his whereabouts it was always the same—

“____.” He says quietly, before handing his credit card off to the server, “Think about what I said, yeah?”

“I will.” You reply with a stiff smile.

The silence that was once comfortable between the two of you had some how shifted to a stilted, and unwelcome one at the mention of the past. You find yourself fidgeting in your seat at the weight of his words, because despite it all it was something that you desperately wanted as well.

“Tell me more about your job,” Jimin says, returning the topic to a lighter subject, it didn’t take a genius to notice how tense you’d gotten at the mention of seeing his family again.

“I’m sure it’s not as exciting as being a billionaire.” You say off handedly, going to sip at your wine.

Millionaire.” Jimin corrects and you scoff at him, “But being rich isn’t as exciting as you’d expect either.”

“How very modest of you,” you roll your eyes before sucking at your teeth, “I would kill for middle class these days.”

“I could help you get there.” He says lightly with a shrug and your spine straightens, “Not a hand out, a job, ____. I looked into your company the other day—”

“You did what?” You ask, indignantly.

And just like that the switch had been flipped again and you were on your guard.

“Is this really a surprise, you knew I was looking for you, it only makes sense that I would check the companies shares and stocks while I was at it. I know you don’t believe me, but we’re friends and I wanted to make sure that you were doing okay for yourself.”

“No Jimin, we were friends ten years ago.” You correct, ears turning pink at his audacity, “And I know you’re out of practice but friends ask friends how they’re doing, they don’t run a financial background check on them.”

“Hey, I didn’t run a financial background check on you,” he scoffs, “I didn’t even peek at your credit score even though it was right their in front of me.”

You threw your napkin down on the table before narrowing your eyes at him, “You’re a real ass you know that?”

“That may be true but you know as well as I do that you wouldn’t be half as defensive if it weren’t for the fact that the companies going
bankrupt.” He says calmly but his knuckles going white around his grip on the table cloth, “They’re going under and you have—”

“Five maybe six months left there, I’m well aware.” You scowl, “but that doesn’t give you the right to invade my privacy like this. And besides, a job? Let me guess you want me to be your assistant so you can bend me over and —”

You chance a look at Mina, who’s still well engrossed with the apps on Jimin’s phone and let out an exasperated sigh.

“You’re lucky if you have four months there.” He says mildly, “Looking at their financial statements I can tell they barely have enough to pay you minimum wage, so let me guess you’ve been working there for going on six years and you’ve yet to get a pay increase am I right?”

“God, you’re so condescending.” You laugh bitterly.

“Only when I’m right.” He says, “And for the record, you wouldn’t be working for me. If you think I stand chance getting any work done while you’re around you’d be delusional. I have a friend who owns a small law firm, he’s looking for a secretary and you’ve had more than enough experience doing clerical work.”

“Your head must be impossibly thick if I have to say this again but I don’t need your help,” you glare.

“Think about Mina.” He argues.

“I am thinking about Mina,” you say, much louder than you intend. You clear your throat before lowering your voice, “She’s the only thing I think about and you don’t get to bulldoze in ten years later and try to pick up where things left off. We’re not in high school anymore. This is real life, it’s my life.”

“You’re right, we’re not in high school anymore but things sure haven’t changed, have they?” He spat, “You still have to be in control of everything.”

“Of my life? Yes! Of my daughters life? You bet your ass.” You scowl.

“Fine. You’re coming across loud and clear, you don’t need or want my help.” He says, pinching the bridge of his nose, “But at least—”

He stops mid sentence when the shrill ring of your phone pierces through the otherwise comfortably quiet restaurant and you’re shuffling through your purse for your phone. You look up at him before sighing, “It’s work. I have to take this.”

“Hello? Yes, hi Mr. Kim.” You’re already rising to your feet when one chubby hand comes up to clutch your shirt.

“Momma,” Mina calls and it garners both your attention, “It was an accident.”

“Oh no.” You sigh, a frown marring your face as you go to your knees to collect the remainder of spaghetti off the floor, the rest found their way all down the front of her little tank top and you groan, “I’m sorry not you sir, I just—yes I understand the severity of this contract I…. yes sir I'm—”

“Go.” Jimin mouths, before shooing you away with the flick of his wrist. You stare up at him wide eyed, phone still pressed to your ear and an indecisive look marring your face.

Jimin sighs but rises to his feet, lifting you with him and all but pushing you in the direction of the exit before he’s turning to Mina. You send a curt nod of gratitude at him before bustling out and attempting to placate your boss on the phone.

Jimin has never carried a child before. He has especially never carried one covered nearly head to toe in an Italian red sauce delicacy. He had however carried a sack of potatoes and gauging the insufferable little brats weight, she was about the same size. So he applies all the knowledge he’s accumulated in twenty some years of carrying groceries into the house for his mother and keeps the little girl at a giggling arm’s length from his body while he fast walks into the men’s room.

He’s already had her set down on the porcelain countertop before his gaze catches on something in the mirror. A man maybe in his mid twenties is staring at him from the urinal. Jimin’s brows slash down at the inquisitive look before sending him a nod, “What? You’ve never seen a kid before?”

The man is a flurry of movement, zipping up his jeans before sending an apologetic bow at Jimin and shuffling out of the room.

Jimin sighs at the sweet smile Mina’s sending his way, an adorable dimple winking at him, before he rolls his eyes and swipes at her glasses lens where a stray splatter of meat sauce has found its way. He sends her a stern look, “Yah. I bet that smiles gotten you out of a lot of trouble. It won’t work on me.”

You pinch the bridge of your nose in exasperation as you try and explain to your boss for maybe the millionth time (that night) why the Henderson case you got handed a week ago wasn’t moving as quickly as he’d like it.

For all it was worth your boss wasn’t a bad guy, and the company you worked for didn’t cheat you out of money the way Jimin had made it sound. Now, did you deserve a raise after all the time and hours you had put in? Did you need it? Hell yes. But things weren’t always black and white, in fact your entire life seemed to be sat in one huge area of gray.

The company you worked for was family owned and every person in it was sweet, soft hearted, and genuine and all things considered those were good traits to have—except when you were working in the realty field. It was cut throat and competitive. More than once you had seen your boss caught up with loan sharks, renting out time shares at a discounted price to homeless shelters. And then there was the fact that he was just a tad dimwitted, but your heart had gone soft for the old man that had taken both you and Mina under his wing. So you owed him that. You couldn’t give him much but loyalty anyway.

When you returned to the restaurant with a headache you hadn’t had five minutes ago, you look for Jimin to apologize but your footsteps stutter and your heart drops to your belly when you see the two seats still vacant. You turn to the hostess and nearly fall into hysteria when she tells you they left.

Your phone chimes.

Unknown [7:23:45]: meet us at Fro-zone

“What did I say?” Jimin scowls, “One scoop.”

“But Jiminnie,”

“Your moms gonna kick my ass if I—”

“Jimin.” You call out, hair wind blown from the jog over here and when you meet his gaze he tips his head up at you in acknowledgement.

He was hunched over a whining Mina who had shed her white tank top in place of a pink shirt with a sparkling heart in the middle. He was looking at her sternly and if you weren’t careful you would mistake Mina for one of his business associates with the way he was carefully explaining to her why she couldn’t have more than a handful of sugar before bed—it involved you and him in an oiled up cage match which he would inevitably lose.

You took that as your cue to step in.

“Momma!” She cried gleefully, “Where’d you go?”

“Where did you go?” You retort, poking a finger at her protruding belly and making her jump back with a giggle, “I like your shirt.”

“Jiminnie picked it out!” she grins proudly and Jimin sends a dry look your direction.

“It was either this or the neon pink sweater with seven bows on it and a giant pop up unicorn head—I don’t care how old your kid is, not even she could pull off something so ridiculous.”

“She likes pink.” You shrug but Jimin spots the mirth in your eyes.

“Jiminnie knows a lot of bad words.” Mina tattles and Jimin glares at the little demon. “He owes like ten dollars to the swear jar.”

“The fee’s twenty five scents a swear word just how much did you cuss with my kid?” You cock a brow.

“Is that the only way you’re accepting money?” He retorts with a snarky expression, “Let me stick around after you put Mina to bed and I’ll give you enough material for her college fund.”

You grin but don’t say anything as he leads you to his car.

It isn’t all that much later when he pulls up to your car in the parking garage. A glance back in his rearview tells you that Mina is out cold and you sigh with the thought that she is way too big to be getting carried anymore. You turn in your seat to wake her up but Jimin shakes his head at you before opening his car door and heading to the back.

It’s probably the fact that a man hasn’t carried Mina since she was born that attributes more to the pain in your chest than it is that it’s Jimin. Jimin of all people putting a sturdy hand on the back of your daughters head and tucking her tiny glasses in his hand so she doesn’t hurt her face. He waits for you to unlock the door to your car before setting her down in her car seat and leaving you to buckle her in.

He’s still holding her specs when you turn back to him, fiddling with a small scratch on one of the lenses before handing them back to you.

You can’t quite put a finger on the atmosphere that resonates in the otherwise abandoned parking garage—nonetheless words find their way to your lips that you had no intent of sharing with him.

“I’ll take you up on your offer.” You utter.

“The job?” He brightens at your words and you wince.

“No,” you say quietly. “I… maybe if me and Mina have time we’ll stop by your parents sometime. I’m sure your Mom would love to meet her.”

His expression doesn’t dull at your words, if anything it only gets that much brighter at he mention of his parents and for the briefest of moments your caught up in your old feelings, because this was too much like the old Jimin. The one who wore his heart on his sleeve, and was never sly or cool or charming in a way that wasn’t dorky.

“You really mean that?”

“It couldn’t hurt to rekindle that relationship.” You shrug.

Could it?

Mine - a Peter Parker/ Spiderman imagine

Woah two Tom Holland imagines in one day! Ya girl got a new obsession.

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“Hey Pete! It’s Y/N…but you already knew that because your phone probably said you had a voicemail from me… and like 20 texts…because thats how phones work… haha… Anyways I was just calling to see if you were still coming for our movie night tonight. You kinda bolted from school today and yesterday… aaaand the day before that so I haven’t really had the chance to make sure you were still on. Yeah, um call me or text me.” Y/N paced around the floor of her room, her had running through her hair as she stared at her phone after pressing the end call button. 

Y/N and Peter had been best friends since diapers. And Ned of course, but Y/N and Peter were inseparable. She plopped her self down on the edge of her bed, a heavy sigh escaping her lips and she glanced around her room, her eyes landing on a set of Photo Booth pictures of her and Peter each one more silly than the one before. She grinned as she picked them up, holing them gently in her fingers as though they would shatter under her touch. Things had been so different lately, her parents were constantly fighting and slamming doors and leaving and Peter had been seemingly avoiding her like the plague when she had needed him most. 

She pressed Ned’s name on her phone, hopping Peter was with him and that maybe he had just forgotten his phone or something. But to no avail, Ned was ignoring her also. She tossed her phone across the room with a groan. “I guess friend night is just for you and me now.” Y/N said to her dog who was curled up at the bottom of her bed before pressing play, turning the volume up to drown out the sounds of her parents screaming.

“Ned you can’t tell anyone.” Peter stared at his friend who already was beginning to lose his shit. Peters phone began to ring yet again in his pocket, he let it continue to ring while and New continued to talk. Ned phone began to ring only a moment later, the ringer specifically picked out for when Y/N called echoing In the room.

“Does Y/N know?” Ned asked and Peters eyes widened. He shook his head quickly. “No she doesnt. And she never will. After everything she has been through lately she can’t know that people try to kill me everyday. I’m pretty sure t would give her a heart attack.“Peter couldn’t bare the thought of hurting Y/N. She was his person, at least that’s what he liked to call her, if anything happened to her it would kill him. He already felt bad enough ignoring her and leaving her hanging so often but he couldn’t risk it. 

 Y/N leaned her head inside her locker, sniffling away the tears she had been crying all night and morning. Her dad had completely abandoned her and her mom. Packed everything and left them screaming nonsense. Her mom couldn’t handle it and left Y/N to go drink and didn’t return home. She had tried to reach out to Peter and of course was sent directly to voicemail. Y/N reached her hands up, forcefully rubbing them over her tear stained face. With a deep breath she slammed her locker shut. Peter and Ned stood on the other side of the door both with cheesy grins plastered on their faces. The grins quickly fell as they saw how Y/N looked, no makeup which never happened, puffy red eyes, tear stained cheeks and stain covered baggy sweatshirt drowning her already small frame.

“Y/N.. you look..” Peter stared.

“Awful.” Ned finished. Y/N rolled her eyes shoving past the two, hitting them both with her shoulders. 

“Definitely the way to any girls heart. Tell her she looks awful.” MJ leaned against the wall near them staring as though she had been there the whole time. The two looked at her for a moment before quickly turning to go and catch up with Y/N.

“Y/N waits whats wrong?”  Peter ran quickly and grabbed her hand, pulling her into an empty classroom and shutting the door before Ned could come in. He had a feeling this was something just the two of them needed to talk about. Y/N stared ahead at the empty chairs, not turning to Peter who stood behind her. Tears threatened her eyes once more and she took in a shaky breath. “please… you can tell me anything… Its me." 

 Y/N let out a sad and sarcastic laugh. She could feel her anger building up inside of her the closer Peter got to her. She turned on her heel and looked him in the eye. "Anything? I can’t tell you jack shit! You haven’t been here for weeks Peter! You bolt the second the final bell rings and when I talk to you during school you are always staring at the clock or your phone." 

 "Y/N I can explain! It’s the internship I- I have been waiting for a really big call and it takes up all my time!” Peter begged. But Y/N just shook her head an annoyed smile plastered on her lips honestly scaring Peter. “I thought you were happy about me having the internship!”

 "Would you just shut up about that stupid Internship!!“ Y/N screamed, Peter stepping back slightly. ” you aren’t listening to a word I say! I can’t tell you anything because you don’t listen! If you actually cared you would have actually listened to me and been there for me when I needed you Pete! And I fucking needed you. If you even cared a little bit you would have been there. But you weren’t, so clearly you don’t. You have completely shut me out Peter. If you want to end it and not be my friend any more please just end it instead of dragging me along like this because I can’t take it anymore.“ Y/N wasn’t even trying to hold back her tears at this point.

“Y/N… Please…” He reached out to her, they were standing so close yet they had never felt so far apart. 

“No Peter. If you won’t do it then I will. Don’t talk to me ever again, its the least you can do.” She sniffled, wiping her tears away before walking out of the room, walking past Ned and MJ and walking straight out the school doors. Peter stood frozen in his spot, silent tears slipping down his cheek as he stared at the empty space where his best friend and the love of his life had been standing just moments before. He was at a loss of words, the only sound filling the room was that of his heart breaking. He was so worried about hurting Y/N because of being Spiderman that he didn’t realize how much he himself had been hurting her. 

Peter sat on the rough of the apartment building across from Y/N’s home, he could see the window he had snuck into countless of times before to Y/N’s room, the flickering of a candle as the only light coming from the room. Her curtains blew slightly in from the light breeze that was blowing through her wide open window. He hadn’t seen or heard from Y/N the rest of the day no matter how many times he called her and looked around the city for her. He ripped his mask from his face feeling suffocated suddenly. He let so stupid for being so blind to how she had been feeling. Its not like she didn’t reach out to him, he was just so caught up in everything that he flat out ignored it. He could hear her mom yelling something at Y/N from where he was sat followed by a loud slam and her mom storming out of the townhouse with a large packed bag. This was his chance, slipping his mask back on he slung his web to attach to her roof, swinging down to land outside of her window.

“Fuck you too mom.” Y/N spoke with no emotion as she closed the door to her room, leaning against it and letting her body slide down it to be sitting on the floor in front of it.

“Now thats no way to talk to your mom.” Y/N’s gaze shut up as she stood quickly, Her eyes grew wide as she stared at The Spider-Man standing in the middle of her room. “Now I know what your thinking and no I’m not here to put you in jail or anything for using that language. I had heard from my pal Peter through the Stark Internship that his best friend Y/N was having a tough time and that he was a complete dumb ass. I figured I would come and try to patch things up. I hear you are a fairly big fan of me.” He stepped closer to her as she stood still, her mouth dropping open in disbelief. “Close your mouth sweetheart,  it would be a shame if a bug hereto fly in here.” He laughed slightly as he reached his finger up to gently lift her jaw and caress her cheek for a moment. 

“This can’t be real life.” Y/N shook her head quickly, pacing slightly in front of him. “I must be dreaming. Or I finally died, jeez that was a bit morbid…” Peter chuckled in front of her and her attention was drawn back to Spider-Man again. A small smile on her lips.

“What?” He asked as she stared at him.

“Oh nothing, you just..  your giggle sounds a lot like Peter’s. I love his little laugh.” She smiled as she bit her lip, thinking of all the times she had heard him let out his stupid little giggle. 

“Sounds like you love a lot more than his laugh.” Spiderman pushed stepping close to her once more.

“What? I mean- oh hell this is all a dream anyways so I might as well just say it. Yeah I love everything about Peter. I love him more than anyone or anything in this world. Thats why it hurt so much. Because no matter how much I say I hate him or how much he hurt me,I will always love him. I know he was just so caught up in the amazing Internship he got. I mean its his future, And I know how much it means to him. I know I was just being selfish. I think I will always be in love with him.” Y/N sighed as she sat on the edge her bed, playing with her chipped paint on her finger nails.

“Well… I know how hard it was for you to tell me that secret. Can I let you in on my own big secret before I give you some advice on what you just said?” Peter was trying his hardest to not stumble over his words, he knew what he said didn’t make the most sense but the love of his life just admitted she loved him too. Y/N glanced up at him her eyes shining with tears. 

“Go for it.” Peter took a deep breath as he reached his hand up, grabbing the top of his mask and pulling it off. Y/N’s eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of her face as she stood up and looked at Peter who had a small smirk on his lips. 

“I’ll always be in love with you too.” Peter said as he closed the distance between the two, pulling Y/N against him and connecting their lips in a passionate kiss. The two finally pulled away as Y/N continued to stare at him her brain unable to think of anything to say.

“This is why I have been so distant, I couldn’t risk you getting hurt from knowing but I was so caught up in that that I didn’t see how badly I was actually hurting you.” Peter admitted. Y/N reached up and punched him on the shoulder with all her strength. He jerked back slightly, his arm reaching up to nurse the light ache.

“Thats for being an asshole.” Y/N said sternly. She reached up again, Peter flinching and closing his eyes only to be pleasantly surprised when Y/N was kissing him once more.

“What was that one for?” 

“Thats for being my asshole.”

goodbye (kind of)

Don’t get me wrong I’ve been fed up with the phandom since I joined this god awful place. I’m sure people have wanted me to leave anyway, so here you go.

I wonder what dan and phil really think of you all. Surely they must know all the dumb and disrespectful shit that goes on if they lurk as much as they say they do. Then again, i wonder… if they know how bad it is here, why haven’t they said anything? Why can’t they put their audience in check? I know everything is mostly light hearted and fun but it’s not fun for me anymore. The only people who think the phandom is a peaceful utopia are the ones causing the problems. Some people are too blind to see it and some people might even try to argue with me on this post. Go ahead, I’ll leave the phandom with a fight. One last round for all the wonderful times.

You don’t ship phan? You’re homophobic and you don’t belong here. Also you just want dan to yourself and youre labeling him as straight and (if you’re lgbt+) you’re faking your own sexuality to prove a point.

You write dan/phil x reader? You’re a cringey laughing stock. You’re also homophobic. You’re also a straight white girl.

It doesn’t help that dan and phil subtly use Phan™ to make their income. There’s nothing wrong with that, but i feel like it’s driven some people in the phandom to be entitled and rude and put them on a high horse. It just normalises their invasive behavior. It feeds their fantasies to the point where they become tinhats instead of shippers. To be honest, im fucking tired of it. Not of dan and phil per se, of their audience for being so dimwitted they can’t see the obvious fan service. Look on the bright side: two already successful, rich men are being more successful and rich.

Never have I met an audience more entitled and more bratty than this one. I can’t help but feel like dan and phil did have something to do with this, seeing as they never addressed the problems within their community. (I mean, dan tried to in 2012, but that year doesn’t exist!1!!1 meanwhile 2009 is hard hitting proof. seriously get over yourself.) It’s hard work, and I’m sure in Dan’s cynical eyes theres nothing that can be done about it, but it is possible. Look at jacksepticeye’s community. When do you ever hear about drama going on there? Do you see any type of hierarchy going on there? Now look at that phandom. I mean, throwing a fit because they slept on separate floors on tour?? Get over yourself. Accusing them of queerbaiting because they act like actual friends and roommates on camera?? Come ON. Sending hate to their friends? Are you really going to stoop that low, all in the name of a fictional ship? Even worse, when popular blogs send their followers on rampages when someone goes against the norm (the norm being shipping phan and constantly overanalyzing their every move.) It’s ridiculous.

Anyway, I could go on forever about the bad stuff in this place. I’d like to mention some of the good as well. I’ve come across plenty of wonderful people who have complimented me on my writing, people who have backed me up in the ‘not-shipping-phan’ thing. I technically got in my first relationship through this fandom. I have internet friends that I never want to let go of. I’ll always remember the people who sent me kind words when I went on hiatus.

Dan and Phil are a significant part of my life. They’ve gotten me through some tough shit, they’ve made me smile. I looked at their first book on the day it was released and was glad i didn’t kill myself. Dan made me feel less alone and more comfortable with my cynicism. Phil has calmed me and made me smile when i felt like the crying would never end.

But at the same time, they’re so aggravating! Why can’t they tell their audience to cool it? Sure, people will send sarcastically rude things to Dan and everyone will laugh and have a good time. But what about when people stalk their personal lives? What if either of them has a significant other and the phandom goes into a frenzy?

That’s honestly what’s kept me here for this long. There has always been a part of me that just hopes that they’ll acknowledge phan, or come forward with a significant other. I wanted to stick around to see that. But I’ve taken the phandom’s shit for a bit too long, and I’ve seen the phandom tear my friends to pieces. I cant take it anymore.

Sidenote: this blog isn’t going to deactivate. I’ll leave it up solely for the people who read my writing (if y'all are still out there lmao.) And I’ll probably talk about me and my girlfriend here, should i find the need. I probably won’t reblog Dan and Phil anymore. Not that it matters, I’ve been losing followers anyway. If anyone cares here are my main, jse, and aesthetic blogs. You can find me there.

Anyway congratu-fucking-lations, phannies. You win.


Characters- Dean,Sam, sister!reader 

2000 words 

warnings- Bullies, fighting

The boy’s sister get’s into a fight at school and the brothers  storm angry into the school with out all the details. 

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You sat hands shaking as you watched your principle pick up the phone on her desk and dial your older brothers number. You sat across from her in a chair as she shot you sympathetic looks, she had the phone to her ear but was looking directly at you. You would have given anything to be able to disappear right then, but you were no angel.

Lucky Dean and Sam were home at the bunker this week, and  not away on some case. So when Sam’s phone rang he was able to pick It up with no distraction. “Hello.” Sam always answered the phone with caution if he didn’t know who was on the other line. “Hello Mr. Winchester, this is Kelly Brown. I’m the principal at y/n’s school.”

“Oh, is everything okay. Is y/n alright?” You’d been going to the same high school since you moved into the bunker three years ago and the school had never called Sam’s phone, so hearing this news put him on edge.

“Well you see, today in the lunchroom there was a fight involving y/n and another student, so we’re going to need someone to come pick her up. Just per protocol.” You heart sunk and you slid back into the chair, putting your hands in your pockets and pulling one knee up to your chest. Every second of this was like torture, three years you’ve been able to hide the whole thing from both of your older brothers, which is no easy task, and now one fight is gonna ruin it all. Their gonna find out everything.

“Y/N, got in a fight.” Hearing that grew Dean’s attention as well, instantly he was angry. You were the first Winchester sibling to really have a chance at school and you were throwing it away from getting into fights. How could you be so Irresponsible.

After Dean was aware of the conversation happening, Sam switched the phone to speaker so they could both hear the other end of the line.  

“No, I wouldn’t say that really, this will all be much easier to explain in person. I’ve got y/n in my office and the other student has already been moved, so if you could come in that would be great.” Sam and Dean were probably so angry, this woman wasn’t even giving them any one of the details, they’re probably thinking that you started the fight.

The next 25 minutes that you sat waiting for your brother to drive from the bunker felt like hours, you knew they were going to come storming in pissed, not knowing the full story and you could already feel the bruise forming under your left eye that you knew would make the whole situation worse once they knew what had happened. And all the while you felt the knot forming in your stomach growing larger and larger, because for three years you had been able to keep these bullies a secret from your brothers, but today it would all come crumbling down. 

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catfish - jared x soulmate!reader (part two)

quick recap,,, “Jared: They wanna meet you” and thats what u missed on catfish


my masterlist!  part one!

there will be a part three that basically just like a fluffy date lol

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word count: 2,268

warnings: so many perspective changes, i didn’t proof read it, swears (duh), mention of genetalia (jared says dick), um and i think thats it???



Y/N: uhhhh

Jared: I can pick you up from school on Monday?

Shit, school. If you saw him at school you wouldn’t be able to just walk past without tackling him in a hug… and then he’d find out.

Y/N: i don’t know if i’ll go to school that day, i think i’m coming down with something.

Jared obviously knew you were lying. So he lied back.

Jared: But we have that special assembly

Y/N: we do??

Jared: Yeah I forgot what it’s on but I heard it’s super important.

Y/N: shit then i guess i have to go

Y/N: what period is it?

Jared: End of the day

Perfect, you could just go last period and leave and not have to face Jared confrontation until… Tuesday.

Y/N: u know what?? just remembered i have plans?

Jared: Can’t you get out of them? I feel like I’m worth it ;)

Y/N: lol of course you are! but it’s family bowling night so,,,, no

Jared: Well it’ll happen eventually.

Jared was right, it would. A lot sooner than you wished, too. After quickly convincing your parents to skip all but last period, you texted Jared good night and then fell asleep full of anxiety of the day ahead.

Days have passed. The amount of times you have seen Jared pass you in the halls and you haven’t said anything is unbearable, for the both of you.

Jared would have to pretend like he didn’t know who you were and continue just walking, Evan’s talking mumbled by his thoughts. He didn’t even make eye contact with you and has only seen you in his peripheral vision.

And, fuck, his peripheral vision didn’t give him much to go off of but you looked fucking amazing. A million times better than just seeing you on Instagram from his phone. Seeing you out of the corner of his eyes for a split second every now and then almost killed him.

Jared: Wait I have no idea how to do APBio project

Y/N: ugh too long to type and explain

Jared: Then just FaceTime me lol

Y/N: uh…..

Y/N: my hair is messy

Y/N: and im in my pajamas

Y/N: so no

Jared: and I care because????

Y/N: i care!

Jared: Fine then call me

…Should you? I mean, there’s no harm. It’s just your voice. But what if you get major phone anxiety or he thinks your voice is ugly.

Y/N: i was about to go to bed :( sorry

Jared: Bullshit it’s like 10pm

Before you could respond with a snarky comment, your phone started buzzing and Jared’s ringtone (which may or not be ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’) started playing.


You answered it but immediately muted yourself.

“Uh… hello?” You said nothing. “Y/N, I know you’re there, it stopped ringing,” he chuckled a bit. You face flushed when he said your name. “Ok, whatever. Anyways, so this project. I kinda dozed off when Ms. Years was saying all the instructions so I thought I could ask someone else from the class but the only person I know was absent and so I tried to ask Ms. Years what to do and she just gave me, like, a vague and sarcastic response and I remember you talking about Ms. Years and you’re probably a good student so…”

As Jared rambling continued you started to feel more and more guilty. You clicked the home button and went back to texting.

Y/N: jared tbh i really don’t wanna explain i barely even get it myself i wouldn’t know how to explain

You heard his phone vibrate and he stopped talking and sighed, “Okay, we’re doing this. Well, y/n, I really don’t to fail this project. I can barely hold a C so I need to get a good grade on this.”

Y/N: i thought u were like,,, top of ur class??

He chuckled, “Yeah in all of them except fucking biology. That godforsaken class will be the death of me.” You laughed and your feelings sank when you realized he couldn’t hear you.

Y/N: bio is like the one class im good at

Jared chuckled and your heart fluttered, “Of course you are. But…” he dragged out the word and you frowned.

Y/N: i know, im just nervous

He sighed, “I guess I’ll ask someone else?”

Y/N: sorry :(

“Yeah, yeah.”

And with that, the call ended.

Almost a week passed and Jared wouldn’t barely talk to you. If he did it was one or two-word answers. So when he sent a paragraph it surprised you.

Jared: Ok so I wrote into Catfish I wanna get your opinion on my letter.

Jared: I’ll just copy and paste

Jared: “Yo Nev and Max,

It’s ya boy, Jared. So y/n is my soulmate, I haven’t really talked with them for long but, get this, I’ve never heard their voice and they’ve only sent me one picture! I know. And, even crazier, we go to the same school and are in the same grade! So when I looked for a y/n y/l/n in our yearbook, I did not see the face from the pictures but someone completely different! I know, it’s wild.

If you would help me, that’d be dank lol thanks.”

Jared: I feel like it’s funny and they’d prob pick it up because it’s not like any of their other stories!

Jared was obviously being sardonic and passive aggressive. In any normal situation, you would’ve responded with wit but all the things he said started to process in your head. You could almost hear the gears turning in your brain.

Jared: y/n, why did you lie?

Y/N: i’m so sorry, jared

Jared: …y/n, why did you lie?

Y/N: i was insecure and scared? i know i know thats not a good enough excuse but i never thought id get caught

Jared: You never thought one of these days one of us would just crack or cave at school?

Y/N: i almost did plenty of times tbh

Jared: The amount of effort it took for me to not just run up to you whenever I saw you were…. tremendous

Y/N: how long have you known?

Jared: Literally since the beginning lol

Y/N: gdi

Y/N: im so sorry

Jared: Can we, like, actually talk now or FaceTime or something, please?

Jared: It’s in the middle of the day so dont say you were about to sleep


Jared: Oh no what is there more?

Y/N: im aNXiouS

Jared: So fucking am I! Actually seeing your face and hearing you speak at the same time is literally all I’ve wanted since I had a panic attack on your thigh

That warmed your heart made your goofy smile stick onto your face. Something surged within you and you decided to make a bold move.

Less than a ring later, Jared’s forehead popped up onto your screen. “Holy shit, you initiated it,” he breathed. Your camera was facing the ceiling, “Where are you?”

“Contemplating whether or not to hang up and just cry instead.”

Jared gave a shaky breath but you saw the corners of his eyes scrunch up, meaning he was smiling. “Someone grab the camera my baby said their first words!”

You snorted, “Oh my god, Jared.”

“Fucking hell.”


“Just… so much happened in a split-second, I got a little dizzy.”

You stifled a laugh but your smile was still ridiculously wide, “What do you mean?”

“You laughed, no, you snorted, y/n, and damn it was adorable and made my heart, like, stop for a second. Then, oh boy, then you said my name and my heart stopped again and then I almost hung up the call to call an ambulance.”

“Why didn’t you?” you pressed on, teasing him.

“Prop up the camera so I can, like, look at you while you talk,” he told you, not answering the question.

With a shaky hand, you obeyed and the camera showed you, cross legged on your bed, and fiddling with your fingernails. “Now you do it.” You refused to make eye contact with the camera but out of the corner of your eyes, you saw Jared look at his screen in disbelief and immediately found something to lean his phone on. You really could only see his torso and up, but it was more than enough.

You looked up at him through your eyelashes, your nerves eating away at you.

“Shit, you’re stunning.”

The corners of your mouth perked up, “I would say the same but from what I’ve seen, you’re much more adorable in person.”

Jared smirked, “Damn right, I am. But holy shit, I just want to take a moment to appreciate your… charismatic smile.”

You snickered, throwing your head back a little, “Charismatic? That’s not usually a word I hear to describe someone’s smile.”

“Not just someone, you.”

“Jared, you’re such a sap.”

“It’s a charming quality, right?”

You and Jared stayed together, talking, for hours. You only realized it when the sun started rising through your window.

“Shit, we have school, Jared.”

“Wait, just… Stay right there.”

You did and you saw his phone flash. “…Did you just take a screenshot of me?”

“The sun made your skin glow. It was too enchanting to not take a screenshot.”

You giggled at him and saw the screen flash again. “Jared!” You scolded, “You’re lucky you’re my soulmate.”

“Sorry! Your laugh was captivating.”

“Did you just pause me?” you asked him, feigning offense.

He snickered, “I wanted to see how photogenic you look in these screenshots. Just gimme a sec.”

“‘Kay but you owe me a Redbull!”

“Deal. What time is it?” he asked.

“Six. Why?”

“Maybe we should both take a quick catnap and I’ll pick you up,” he offered.

“And end our fifteen-hour call? Never!” you laughed, doodling on your arm.

“Y/N… stop drawing dicks on my wrist.”

Jared ended up opting out of picking you up because he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you for an entire car ride. So as you were waiting for Jared in the cafeteria, you bit your nails and looked around the room again as if he’d magically appear.

Jared, however, saw you. You had your back to him and Jared couldn’t believe this was actually happening. He swallowed his fears and slowly walked up to you, a Redbull in hand.

Before he could reach you, some girl he sort of recognized walked up to you and started talking to you. He couldn’t hear the whole conversation, it’s was like quiet mumbling, but he could tell you were on edge and not really paying attention to her.

Suddenly, Jared and the girl made eye contact. You only then realized it was Alana. She waved at you, “Hey, Jared! How’s your morning been?”

Both you and Jared froze.

Jared took a deep breath and cleared his throat, unaware of the blush forming on his cheekbones. “Well, I owe y/n here a Redbull and I wanted one too but the store only had one, so I guess we’ll have to share it.”

You slowly turned towards him. “Jared,” you breathed. “…JARED!” you now screamed, sprinting the short distance between you and clutched onto him, tears rolling down your face.

Jared staggered back a bit but took your embrace and wrapped his arms around you. “Holy shit, this is real. You’re real,” he said quietly in disbelief.

It felt like hours you two were just there, with each other. Finally.

Alana snapped a picture just before you and Jared slowly pulled away from one another. He held his hands on your waist and you held his biceps. The both of you just stared at each other, smiling, and taking in every feature. “The janitor’s closet next to the math wing is, like, never used.”


“If you lovebirds need a secret place,” she winked and walked away. Jared’s face flushed and you could only muster up a nervous laugh.

After lunch, you didn’t have any classes with Jared. So by the end of the day, you were craving him.

You leaned against his car, waiting for him. Once you saw him exit the building, you called out to him, “Jared, hey!”

He looked instantly relieved to see you and jogged to your position. “Need a ride?” You nodded and held his hand in yours. He squeezed it then let go, “Get in.”

The car ride home was silent, but not uncomfortable. Just being in his presence gave you joy. When you reached a stoplight, you grabbed his right hand and pulled it towards you. You held it on top of your thigh.

“It’s gonna be hard to drive with one hand,” he chuckled.

You rubbed the back of his hand with your thumb, “I think you can manage.”

He got to your house not too long after and when you let go of his hand, both of you felt empty. You sighed, “So…”


You gathered as much courage as you could in a split second and leaned over the console, giving him a quick peck on the cheek. Before Jared knew what was happening, you were out the door, walking to your house, and waving at him.

Jared raised a hand to where your lips met his skin and his felt his hot cheek. He probably was the same shade as a stop sign, but he didn’t care.

With grin basically tattooed onto his face and a twinkle in his eye, he drove himself home, feeling like the king of the world.

A Different Mask

Hi this is bad but I’m posting it anyway

The world of the Phantom Thieves was a hilly one. There were challenges and calm, dangers and warm moments. But all the Phantom Thieves had one thing in common: they went through their pain together. They had been there for each other when nobody else possibly could be. When one Thief couldn’t be there, there was always another to help with whatever pain one had. They were, as they say, thick as thieves. All the Phantom Thieves had reached one unconscious conclusion, as well: none of them had been through as much as their leader. They all agreed on it, even if they didn’t know it.

Akira Kurusu deserved the world.

The group would always be there for each other. Akira knew that fully well. Yet he never leaned on them when things got rough in his head. They all relied on each other, but Akira couldn’t bring himself to put his problems on their shoulders. Whenever his confidence wavered in a Palace, the team was always hyping him up. But that’s all they saw.

They didn’t see his emotions outside the Metaverse. Those were his only secret. They didn’t know about his nightmares. They didn’t know the reason he listened to all of their problems was so they didn’t end up like him. He wanted them to have someone to turn to. So he locked his feelings away to be the cool and collected leader he was. Supposedly.

He kept his trauma inside. He kept the anger he felt when his friends were taunted and teased contained. He tried to make the comments from the kids at Shujin go in one ear and out the other. Whenever someone looked at him with that look of disapproval, he oh so tried to shake it off. But it all made him have days where everything just felt… numb. Like nothing he did mattered. These days were the days he thought about betrayal. Where he thought about his friends leaving him behind. Abandoning him.

Akira Kurusu was scared.

Today was a day where his feelings slipped themselves into every crack of his thoughts they could find. They partially distracted him at school, made his comments to his friends sound half-hearted when he truly meant them, kept his responses to Sojiro short, and made him reluctantly obey Morgana when he told him to sleep.

“Hey, Akira, what’d you get on the third question of the test? I put B, but I’m not very confident in my answers,” Ann sighed, resting her head on her hand. She had her mouth in a pout with her genuine look of unconfidence.

“I got B, too,” Akira responded. He sounded uninterested, but he really wanted to boost Ann’s spirits.

“Oh, great!” Ann said with a smile. “That makes me feel better.”

She spun back around when the next teacher walked in the room. He didn’t miss her look of slight concern while she turned.

“Welcome back. How was school?” Sojiro asked when the bell rang above the door to LeBlanc.

“Good, as always,” Akira responded, it didn’t come out as he intended it to.

Sojiro just laughed softly, “An answer I’d expect from you.”

He frowned as Akira moved towards the stairs, absentmindedly wiping away at a glass.

“So, you ready to go to bed?” Morgana asked later.

“Yep,” Akira replied, sliding under the covers. “I’m tired.”

“For once,” Morgana said sarcastically. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” Akira turned on his side and shut his eyes.

He didn’t see Morgana jump on the bed and give him a worried look. He just felt him curl up next to him and release a sigh.

Akira had a nightmare. He was back in Okumura’s Palace. A crowd of worker robots surrounded him and his friends. They had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. They fought and they fought to no avail. Akira had to watch as his friends fell around him, one by one.

Ann was bleeding from a wound on her head. Makoto’s arm was broken at the elbow, told by it’s odd angle. Yusuke was so beaten he couldn’t stand. Futaba was trapped outside the circle, not hurt but in danger. Morgana was struggling to stay conscious. Ryuji’s leg had given out on him due to the stress. Haru was standing mostly uninjured, but her father’s shadow was pestering her with “Okumura Daughter” duties. Akira was helpless he couldn’t do anything. He was exhausted. He fell to his knees.

“This is what brats like you get for meddling in the wrong business,” Okumura walked to Akira. “You get beat.”

There was a gun shot, but Akira missed it. He woke with a start. He was shaking. He felt lightheaded. He couldn’t focus. He pulled his knees to his chest and squeezed them tight. He didn’t notice Morgana stir next to him.

Morgana didn’t move. He didn’t want to move. He didn’t want to risk Akira’s panic getting worse. Instead he just pretended to shift in his sleep.

Akira’s shaky hand reached for the windowsill. He grabbed his phone and checked the group chat. Nobody had said anything since their final goodnights. He wanted to talk with someone, anyone. But who would be awake at this time of night? He gave in.

Akira: Is anyone awake?

Ryuji: yeah

Ann: yep

Futaba: mhm

Yusuke: Yes.

Haru: I am.

Makoto: So we’re all awake at this ungodly hour?

Ryuji: i couldnt sleep

Ann: Me neither

Ann: I keep falling asleep and waking up again

Haru: I get how you feel, I was just thinking of texting you all myself.

Yusuke: I am only awake because Futaba is keeping me up with her constant messaging.

Futaba: this is important stuff im sending you!

Yusuke: You are sending me pictures of foxes in costumes.


Makoto: So in one way or another… We all are having a struggle with sleeping.

Ryuji: thats what it looks like

Ryuji: aww man i wish we could meet up

Ryuji: im not even sure if i feel tired anymore

Ann: I mean, it’s almost 5, we could meet up anyways?

Makoto: When did everyone go to bed?

Ryuji: 10

Ann: 9:45

Haru: Nine ‘o clock.

Yusuke: Eleven

Akira: 10:30

Futaba: ive taken naps throughout the day so im not really tired

Makoto: I see.

Makoto: Well, I guess we all got reasonable hours of sleep.

Makoto: I will permit this once, and only because we are all in the same boat here.

Ryuji: all right!

Ann: Yes! I’ve always dreamed of doing something like this!

Yusuke: Where should we meet?

Ryuji: how about Akira’s place? is that ok? the place doesn’t open until 8, right?

Akira: Yeah, it should be fine.

Haru: What about Mona? Is he awake?

Akira poked the cat with his finger. His hand still felt slightly shaky, but he was calming. Morgana meowed in reply, but rolled onto his side to look up at Akira.

Akira: He’s up.

Futaba: Great! See you all there!

Akira sat his phone screen down on his bed. Morgana now laid on his stomach, his tail swishing around.

“What’s up?” he asked drowsily.

“Everyone’s coming over. No one could sleep except you,” Akira replied, semi-sarcastic.

“Ok, might wanna fix that bedhead of yours a bit, though,” Morgana replied.

Futaba was quick to hop onto Akira’s bed, sitting criss-cross for once. Ryuji sat on one end of the couch and Ann on the other, stretching her legs out across Ryuji’s lap. Makoto and Haru sat on the floor by the sofa. Yusuke simply took a chair.

“Man, I’m glad to be outta my house. There was no chance of me sleepin’ anymore,” Ryuji groaned.

“Every time I shut my eyes, they just wanted to open again,” Ann complained through a partial yawn.

“I would fall asleep for an hour at a time. It’s rare I sleep like that,” Haru shook her head.

“Do we all have something on our mind that’s keeping us up?” Makoto questioned why this was happening.

“Umm… not that I can think of,” Ann answered.

“There’s nothing that would keep me up at night except Futaba,” Yusuke commented.

“Shut it, Inari,” Futaba responded.

Akira fumbled for words. He ran a hand through his hair in thought. While the others maintained a steady conversation on sleep habits, Akira was lost in his thoughts. He wanted to tell them. He didn’t want to keep his emotions a secret anymore, they deserved to know. They cared about him and should know when he’s feeling down. But how could he start? He didn’t have to.

“Akira? You ok?” Morgana asked, tail swishing. “You look kind of out of it.”

“Now that he mentions it, ya do, dude. What’s up?” Ryuji is quick to follow up.

Akira hesitates, “There… There’s something I need to tell you all.”

Akira talked the most he had ever talked at once then. He told them about his nightmares of losing them and everything he’s ever known. He told them about his emotions building up and how he felt like crap on those certain days. He poured his heart out in a matter of minutes because he wanted to stop hiding this. He wanted to stop being scared. He talked about the trial and being sent to Tokyo by his parents and how it made him feel so… abandoned. Betrayed.

“Akira… You know you can talk to us, man,” Ryuji was frowning though he was definitely concerned.

“Yes, you will always be one of us,” Yusuke spoke, sitting on the edge of his seat.

“Mhm, text me whenever and I’ll be sure to respond!” Futaba nodded encouragingly.

“We will always be there for you, Akira,” Makoto had slid closer and placed a hand on his knee. “Wherever we may be, we will always be willing to talk.”

Akira felt his hands get shaky again. But there was no fear or panic this time, just relief. They still saw him as Joker, their leader. Their tactician. Their friend.

“I never would have known this affected you so much if you hadn’t told us,” Ann frowned guiltily.

“Yeah, I feel bad,” Ryuji looked sad. He faced Akira seriously. “Just worry about yourself, man, before you worry about what others say.”

“They don’t know you like we do, anyways,” Futaba added.

Akira nodded. His face was hot. He was struggling to keep his shaky hands under control. He felt tears welling behind his eyes. Why was he still trying to keep his emotions in?

“I’m glad you told us about this,” Haru smiled at him warmly.

“You can surely rely on us as much as we have relied on you, leader,” Yusuke says assuringly.

Futaba quickly hugged Akira’s arm when he began to cry. It ended up with all of the Phantom Thieves on or around his bed. Ann was on his other side, head on his shoulder. Ryuji sat on the other side of Futaba, his hand lingering close to Akira. Makoto was kneeling in front of him, clasping a hand in both of hers. Yusuke and Haru sat in chairs on either side of her, leaning in close to fill the circle.

Akira’s free hand was on his face, wiping away tears that kept being replaced. Morgana squeezed in and curled up in his lap, nudging him with his nose.

“We’re a team, Akira. Teammates never leave another behind,” he said, closing his eyes.

The Phantom Thieves of Hearts had always had one thing in common: they shared their pain together. And they all awakened to one more thing; Akira Kurusu deserved the world.

4 Hours (Yoongi)

Genre: FLUFF
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Group: BTS
Warnings: Fluffy af.


You ask the shadowy figure sitting on your bed. it must be like midnight, right? why is he here, in my room? better question, why did he wake me up?

“Get up, get dressed, I’ve got something fun planned.” He said and stroked my head lovingly. Why is he so wide awake, he loves his sleep. But i don’t ask questions, i just get up and get dressed. Yoongi waited outside my bedroom door as i got dressed and ready to.. uh.. i don’t know what we’re doing. But thats ok, Yoongi is very sweet and plans the best dates. I was all ready to go, i had black jeans, a black tee with some weird cartoon design, a black jean jacket and of course Timbs.

“So… Where are we going? What about my parents?” I asked with a bit of worry in my voice. Sure, my parents liked Yoongi, a lot, but still I’ve never snuck out of the house before and my parent are a bit over protective.

“Its ok, we’ll be back in four hours or so. lets go.” He reassured me and grabbed my hand and we walked down the stairs and out the front door. We got in Yoongis car and he started driving. I still didn’t know where we were going so, of course, i asked.

“Umm. Where are we going Yoongs?”

“Do you trust me?” He asked me with a gleam in his eye as he turned his head away from the road and looked me in the eyes. And me being the true meme i am, I started singing ‘A Whole New World’ from Aladdin. Yoongi looked really annoyed, what else did he expect? We stopped at a red light and i was still singing the song. Yoongi looked me in the eyes as i laughed a little but the got a little scared because he looked really angry. I stopped laughing and he, tickled me, MY ONE TRUE WEAKNESS!! I bust into a laughing fit, he had a gummy smile on his face as he just tickled me.

“WHOS THE BEST!!!” he shouted over my laughter.

“YOU.. HA.. ARE.. HAHAHA!!” I replied though my tears from laughing so hard.

The light turned green and he continued driving as if nothing had just happened. We’ve been together since dating for like 4 years, he’s perfect. he rests his hand on my thigh as he drives. I start to doze off until the car came to a sudden stop and i jolted up.

“IM AWAKE SORRY SIR!!” I scream out of shock at the sudden awakening

“You sleep in class that much?” Yoongi says sarcastically as he gets out of the car and opens my door for me. I thank him. I look around, were at a concert hall? At midnight? who’s performing this late?

“Did Tae set you up for this? IS HE GONNA RAP FOR US?!?!?”

“No, he cant rap. i would make you sit through that.” Yoongi says and we laugh, he holds my hand and we walk into the hall. I cross my fingers on the hand he wasn’t holding. please be G-Dragon, please be G-Dragon.
we find our seats near the stage. So many people. Huh. must be G-DRAGON! hopefully. The music starts and i already know who it is so i scream at the top of my lungs along with the other fans.


“BUT NOT AS MUSCH AS SHE LOVES HER BOYFRIEND!” Yoongi gets jealous of G-Dragon. He’s so cute.

I enjoyed the concert so much! It was awesome, I don’t know if Yoongi enjoyed it but he seemed happy. The concert was over and we walked back to his car and he was starting it and i was just fangirling over GD (Ultimate Bias).

“So was the concert better than sleep?” Yoongi asked. Ahh, so cocky.

“HELL FRICKEN YA!!!!” I responded with a really loud scream that seemed to scare Yoongi just a bit. He just laughed and started driving away and back to my house so i could sleep. it was a school day after all. we were still holding hands as he drove. I started to drift off into my dreams, i was basically asleep when i feel Yoongis hand stroke my hair and guide my head to his shoulder instead of hitting the car door. I subtly smiled and fell asleep. After about 30 mins of driving, i think, i don’t really know i was asleep, we arrived at my house. I felt soft lips on mine and slowly opened my eyes to see Yoongi. I kiss him back.

“Your home Y/N,go get some rest you look tiered, love you” Yoongi said as he broke the kiss and reach over me to open my door.

“Love you too. I’ll see you at school tomorrow.” My sleepy voice was faint but he still heard me and his gummy smile returned. I made him so happy. He made me so happy. He didn’t lie i did make it home in 4 hours.

ISSUES -Part Two

Read part one- HERE 

Negan x you

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.

Upcoming chapters will contain a lot of smut, suggestive rape, suggestive drug usage and of course bad language from the start.  

Word count 3,283 

Part Two

My breath sped up as everyone stood frozen in place waiting for what was gong to come next.

He seemed to be thinking deeply and it worried me. I could feel it pouring off of us.     

What was he going to do?

This couldn’t be good.

Rick should never of left.

I bloody told him.

If The Saviors were just going to turn up when ever they wanted he couldn’t keep going out and leaving.  Some of these people stupidly looked up to him and he owed them more than he could ever realise. I wish I could look up to him but  I didn’t agree with a lot of the things that had been happening recently and my trust was gone long before the dead started walking among us. 

Attacking that outpost had been the biggest mistake and Glen and Abraham paid the price for it. Sasha, Maggie and her unborn baby would have to live with that. Have those pictures run through their minds for the rest of their lives. That would never ever leave them.

Our family was fractured and I didn’t see anyway that was going to be fixed. How could it?

This man might of been semi responsible but Rick, the so called and self proclaimed leader was at the centre of it all.

Quickly I moved my eyes to look over our people and noticed Carl wasn’t here. What the fuck?  

Shaking my head slightly I hoped he had done what I told him not too do. As stupid as that sounds I hoped he was on his way to Hilltop.

With any luck Edith caught up with him and Judith was safe with the both of them.

“Okayyyyyy” he tapped the wire covered bat on concrete road beneath us “This is what’s going to happen” he began walking up and down looking every Alexandrian in the eye as he did  “My people are going to go in these homes and take what they want and you’re going to stay out here and behave like the good little boys and girls I know you can be”  he pulls the bat up to eye level in Arron’s face “You can sit, you can stand but you can’t move from out here until I damn well say so” he smiled wickedly and then started to move in your direction again.

I could feel my heart start to beat faster as he moved. Oh shit.

“Now” he pointed the barbwire covered bat right at you “ y/e”

“Oh fuck” I muttered under my breath. However apparently not quiet enough because the arse who was holding my arm chuckled. Oh fuck indeed.

“That’s Rick the pricks house. Right?” He tilted his head to our house that only a few moments ago you had been standing in front of with Edith and Judith. I couldn’t seem to form any words so I simply nodded my head swallowing the extra saliva that was now pooling in my mouth.

“Excellent” he threw his arms in the air “Time for some fun boys!” And just like that most of the saviors scattered forcing their way into our homes once again while the rest stayed with their guns pointed towards us.

Closing my eyes briefly I sighed as the one who had been holding my arm released it. Defiantly going to have a serious bruise from his fingers. Thanks fucker.

“Don’t look so sad little one” you jumped as you felt warm fingers pull your chin upwards.

Opening my eyes I once again came face to face with Negan. I didn’t hear or feel him move this close to me and that was alarming.

“Now I have got a special task for you darling” he stood up straight, releasing my chin as he did.

I started internally freaking out what did he mean by ’special’?

“I am thirsty” thirsty? “So you can follow me into Rick the Pricks house over here and make me some god damn lemonade!” Lemonade? He started walking away from you “Todayyyy!” He called over his shoulder as I starred at his back kind of in shock.

He wants me to make him lemonade? I didn’t know if we even had any in the kitchen. Shit.

This was it. Dad was going to come home and I was going to dead, splattered all over the damn place because we didn’t have any fucking lemonade.

I took a step forward to follow but then froze.  I could see Rosita shaking her head at me telling me not to follow him.

“DO NOT MAKE ME ASK AGAIN Y/E!” Looking at the house I found him standing at the front door pointing that damn bat at me. | didn’t like the thing, I assume thats why he has it. Scare tactic.

Quickly, not allowing myself to look at anyone else I made my way towards him, walking straight through the open door, him following silently behind.

The sound of the door clicking shut made me nervous.

It was just the two of us.

Negan and me.

Me and Negan.

The man who killed for fun.

If Dad was here he would be freaking out right about now.

I couldn’t help but nervously smile at that as I reached the kitchen. He would probably be more concerned that he wasn’t the one alone with Negan. Looking for a weakness he could use against him.

Not knowing if he was following behind me or not I move quickly. He wanted lemonade and that is what I was going to do. With any luck once he had his drink, if we even had any that is. God please let there be enough to make him at least one glass.  

Hopefully he will leave.

I could hear a lot of shouting and banging occurring outside as his men took even more of the stuff from our homes.

This wasn’t going to end well. Fuck sake Dad.

Opening a cupboard I let out a breath I wasn’t aware I’d been holding and pulled out a tub of lemonade. Thank god it doesn’t feel empty.

Olivia must of brought it over when she was looking after Judith yesterday.

Smiling I quickly made his damn drink. Aware the entire time that he was watching me from across the room.

The sound of a thud echoed throughout the room made me jump, my eyes quickly looked towards him. For the first time since being alone.

He was starring right back at me with those hazel eyes and that lop-sided smile.

“You’re very quiet” he noted as I went back to making his drink “Unusual in fact women normally don’t shut the fuck up unless you threaten to knock knock” he chuckled eyeing his weapon of choice.

Finding my voice I replied in a semi sarcastic voice “Yeah, well good for them”

His laugh caught you off guard and you spilt some of the lemonade on your hand and the floor as it poured into a glass.

“I like you” What? “No bullshit…. Itssssss” he waved a hand in the air “Refreshing

I must be hallucinating. Right?

“See your leader, Rick the Prick he..”

“My Dad” I blurted out not thinking. Oh shitting hell I should not of said that. Dad is going to kill me, if Negan doesn’t first.

“Excuse me?” He stood up straight “Ohhhhh so that explains the stink eye He’s your Daddy?”

Staying silent I just placed the glass on the table that separated us and moved backwards so my back was against the work top crossing my arms over my chest.

“So Daddy Rick has been hiding you from me then?” I didn’t answer. To be honest I didn’t dare speak as the man before me picked up the glass and brought it to his lips “Thats very interesting” he added with wide eyes before taking a sip.

“Damn thats good!” I Smiled, relieved.

“You sure are something” he snickered “So Daddy isn’t going to be home anytime soon? Shame I was hoping to see him”


“I miss him” he laughed at some kind of joke he must be thinking off. I sure as hell didn’t see why that was funny.

“So y/e” he said before taking another mouthful of lemonade “Lets talk” he pointed towards the front room before walking over to and sitting down almost gracefully onto one of the sofas, leaving his bat on the table in the kitchen.

“Come on” he patted the space next to him “I don’t bite” at that I raised my brows and walked closer “Well unless you ask ever so nicely anyway” he winked and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Really laugh.

I don’t remember the last time I laughed like this.

You know one of those full on belly laughs that makes you slightly light headed?

“Well that was fucking a beautiful sight and sound sweetheart” Negan speaking stopped me almost instantly and I suddenly remembered where I was and who I was with.


I had let my guard down for a few seconds there and that was dangerous to do in this world now. Dangerous to do with this man.

Ignoring his earlier move for me to sit down next to him I sat in a chair opposite instead.

“Okay” he said placing the now half empty glass down with a clink on the coffee table that we never used “Lets get straight to the point”

I could feel myself breathing harder as I nervously watched the man before me who didn’t fault as he held my gaze.

He both was and wasn’t what I thought he would be like at all.

The way they spoke about him he sounded more like a wild cave man from the prehistoric time than the one who was calmly sat in front of me now.

I knew he was dangerous, I wasn’t stupid, you couldn’t miss that but there was something more about him and I couldn’t put my finger on what it was exactly.

“Now you look like a smart girl y/e”

Did he just compliment me?

There was a odd tension building in the air as I continued to look at the man before me.

What was he going to say?

What was he going to do?

Why was I even here?

With him?

When he had hand-lessley dragged me into the house he hadn’t known I was Rick’s daughter. What was he doing?

“Now I know we fucking surprised you guys but thats the name of the game of this world” I could feel my teeth digging into my bottom lip as he spoke in a deep and commanding voice.

Why did he have to be so, so…..charismatic?

I mean I should feel nothing but hatred towards him… right?

“But I’ll let it slide that you didn’t have your great almighty fucking leader Rick the Prick here and I’ll even let it slide that you didn’t have my shit this one time. We came early, I respect that”

The blood pumping around my body began to get warmer as he leant forwards in his seat.

“But what I won’t deal with being damn disrespected”

“I’m no..not” I stuttered.

“Now now” he laughed and stood up towering over me like a damn tree or something that had been growing for hundreds of years “You have been more than hospitable doll but that Daddy of yours” clicking his tongue “He needs to be more respectful. Im not stupid I know he’s up to something

Nodding my head I didn’t know what to say.

“What else Is he hiding from me?” He asked eyeing me “Apart from your glorious self of course”

“I wouldn’t know” I answered honestly. Because that was the truth. I may be Rick Grimes daughter but I was never involved in his little meetings. The only thing I knew he was hiding was Judith and of course Maggie and I was not going to be the one to tell him about either one of them. I would rather face his bat than be the one to tell him. Judith was too innocent to have to face this and Maggie… well she just had been through enough.

“Don’t lie to me y/e” he raised his voice making me jump.

“I’m not lying to you, honestly all I do is stay here and look after Ju.. everyone elsefuck.



I had almost let her name slip between my lips. He seemed to disarm me being around him. I had to be more careful.

“You don’t leave?” He looked me up and down.

Shaking my head “No, not really Rick doesn’t want me out on runs or anything and we’ve been here for a while”

“So the last time you stepped foot outside of these walls was before you got here? To Alexandria?”

“Pretty much” I nodded my head.

There was of course the times you had snuck out, protected Judith and that time you had been to the quarry with that insanely massive heard of walkers.

Apart from that I hadn’t left here since Arron brought us.

I both hated it and was grateful at the same time. I wasn’t stupid though. I knew the reason why was because my Dad didn’t think I could cope, didn’t want me outside of his control, of his watchful gaze or whoever he had around to watch me. He didn’t want my help unless it was to look after the baby that wasn’t even his.  

“Well fuck me sidewaysssss” he started walking around the room. Running a leather clad finger over every surface as he went.

I bit my lip as I watched him move. He was one of the most graceful men I had seen in a very long time and I could feel it, him, awakening something inside of me that I had buried down so, so long ago.

Wait, what?

Stop it.

We hate him.


“Damn thats no fun huh?” He laughed almost evilly but there was something else there too. Almost glee?

“Well I’ll tell you what y/e” he stalked towards me causing me to sit as far back as I could in the chair. “If you ever and I do mean fucking ever want to get outside of these walls and have a little adventure I would be more than fucking happy. Jesus it would make my fucking week to have you at the Sanctuary” Sanctuary? Where was that?

“What?” I asked as he placed a hand on either side of the chairs arms, caging me in.

“Our own little paradise doll” he licked his bottom lip “All you have to do is say yes and you can come” widening his eyes he added “And if you say so in more ways than one” he added with a wink that almost made me openly drool.

My eyes widened and dilated as I processed what he said. Did he just? No?

Shaking my head I simply said “Thanks for the offer but no” Idiot.

“No?” He sighed before standing back up “Offers there anytime y/e. Any fucking time for you. Yes it fucking is. You can have anything you want anytime, get some air in those magnificent lungs” Did he just checkout my boobs?

“Thank you” Why did I just say thank you? The man just said he wanted to make me cum. Only if you said so My subconscious reminded me.

“And if you were to become one of my wives.. then damn sweetheart you just might make my fucking year” his eyes were twinkling and the room was now thick with sexual tension causing the two of us to both breath a little heavier.

“Wives?” As in plural? Fucking hell.

“Perk of the new world” he stroad away towards his bat, picking it up in his gloved hand “Me and Lucille here will leave you all alone sexy y/e before……just don’t forget the offer alright?”  He added the last part as he shook his head. As if if he was trying to remove what he was about to say from his brain.

His bat had a name?  

Was he a former asylum patient or something before the apocalypse?  

Wait a second did he just call me sexy?

Shakily I mumbled out a sort of ‘ok’ as I followed him as he moved.

Something inside me wanted him to stay.

Maybe I was the one in need of a phycologist. Jesus.

Loosing my damned mind.

Just around him. Fuck.

He whistled loudly “We are out of here!!!!!” Turning to you he added “Thanks for the lemonade” with a wink and waved goodbye before they all began to retreat towards the gate “We’ll be back in TWO DAYS” he shouted reminding everyone he was coming back for the stuff he was ‘owed’.

In less than a minute they were gone and Gabriel was pulling the gate shut behind them, leaving us almost stunned. It was like they had never even been here.

No one moved for a moment. It was probably only a few seconds but it felt like several minutes.

For some stupid reason I had a smile on my face.

That man was nothing like what they had said about him.

Yes he had killed two of our family but we were responsible for over forty of his being killed in that outpost. Maybe he wasn’t so bad?

“What happened?” Rosita came over to you when everyone felt safe to move once again.

Shaking my head I had to gather my thoughts making sure to loose the smile.

“Doesn’t matter” you told her but not taking your eyes off of the closed gates. There was no way I was going to tell them Negan knew I was Rick’s daughter and I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell them about his offer.

To take me to the Sanctuary.

And the whole wives thing?

That was kind of fucked up.

“Y/e” she repeated sounding angry and went to grab my arm.

“I already fucking told you it doesn’t matter” I bit out angrily.

She looked a little shocked at my outburst.

I barley bothered saying anything these days. No one ever listened unless it was about fighting or gathering stuff so what was the point?

Looking at everyone as they looked back at me with confused and shocked expressions I realised I had to say something. He could not find out Negan met me. If he knew what would he do?

“Rick can’t find out about that” I told them pointing towards the house.

“And why the hell not”

“If you want to be the one to tell him that Negan spoke to me when I was meant to be out of here before he ever had the chance then fucking go for it but I think we all know that is not a great idea. You know what he is like he’ll do something stupid. Look what happened last time he did that we lost Glen and Abraham!”

It was his fault we were in this position in the first place.

Spencer was nodding in agreement. He was one of the only other ones who openly didn’t agree with going into that outpost. He said we should make a deal and looking at what had happened today he was right.

No one got hurt.

No one lost their life.

Hell he even thanked you for making him a lemonade.

You didn’t leave it for any further discussion before turning around and walking back into the house.

“Where are you going?” Arron spoke up.

“To have some lemonade” I shouted not bothering to look back as I slammed the front door shut.


I have to say a massive thank you I have been blown away by the response to part one! I never expected it and especially seeing as this is the first walking dead piece I have written too!

If you would like to be tagged in future parts please let me know. 

Apologise if I have missed anyone out- send me a message and let me know :)

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100 Days of R/Hr: Day 6

Prompt: “I want kids. With you. Only you.” (Ron saying this to Hermione… and please. LET THE ANGST & FULL ON SEX COMMENCE)

Prompted by: @melimelrockswell1204

Okay, so… First of all, I apologize, because this didn’t have a lot a angst. It just kind of took off on its own as I was writing it, and then I remembered it was supposed to be angstier! Oops. It’s really just fluff, to be honest. But it would still get at least a T for language. I dunno, can you say “fuck” with a T? ha.

Second, I got to the end of the first half of what I had planned, but the SMUT that was to follow was going to be a WHOLE OTHER THING and was going to take way too long to write today, so… I cut it somewhat randomly at the end of the second scene break. I’m going to add an extension when I post this over on FFN. I’ll make sure to let you know when I do! I am posting these over there, once a week, on Tuesdays.

I hope you enjoy this, in spite of it not being exactly what you asked for! I incorporated most of the dialogue, just not all at once, and… well, you’ll see. x

“Fucking hell!”

His back slammed into the ground with enough force to both knock the wind out of him and potentially leave a few scary bruises for Hermione to find when he got home. A rock dug sharply into his shoulder blade, and he could see their attacker getting away.

“Hhharrry,” he croaked, not quite able to suck in a proper breath. It was bloody fortunate that they could almost read each other’s minds, because Harry met Ron’s eyes from across the garden and almost moved toward Ron before realising what he was trying to convey and shifting his gaze to the cloaked figure who was already halfway over the stone wall that separated his property from an expanse of thick forest.

Harry’s stunning spell hit the fleeing wizard square in the back, and he lost his grip, sliding down the wall to the ground, just as Ron managed to scramble to his feet and sprint toward him.


But their target recovered way faster than he should’ve, and his fist collided with Ron’s jaw as Ron skidded to his knees in an attempt to capture him. Harry was behind him in an instant, but Ron simply ignored the metallic taste of blood in his mouth and slammed a forearm across the struggling wizard’s throat, pinning him to the ground.

Harry’s wand shot out to poke sharply against the man’s temple.

“Don’t bloody move,” Harry commanded, and their captive froze, as they could hear the rest of their team making their way quickly around from the front of the estate.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

heyyy fam if you're still taking jimon prompts can you please do stuck in a closet (either on a mission or just in the institute) I live for that trope and these idiots in love THANK YOU

hey pal…thank you?? so much?? i don’t know why this is so long but It Is so i mean,, i hop u like it

set like 2 weeks after stains


If you had asked Simon what he was doing tonight 3 hours ago, he probably would have said something along the lines of “Nothing” and “Well I don’t know what are you doing,” in that way of his that just made him sound lonely instead of trying to flirt with you. He definitely did not expect his night to be “running through an abandoned warehouse being chased by a pack of Shax demons.”

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ache || newt scamander

⇾ word count: 2530 words total

⇾ concept: soulmate au (reader x newt scamander)  

⇾ authors note: so basically i haven’t written fanfiction in what feels like a decade but i was watching les miserables and i saw Eddie Redmayne and was like.. thats the dude who plays newt scamander huh. and basically i started reading newt fanfictions and now i’m sucked into a pit hole again. ((my apologies for spelling/grammar errors lol i forget to re-vise 90% of the time))

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Harry high school AU: he's a football (soccer) player and Y/N is an average student and they're in a secret relationship

meet me under the bleachers after first period :) -H

This was a text I got from my boyfriend Harry who happened to be the star of the soccer team a our school. Why would he want to meet under the bleachers you ask? Well it’s because we are in this stupid secret relationship that he thinks is extremely neccesary because the “guys will fuck with him for this”. I mean lets face it guys like Harry just don’t date girls like me. I’m not like a loser or anything but I’m also not popular by any means. Im sort of just in the middle. As upset as i got about our relationship i couldn’t help but smile as my heart fluttered reading this text every morning. 

Cant wait <3 

After the text was sent I put my phone away walking into school. Every morning when I go to my locker before class I always walk by Harry’s locker which always has the entire soccer team around it, usually being obnoxious and loud. Today was no different from the others. I walk by his locker trying to sneak a glimpse of him, he sees me, discreetly smiles then turns right back to his friends acting like I don’t exist. I know our relationship seems pretty fucked up but I love him and he said it only has to be like this until graduation. That’s what Ive been looking forward to…180 days left…I can do this. 

I sat through first period eager to be under the bleachers, this class could not be over fast enough. Finally after what seemed like forever the bell rang and as usual I was the first one out of class. I lightly jogged to the field and then walked under the bleachers immediately seeing his mess of hair and I smile walking over. 

“Hey you” I said wrapping my arms around him from behind. I felt his chest rumble with a chuckle and he turned in my arms pulling me in for a hug.

“hello angel” he said with a kiss to the top of my head. “How was class?” He asked letting go of me.

I shrugged and put my bag down on the ground next to his. “It was alright I guess” I said not really being able to hide that I was upset over us. 

His forehead wrinkled and he lifted my chin. “Hey whats going on huh? You alright?” he asked with concern laced on his voice. I just looked at him and i sighed looking down again. 

“Yeah I mean…I guess I am…just this situation kinda sucks is all…I wish we didn’t have to hide it” I said slightly choking up.

He sighed and nodded sitting down on the ground opening his arms for me to join him which i did. He wrapped his arms around me and laid his head on my shoulder. “Baby I know this sucks and I know its hard but just until graduation you know that” 

I pushed him off of me and stood up. “yeah well thats stupid Harry okay…what is so wrong about us dating? What, because I’m not a fucking cheerleader or because my parents aren’t rich?” I said noticeably upset. He just shook his head and leaned back on his hands. 

“Y/N why do you do this all the time huh? You knew all of this before we dated okay, you were okay with this you didn’t have to date me” he said with attitude in his voice.

i picked up my stuff and I look at him. “You know if you love me as much as you say you do then you wouldn’t care about what people would say…which would be nothing by the way because nobody gives a shit Harry when are you gonna get that through your thick skull” I walked away leaving Harry calling after me. 

I didn’t see Harry for the rest of the day until after 5th period. I was at my locker putting books away and he walked by with some of his teammates. He looked at me and then immediately looked down walking away. I rolled my eyes and slammed my locker making everyone including Harry turn around to see what was going on and I just pushed by him and walked out of the school to my car. 

i got to my car and before i could get in someone shut my door on me so I turned to see who did it. When I turned around it was Harry. 

“Oh Harry wait we are out in the open this is dangerous people might see” I said extremely sarcastically turning back to my car opening my door just to have it slammed again. I turned around to protest but instead Harry grabbed my face and kissed me. He kissed me in front of everyone. I couldn’t believe this was happening. After a couple of minutes he pulled away and pushed my hair behind my ear smiling down at me. 

“You’re right…this is stupid…I love you and I don’t care who knows it or who sees us holding hands in the halls because you’re my girlfriend and I am so proud that you are…I’m so sorry princess” He said wrapping his arms around my waist. I just looked at him and smiled wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Harry…I love you so much too, thank you, you are the best” I say before I crash my lips into his completely relating in this moment.

Finally after 2 years we don’t have to hide us anymore. 

When He Gets Jealous

PROMPT: “Forget it.”

Bae Jinyoung was the definition of intimidating. Maybe it was his limited use of words or his intense gaze that scares unfamiliar people away. For many, approaching him was their last choice. But not for you since for some unknown reason, you broke all his barriers and as his girlfriend, you couldn’t really ask for more.

“Baejin!” You exclaimed in excitement at the sight of him after you’ve waited in front of the school gates for who knows how long. He looked around, searching for the owner of the voice that called him but you were already running to him, linking your arms with his.

Jinyoung smiled, intertwining his fingers with yours. “How was your day?”

“Wonderful, I got an A+ on literature and totally aced my report.” You said smugly, still feeling proud of your achievements today. Jinyoung looked at you in disbelief before nodding.

He was silent for a few seconds before looking at you again. “Wow, A+ huh.”

“Yeah, how about you, anything interesting?” you asked, enjoying the wind and the warmth of his hands against yours.

“Well, I also got an A+ on Chemistry and English.” Jinyoung replied non chalantly.

You pulled away from his side and ran in front of him, looking at him with wide eyes. “That’s amazing! I’m so proud of you!”

“Its not that big, really.” Jinyoung smiled, scratching the back of his neck, his ears reddening. “Actually it was only goodlu-” he started but never got to finish as he found himself engulfed in a hug, you, tiptoeing to reach him.

The two of you stayed like that for a while before pulling apart. “So I’m dating a genuis, what else is new?”

“You keep asking me whats new when literally nothing happens to me in a day.” Jinyoung snorts, again taking your hands in his. “You knew I was boring when you dated me.”

“No you’re not.” You retorted. “You’re just shy, besides, I like hearing your voice.”

Jinyoung laughed. “Stop, I’m gonna cry.”

You were about to say something when you bumped into a passerby, causing you to lose balance. You almost fell to your knees but luckily, Jinyoung tightend his grip on your hand and pulled you closer to him instead.

“Oh god, I’m sorry!” a man about your age exclaimed. He was continuously bowing so you did the same and ensured him it was okay. When your eyes locked with him, you almost screamed at the sight of your old bestfriend, Park Jihoon.

“Jihoon?” you asked, reluctantly. “Its been a long time!”

The man in front of you shared your excitement and for what it seemed like hours, you talked in the side walk.

“Hey, listen, I’ve got two tickets to a book signing with your favorite author next week, wanna come and catch up?” Jihoon asked, his eyes shining with excitement.

“I’d love to!” You squealed in excitement and then your eyes landed on your boyfriend who was now staring at the ground intently as if it picked a fight with him. “Wait, Jihoon. I forgot I have exams next week.”

Jihoon shrugged. “Goodluck! Let’s catch up some other time.”

And with that you watched your estranged best friend walk away while you were left with a sulky Jinyoung. “That was Jihoon, my bestfriend back in high school.”

“Ah, I see.” Jinyoung replied animatedly. The two of you now walked side by side but his hands were shoved in his pockets. “You should go with him.”

“What?” you asked, now starting to become worried. Jinyoung being jealous was something you would hate to happen. “Jinyoung wait, lets talk.”

Jinyoung immediately stopped walking and faced you. “Let us.”

“Okay.” you mutter, taken aback with his sudden change. “Tell me whats bothering you.”

He looked at you and shook his head. “Forget it.”

“Look, I’m sorry I talked to him without introducing you. I got carried away, I haven’t seen him since I moved to Seoul.” you muttered.

“Thats why I told you to go with him.” Jinyoung replied and at this point, you didn’t know if he was sarcastic or sincere. He sighed and continued. “I know I’m not really sociable and I don’t want you to miss out on things because of me.”

You tip toed once more and grabbed his cheeks. “I don’t mind missing out on anything if I’m with you. You may not be as outgoing as I am but I like you like this and I’ll still like you even if you become a potato rolling down this street, okay?”

Jinyoung nodded, a smile creeping up on his face. He looked so bright that your heart sunk so placing a kiss on his cheek, you let him go and ran away after your bold words and actions.

title: the devil’s in the details (1/1)

rating: t

a/n: for someone promoted ‘as the biggest bad to ever bad’, she was an even worse villain than captain hook and his many foiled plots - and thats saying something. so, here’s an attempt at fixing her curse deployment. bonus: it gives CS honeymoon time! (cs after the cut, with a dash of rb+bby gideon)

Fiona has always considered herself a visionary, a go-getter, a creative mastermind. When she developed The Dark Curse, she tested it with a multitude of woodland creatures and unfortunate peasants (though, given the wonders The Land Without Magic has managed to create, hot water from pipes, for example, she’s certain the peasants are more fortunate than not). 

What she may have slightly miscalculated, however, is the details. Not that she’d ever admit it, but if there was one thing Regina had gotten right, it was the incredibly mundane details of a town. And a good thing too - if she hadn’t checked the key profiles of the people she intended to curse, she might have never known Henry was born in this land, which means had she cast her curse blindly, Henry would have been untouched by it completely, which could have been disastrous. 

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The Neighbours (Part 5)

Part 1 Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 ,  Part 6

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Romance/Mild Angst

Summary: At last everything was going your way, you had a new flat, a nice job and fantastic friends. However, your life descends into chaos when one of Korea’s most popular boy groups, BTS move into the flat next door to you. And things go from bad to worse when you find yourself falling in love with one of them.

Originally posted by mn-yg

“Y/N, you’re so beautiful” he whispers gently, and the sound of his deep voice reverberates around your mind. Slowly, he reaches out and places his hand underneath your chin, carefully drawing your face forward.

Your breath hitches out of nervousness as you blink at him, he is nothing short of a vision. Strands of black hair tumbling over his forehead, almost reaching his beautiful dark eyes, constellations shimmering within his irises.

The darkness of the night makes him seem even more ethereal, a soft glow of white light surrounding him making him look like that of an angel, his sheer beauty is almost unbearable.

It was pretty laughable, you think to yourself, him calling you beautiful. What were you compared to him?

Time seems to slow down and speed up at the same time as he brings you closer to him, closer and closer until you can feel his warm breath ghosting against your skin. Your whole body shakes with anticipation as he finally, finally closes the final gap between the two of you and-

You wake up with a start, your body covered in sweat and your eyes snapping open. They search frantically around the room as you try to get a grasp of your surroundings. After a few seconds of looking you relax.

You’re at home in bed. Nothing is out of the ordinary and the time reads 6:04am, meaning you still have time to sleep in before going to work. You let out a sigh before sinking back down into the duvet, wrapping yourself up in it like a cocoon, feeling comforted you shut your eyes again.

But a mere five seconds later they fly open again as it suddenly dawns upon you. You’d just had a dream about Yoongi. He’d basically been avoiding you all week and you couldn’t get him out of your head, now even your subconsciousness was torturing you with thoughts of him. It doesn’t mean anything, you reassure yourself, people have those sorts of dreams all the time right? Just because you dream about kissing someone doesn’t mean you actually like them…

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hello yes i just finished lord of the flies (and then watched the 1963 movie immediately afterwards) & i rlly luv piggy so im gonna yell abt Just Piggy Things™ even if no one cares

  • piggy’s the first character we’re introduced to, after ralph ofc, so that means we’re supposed to get attached, and boy did i get attached..
  • ass-mar
  • the fact that he’s been called mean nicknames so long that his real name doesnt matter to him?? he doesnt care what hes called?? poor thing wtf??? hes like eleven hes too little for this
  • the Flashing Anime Glasses. especially the one w the fire when he starts laughing maniacally. same.
  • im talking about: “then he laughed so strangely that they were hushed, looking at the flash of his spectacles in astonishment.”
  • also: “’i got the conch,’ said piggy, in a hurt voice. ‘i got a right to speak.’” let him speak hes the only damn reasonable one. also stop hurting him hes been hurt enough goddamnit 
  • k but how much he loves ralph? and ralph is annoyed by him??? but then later he confides in him & cries over him & their friendship is my fav in the book so. they bond it just takes a while. but piggy was always good to ralph awe
  • “i was with him when he found the conch. i was with him before anyone else was.” he finally made a friend dont u take him from him ;-;
  • k speaking of the conch, in the first movie, his laugh when ralph’s blowing the horn for the first time??? aw??? a rare moment of joy in that sad ass movie?? 
  • ‘63!film piggy is the sweetest & cutest i lob him. ‘90!film piggy was annoying as shit tho i refuse to talk about him.
  • in the ‘63!film when he puts his hands on his hips when jack says “shut up fatty” and then hides behind the tree when they all laugh at him.
  • god in the book it’s easy to forget theyre actual babies but with the movie u cant possibly forget and theyre so cute but defenseless it’s so sad
  • i kno these actors r like 70 or dead now but i wanna go back in time & give them a hug. especially piggy cuz hes a pouty chubby bub gOD IM SO SAD
  • one last note on the film before i get back to the book: the movie rlly encompassed how awkward i imagined piggy to be & i luv that. also his story time abt camberly was adorable + educational (for me, anyway)
  • how hurt he is when ralph tells the other boys his name, poor thing ugh :(
  • “’let him have the conch!’ shouted piggy. ‘let him have it!’” yes stand up for poor lil mulberry child
  • “piggy knelt by him, one hand on the great shell, listening and interpreting to the assembly.” hes so fuckin sweet??? hes like the mom of the island hes so nice to the littluns i luv him
  • and when he gets upset over the mulberry boy probably bein killed in the fire :’( hes the most sensible and the most empathetic of all the other boys. what a cinnamon roll. unproblematic fav. true neutral. 10/10. the best boy.
  • my second favorite line in the whole book: “then, with the martyred expression of a parent who has to keep up with the senseless ebullience of the children, he picked up the conch, turned toward the forest, and began to pick his way over the tumbled scar.” tired mama piggy lmao
  • he wants to make a sundial?? hes so smart aw
  • piggy thinking ralph’s patronizing smile was a friendly one :( :( he just wants a friendddd hes so naive & sweet im sadddd
  • i think it’s implied most of the other boys (particularly the choir boys & ralph) are from a nicer, more upper class part of england, &, despite his intelligence, piggy’s more lower class, judging by his cockney-esque accent (his use of ‘them’ instead of ‘those’, etc.) and also “piggy was an outsider, not only by accent, which did not matter…” idk why this is cute i dunno
  • “piggy arrived, out of breath and whimpering like a littlun.” me in pe. but also poor thing ;-;
  • “piggy sniveled and simon shushed him as though he had spoken too loudly in church.” i interpreted shushed as, like, consoled, more than, like, ‘quit crying, ya baby’, which was more what he was doing, but still…first of many cute piggy & simon interactions. i’d ship them but theyre like twelve so nah. but they cute as buddies
  • “this was too bitter for piggy, who forgot his timidity in the agony of his loss. he began to cry out, shrilly: ‘you and your blood, jack merridew! you and your hunting! we might have gone home-’” this hurts because if jack hadn’t gone hunting, they may have been rescued before simon or piggy died :( :( :( horrible vague foreshadowing
  • simon getting piggy’s glasses for him when jack throws em ;-;
  • simon giving his piece of meat (not a euphemism, goddamnit) to piggy.. god simons so sweet hes my second fav
  • “only, decided ralph as he faced the chief’s seat, i can’t think. not like
    piggy…he could go step by step inside that fat head of his, only piggy was no chief. but piggy, for all his ludicrous body, had brains.”
    why does ralph resent piggy sm. it’s like it psychically hurts him to compliment him, even just in his own head. jeez. just cuz someones fat doesnt mean they cant be smart?? the 50s were weird
  • “piggy came and stood outside the triangle. this indicated that he wished to listen, but would not speak; and piggy intended it as a gesture of disapproval.” aka ‘i’m mad at everyone so im gonna stand two feet away & glare at you all’ aw haha
  • when he tiptoes onto the triangle cuz hes done w his protesting ahaha aw
  • “piggy held out his hands for the conch but ralph shook his head.” idk i thought the mental image was cute. “gimme pls” “nuh uh”
  • what he says about the beast & life being scientific…me & piggy would be buds if he was real lmao
  • “ralph nodded to piggy. ‘go on. ask him.’ piggy knelt, holding the conch. ‘now then. what’s your name?’ the small boy twisted away into his tent. piggy turned helplessly to ralph..” honestly piggy & ralph are the mom & dad of the colony (jack being the asshole uncle) it’s so cute
  • “’that’s a clever beast,’ said piggy, jeering, ‘if it can hide on this island.’” sarcastic piggy is sarcastic
  • more sarcastic piggy earlier in the book: “you got your small fire all right” i lob him
  • indignant & shrill piggy… and his quote: “’what are we? humans? or animals? or savages?’” honestly lowkey want that tattooed
  • i fuckin hate jalph but admittedly jack’s jealous lil “’that’s right–favor piggy as you always do.’” is salty & gay lmao
  • the whole three blind mice convo…i luv
  • particular highlight in that scene: “’i’m scared of him,’ said piggy, ‘and that’s why i know him. if you’re scared of someone you hate him but you can’t stop thinking about him. you kid yourself he’s all right really, an’ then when you see him again; it’s like asthma an’ you can’t breathe. i tell you what. he hates you too, ralph—’” POOR BABYYY 
  • also “’i know about people. i know about me. and him. he can’t hurt you: but if you stand out of the way he’d hurt the next thing. and that’s me.” IN THE END ROGER’S THE ONE WHO HURTS HIM UGH :(
  • “’keep piggy out of danger.’” YOU ASSHOLES LET HIM DIE
  • piggy holding his breath until his asthma acts up & then the boys just leave him??? what dicks
  • “jack cleared his throat and spoke in a queer, tight voice. ‘we mustn’t
    let anything happen to piggy, must we?’”
  • “piggy put on his one glass and looked at ralph. ‘now you done it. you been rude about his hunters.’ ‘oh shut up!’” why dont more ppl ship them?? compared to jalph theres nothing??? theyre like a married couple it’s precious. like i said - mom & dad of the island.
  • piggy getting braver & being more of a leader once jack leaves!!! im proud of him!!
  • he [simon] sought for help and sympathy and chose piggy” k the two most humane & sympathetic kids on the island, and the two doomed ones, gravitate towards each other & look out for each other & it so sadd
  • piggy being “so full of pride in his contribution to the good of society” he didnt deserve his fate he was so good im so sad
  • samneric & piggy making a little mini feast for them?? thats so cute??? 
  • also “piggy broke into noisy laughter and took more fruit. ‘he might be.’ he gulped his mouthful. ‘he’s cracked’.” piggy u get teased for bein different why would u tease simon (behind his back too) for bein diffrent u hypocrite. noisy laughter tho aw
  • piggy & ralph laying by the fire & talking…ralph didnt deserve piggy honestly he wasnt even grateful until the very end for such a good friend in such a horrible situation??? ugh
  • when he understood how far ralph had gone toward accepting him he flushed pinkly with pride” see? good friendship. piggy just wanted a friend & to be considered valuable. and ralph finally started appreciating him
  • piggy took off his glasses, stepped primly into the water, and then put them on again.” prim: stiffly formal and respectable; feeling or showing disapproval of anything regarded as improper. idk why this is funny to me
  • when he gets annoyed and starts slapping the water & yelling. temper tatrum lmao. dont blame him
  • piggy stirred the sand under water and did not look at ralph. ‘p’raps we ought to go too.’ ralph looked at him quickly and piggy blushed. ‘i mean–to make sure nothing happens.’ ralph squirted water again.” they’re so fuckINGN CUTE
  • piggy touched ralph’s wrist. ‘come away. there’s going to be trouble. and we’ve had our meat.’“ SO MUCH OF THIS STORY WOULDVE BEEN AVOIDED IF THE OTHER BOYS ACTUALLY LISTENED TO PIGGY
  • ralph sat down in the grass facing the chief’s seat and the conch. piggy knelt at his left, and for a long minute there was silence.” i luv their dynamic sm. ruler & adviser. no questions asked. ultimate loyalty. so good.
  • piggy trying to be all rational about simon while ralph freaks out…what a scene. also i luv how awkward their convo w samneric immediately after is
  • piggy wants to be rescued most and hes the one whos killed!!!! bullshit!!!! justice for piggy!!!
  • when ralph says piggy should write a letter to his auntie & he takes it serious & ralph laughs & piggy doesnt get it. awe.
  • the scene where they take his glasses ;-; u made my boi piggy hav an ass-mar attack u monsters,
  • he held out the conch to piggy who flushed, this time with pride” and then “piggy sought in his mind for words to convey his passionate willingness to carry the conch against all odds.” the conch is the only constant on the island, the only dependable thing he has besides ralph, so hes so invested in it, hes pretty much deemed himself the caretaker of the conch, and it dies with him…
  • the scene where piggy reassures ralph & it says “the twins were examining ralph curiously, as though they were seeing him for the first time” is probably my fav scene in the entire book…it just really shows, in a couple of lines, the characters that ralph & piggy are, and what their relationship is like, and why they’re a partnership throughout the whole book. fantastic.
  • “’am i safe?’ quavered piggy. ‘i feel awful–’” fuckin foreshadowing, i hate it. imagine being practically blind on a cliff and then, minutes later, falling to your death. god it’s terrible.
  • piggy crying for ralph not to leave him actually hurts like psychically in my chest. him and simon were babies??? i know it’s fiction but kids are the sweetest things, not even fictional kids deserve to be killed so mercilessly??? im so fuckin sad
  • his last words…powerful and iconic.
  • i dont wanna talk about his death. im very sad
  • k ik it’s terrible but when he died his skull cracked open & his brain more or less fell out (”and stuff came out”, “with his empty head”), and thats p macabre but it’s also symbolic and genius bc when roger killed him he also took away the only thing he had going for him, the only thing that gave him superiority over the others - his intelligence. his brain. 
  • of course, have to end on: “ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called piggy.” cue me shutting the book, hugging it to my chest, and sobbing
stressed but blessed

summary: when peter notices that Y/N has been really stressed lately because of upcoming exams he decides to put his fears behind him and help her out.

pairing: peter parker x female reader

warnings: none just fluff :)

word count: 2,461

some people that inspired me/have really cool blogs: @gaybybirth @ballyhoobarnes @221bshrlocked @petersbackpack @reveriesforyou

A/N: hey so i don’t really expect this to get much attention, i just started this blog and this is my very first fic :) so.. bear with me, i tried my best. this might be part one of a series?? who knows.

So exams were coming up and Y/N was really anxious, nervous and borderline terrified. It’s not that she was a bad student or had bad grades or anything, and she definitely was not behind in any classes. In fact Y/N had pretty good grades, nothing to worry about. But this is Y/N we’re talking about, she was always overthinking things, from embarrassing moments that happened years in the past, to thinking she was going to fail all her tests just because she tends to doubt herself… a lot.


It was about 10:30 am and break had just started, Y/N had just gotten to her locker and messed up the combination about 5 times before finally getting it right. She just couldn’t stop thinking and worrying about all the studying she had to do and how much she knew she was going to end up procrastinating. It’s not that she wanted to or purposefully did it… it just happened.

While getting her books out of her locker for next period her 2 friends Jasmine and Ellie showed up and started a conversation with her, but she was too distracted to even realize. “Helloooo?? Y/N?” asked Jasmine. “What? Yeah! Um.. oh.. hey guys, what’s up?..” “Dude you were so out of it, we’ve been talking to you for like 3 minutes and you were just staring into the distance…” Ellie said looking at you a little concerned. “Oh.. sorry, yeah I’m fine, i’ve just got a lot on my mind,” Y/N explained, “you know, exams and everything.”

“You need to relax a little bit Y/N, we all know you’ll do fine, you’re like the smartest one out of all of us.” Jasmine said giving a reassuring smile. Y/N smiled back and started walking with them to third period.

Peter was standing at his locker, which was only 5 feet away from Y/N’s. He noticed that she’d been struggling with her combination for quite a while and didn’t look like her usual self. She looked really stressed, she wasn’t smiling as she usually is and that made Peter kind of sad, he loved when she smiled and laughed.. he wanted to be the one to make her happy. But nonetheless she still looked beautiful to him. There was nothing she could wear that would make him change his mind. He realized he should probably stop staring before she notices and thinks he’s a total creep… but he just couldn’t.

He was going to ask her if she was okay, he felt bad that she wasn’t in the best mood. Well.. okay, he was thinking about going to ask her if she was okay, it’s not like they really talk all the time. Sure they have occasional conversations in class when she’s alone sometimes- that she of course initiates because he couldn’t bring himself to talk to her first in fear of saying the wrong thing or just making a complete fool of himself. But they weren’t really close friends.

He was about to walk over to her after she grabbed her books- he didn’t want to intrude or interrupt her but then suddenly her friends went up to her and ruined his chance.

damn” he whispered to himself. “I’m always second guessing myself when it comes to Y/N, just man up and do it next time Peter.. come on.”

“Do you always talk this much to yourself?” Michelle asked, leaning against the locker across from his, notebook and pencil in both her hands.

Jesus-what ?! How long have you been standing there?” exclaimed Peter. “Too long, I’ve grown bored.” yawned Michelle.. “Well.. what are you- why are you just staring at me?” said Peter blushing, he couldn’t believe Michelle probably just heard his whole speech to himself. “How much did you hear?” “To answer your first question, because I sketch people in crisis.. and your life is pretty much the definition of a crisis.” “Hey-“ “And to answer your second question, I heard all of it. Dude just talk to her, she won’t bite, and by the way that whole pep talk to yourself, you should say that inside your head instead of out loud where.. pretty much anyone can hear you. Exhibit A.” she said pointing to herself before walking away before Peter got a chance to respond.

Peter just stood there blushing, he’d never been more embarrassed, but he didn’t think Michelle would tell anyone about his crush on Y/N. Right? He ran after Michelle not even 2 seconds after that thought “Hey Michelle!-“


It was 3:00pm and school had just ended. Y/N was still stressed out of her mind, she took extra notes in all her classes today and her right hand was still cramped. She had been working really hard all semester but was still scared about exams.

She didn’t want to go home and think about all the work that needed to be done, all the review, the study sheets and all the extra quizzes she took to prepare herself. These exams were a big deal and she wasn’t messing around.

She had just about gotten all of her stuff from her locker and just wanted to take a minute to breathe and at least try to relax like her friends told her to. She closed her eyes and took two deep breaths.. nothing. “Wow.. well that helped a bunch.” she said sarcastically to herself. She closed her locker and winced when she accidentally slammed it too hard. “Damn it.”

She was about to walk out of the building to go home when she bumped into Peter Parker. She always thought he was cute, she liked the way that one curl always fell onto his forehead while all the rest just stayed perfectly in place and she also liked talking to him. She would always approach him to talk when he was alone cause he was so approachable and even seems sweet by first glance. He was a really accepting, nice and genuine person, he was great.

“Oh hi Peter.” “Uh -yeah hey Y/N, I-uh actually wanted to talk to you.” Peter said stumbling over his words. That surprised Y/N, Peter was never the first one to start talking to her, it was a shock.. but a good one. She hoped that they would possibly start talking more.

“Cool,” she said smiling up at him. “What’s up?”

There was that smile, Peter thought. She had barely smiled all day, Peter would know.. he stares at her all the time… in a totally non-creepy way-ish. But he couldn’t believe that he was the one that made her smile, was she actually happy to see him? “Oh-uh” he scratched the back of his neck, “I was just wondering- um- you seemed a little stressed out lately and I was wondering if you wanted to hang out at the library or something, or go eat somewhere- I could help you study if you want- but if you don’t want to then that’s fine, you don’t have to..” She just stared at him smiling for a couple seconds, finding his nervousness adorable when she was just as nervous but learned how to keep it contained. “Yeah, sure Peter, that’d be great,” she smiled. “We could go to the library and then go eat after- if that’s okay with you?” she asked. “Yeah that’d be amazing,” he beamed. “uh I mean, that’d be good, let me just get my jacket.” “Okay.” Y/N couldn’t get the smile off of her face, Peter just made her so happy.


On their way to the library they were both so nervous, but also really excited to be spending time with each other, of course neither of them knew how the other felt.. of course *sighs*.

They were standing pretty close and their arms kept brushing against each others, they were both blushing messes.

Y/N was trying her best to relax on the way there, she was enjoying the scenery, along with Peter’s company of course. She was staring at the trees as she walked by, noticing how the leaves would rustle, making a swish sound. She looked up at the clear blue sky and closed her eyes for a second, feeling the breeze in her hair. She felt peaceful and at ease.

Meanwhile Peter couldn’t stop staring at her. She looked so beautiful and care-free and that’s all he wanted, he wanted her to stop stressing even if it were to only last a little while. He wanted to see her like this more often, he thought to himself.

They finally arrived at the library at around 3:25. They found a free table in a corner near the back of the library. “Okay so is there anything you need help with or- what’s the thing you struggle with the most- uh not that you struggle with anything!- um .. you know what I mean right?” Peter said blushing and stuttering, trying to laugh it off.

You were just dying at how cute he was being, he was so nervous about saying the wrong thing. “It’s okay Peter, um actually I was wondering if you could help me with chemistry first? If thats okay, and also you don’t have to be so nervous around me,” Y/N said smiling at him. “even though it’s really cute.”  she added.

Peter was speechless.. he was so surprised-  he didn’t think you of all people found him cute. He started blushing like crazy. “Uh- no problem, I mean- thanks Y/N, you’re um, I uh- I think you’re really cute too.” he said smiling up at you.

Now it was your turn to blush. “Hey Peter, we have chemistry together, right?” you asked. At first Peter thought you were talking about chemistry chemistry, but then he realized how stupid he was being, you obviously meant the class.

You actually meant both but you wanted to see which he would answer to, you saw him hesitate before answering, so he obviously thought about it, that suddenly made you grow a little more confident. “Yeah with Mrs. Rogers, do you need the notes from last class?” he asked. “Yeah that’d be great, I think I missed a couple of her diagrams that were on the board.” you said scooting closer to him. He noticed you moving closer and took a sharp intake of breath, you were basically on him, so he carefully placed his arm behind you on the back of your chair. You looked up at him and smiled, “Thanks so much for this Peter, this was really sweet of you and I really appreciate it, you’re a really good friend.” “Yeah no problem, Y/N, anytime.” he smiled back at you.

You spent the whole time at the library comparing notes, quizzing each other, making jokes. Peter actually made studying fun. You didn’t even think that was possible.

Y/N was driving Peter crazy, not on purpose.. well he didn’t think so anyway. She was touching him a lot, smiling at him, she was being herself and Peter loved that. She was actually laughing a lot and Peter felt amazing knowing that he caused it. He would occasionally stare at her lips, the way her eyes would almost close when she was mid-laugh, she would always touch his arm also, Peter loved that. She was just beautiful to him.

At one point Y/N was reaching for a highlighter on Peter’s side of the table and as she was turning back she began to speak, “hey did you-” but suddenly stopped when she realized she was only inches away from Peter’s face.. if she leaned forward a little bit, they’d be kissing.

Peter couldn’t stop staring at her lips, his breath was caught in his throat. They both couldn’t stop staring at each other, they wanted to kiss each other so badly. Y/N felt her confidence growing, she slowly started to lean into Peter.

Peter couldn’t believe what was happening, Y/N was about to kiss him!


Then suddenly her phone rang, snapping them both out of it. She scrambled to answer it. “Raincheck on the kiss, okay?” she told to a completely flustered and blushing Peter. He was too distracted by her lips to answer.

“Hello?, yeah hi mom, I’m at the library with Peter. Yes. No. Okay. Bye. Ok. Bye.”

She turned her attention back to Peter, “sorry, my mom just wanted to know if i ate anything for dinner, I didn’t even realize what time it was.” Neither did Peter, they were having so much fun and they were so absorbed in their work that they hadn’t seen the hours pass by. It was already 8:30.

“Oh no problem Y/N, do you wanna go grab dinner now?” asked Peter.

“Yeah that’d be great, Im starving.”


Peter and Y/N had decided to go by the pizza place around the corner for dinner. Even though Y/N’s pizza was only a dollar and her drink the same, which she easily could have afforded herself, Peter insisted on paying for her. “Why thank you Peter, what a gentleman.” She teased. “You’re most welcome m'lady.” He teased back, while doing a mock bow.

They spent their time at the pizza place just joking around, showing each other funny memes and videos on Instagram and just enjoying each other’s company. Along with the pizza, of course.

It was now 9:00pm and it was time for them to part ways. Peter being the nice boy he is, walked Y/N home. Reaching her apartment building, Y/N turned and faced Peter. “Thank you, for everything Peter, this- this really helped. I hope we can hang out more often.” She said smiling. “No problem Y/N, it really was my pleasure and uh- yeah I really hope we spend more time together too.” He smiled back.

Y/N was about to start walking into her apartment building when she quickly turned back to Peter. “Wait, I almost forgot.” Peter was about to ask what when she kissed him. She kissed him.. Peter didn’t know what to do for a few seconds when he quickly composed himself and gingerly put his hands on her waist.

Y/N had one hand in his hair and one on his shoulder. She finally got to run her hands through his hair like she imagined.

The kiss wasn’t that long but it lasted long enough. Of course they both wanted to spend hours just kissing each other, getting to explore each other, but it was getting late for a school night.

They finally pulled apart and just stared at each other, smiling for a couple seconds.

“Bye Peter. I expect you to text me.” She said already walking into her building.

“Bye.” whispered Peter, touching his lips, feeling blessed.

Boy did he have a story to tell Ned.

•Jealous•Marc Bartra

“What is your problem!” y/n hissed, glaring at her boyfriend of little over a year. “Dont have one.“Marc retorted as he crossed his arms defiantly causing Y/n to narrow her eyes. 

The young couple was currently staring each other down in the kitchen of the apartment they shared. Y/n stood in front of the island, looking as if she was one wrong word away from violent reaction, while Marc stood across from her–leaning against the fridge looking like he couldn’t care less. It baffled her that he was really standing there like he did nothing wrong. 

She couldn’t remember a time  Marc had made her  feel  this angry or embarrassed. He wasn’t perfect by any means and their relationship had been through its fair share of bumps but he  never acting like this.  He’s never been as much of an asshole as he was no more then ten minutes ago. 

After coming home from a long day training, instead of greeting y/n like she was his girlfriend—he decided to make a scene. Why?because he  had found her on the living room floor doing what she exactly what she had told him she’s be doing–studying  for her upcoming midterms with a friend. 

But of course that didnt matter to Marc; it didnt matter the two friends were surrounded by books, notes and study guides. It didnt matter that they had both been deeply concentrated on their work, not even speaking when he arrived. Nope, all Marc saw was that this friend happened to be male and all common sense flew out the window.  

He was rude off that bat to Andrew not even bothering to introduce himself. 

“Who the fuck is this and why is he here?” Were the words he chose to go with. He hadnt even said hello and that infuriated Y/n… and it only worse from there. Now he had the nerve to act like he didnt do anything? Fuck that. 

“You dont have a problem, Marc?"she raised her eyebrow at him.

"Nope."he answered, his demeanor remaining aloof. She chuckled; he was unbelievable.

"Right, and I suppose you were  rude as fuck out of the goodness of your heart.” Y/n said sarcastically. 

“Sure."He shot back, as much as he was trying to appear like he was still unbothered his eyes gave him away. They were cold and hard as the ice they resembled. A unwanted shiver crawled up her spine–they just looked so intimidating but she’d be damned if she let it be known she was anything but infuriated.

"Seriously Marc?That was a friend of mine and you embarrassed the fuck out of me!"she exasperated. 

"Friend? Yeah, okay.” He chuckled shaking his head. Y/n narrowed her eyes as her hands twitching at her sides—he was really about to get slapped, 

“ Whats that supposed to mean?"she gritted.

"Exactly what it sounds like."Marc shrugged,” If  that’s your ‘friend’ how is it  that this is the first time I’m meeting him? As a matter of fact you’ve ever even mentioned an ‘Andrew’.“

Y/n wouldve laughed in his face if he wasnt pissing her the fuck off. Was he being for real right now? She couldn’t possibly be friends with someone because she hadnt mentioned them?

"Oh shit. I forgot I was supposed to run all my friends  by you! My fault, Dad."she sneered sarcastically.

"If they were really your friends you wouldn’t  have a problem telling me about them ."Marc countered. Y/n’s head jerked back as if he had slapped her.  Though He had only been trying to state the obvious—you introduce your friends to your significant other right?—  all Y/n heard was an underlying accusation.

She narrowed her eyes,” Run that  by  again because it sounds like accusing me of something,Marc.”

He looked at her in utter confusion; accusing her?he had no idea what she was talking about. 

"I’m not—”

“—because if you  are  accusing me of some shit be a man about it come out and say it."She cut him off. 

"I’m not accusing you of anything!”

“Then what the hell are you doing, Marc because you’re fucking up.”

“I just  don’t appreciate some guy I’ve  never seen before, chilling in my  house!”

“He wasnt "chilling” we were studying,“Y/n leaned back against the island,” but your house huh.“

Marc groaned, already knowing by her tone she was about to make something  he literally meant nothing by into a thing,

"will you stop trying to put words in my mouth?thats not what  i meant by that and you know it!”

“Im not putting shit in your mouth, you said it. Your house. Got it,” she nodded as if it was all making sense,“And since  its yours it only makes  sense I run everyone I come in contact with by you. My bad.”

“Y/n.."he sighed. 

"No dont Y/n me. Clearly you’re  the  king of this castle and what the king says is law. I’ll bring  every friend i know  over to meet you. Do i need to set an  appointment?"she taunted, knowing that her words were making him uncomfortable.

  Marc always made it point that she  knew she was his equal. Though if anyone had above anyone in the relationship, in his eyes it would be her. 

He saw Y/n as a queen and treated her as such. Ruling over her was never something he wanted or intended to come off as he wanted. At least that’s what she had thought, apparently Marc had the finals say in anything. Therefore making him king. 

"Oh silly me, of course I have to make an appointment! "Y/n slapped her head in an exaggerated motion,"When does training end tomorrow so can set up the first one?”

“Y/n will you shut up a second ??” He snapped, annoyed. 

“Yes King Marc."Y/n recited like a  loyal subject in her Kings castle. 

He glared at her,”stop.”

"Why King Marc?"she continued to taunt. He groaned before  pushing  off the counter he had still been leaning on. Once he was close enough he taking a hold of her hands and pulling her to him before wrapping his arms around her waist.

"you’re not taking me seriously."he said as if she was supposed to. 

Of course she wasn’t; what was to take seriously? He was rude as hell and  acted like an utter asshole  to Andrew  before all but kicking him out of the apartment… All because y/n hadnt introduced  them prior. How was she supposed to take him seriously?

"Because you’re acting like an idiot—” she started. “How would you feel?"Marc cut in. 

"What?"she furrowed her eyebrows, confused. What did he mean how would she feel? Feel about what?

"How would you feel if you came home and I just hanging out with some girl you’ve  never seen before?"he pressed. 

 Y/n gave him a look,”Andrew wasnt ‘some guy’. he is in my anthropology 102 class. we. were. studying.”she said slowly as if it would help Marc finally realize how dumb he was being. 

"He’s not some guy to you. You see how that works?” Marc pressed completely ignoring her insulting tone,“I walk into the apartment I share with my girl to find some guy with her. And before you jump to conclusions again, no I’m not accusing you of anything. I trust you.”

He trusted her…so what was this even about? What was he trying to prove?

“Im gonna ask you again,” she stated, “whats your  problem?”

 ”I dont trust him.”he stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world. 

“You dont know him."Y/n rolled her eyes and to her surprise Marc agreed. 

"Exactly! I dont know him and yet here he is sitting on my living room floor.”

“Okay? You’re acting all jealous for no reason—"she started only to laugh as her words dawned on her.  She was treating Marc like he was the slow one but in reality she was. how did she not see it for what it was? Marc wasnt just being an asshole for the sake of being an asshole… this idiot was jealous.

"Oh my God you’re jealous!"she leaned away just enough to look up at him. 

"What?"he made a face at her words,” No, I’m not, I just—" 

“You saw me with a guy you never met and  got jealous."she finished  with a teasing smile, the blush that tinted his cheeks only confirmed her revelation. 

"You know you have no reason to be."she said matter factly,” Andrew’s not my type.“

"Why not?"Marc asked curiously. Ha, so much  for not being  jealous. "Not that Im jealous..just curious."he quickly added. 

Yeah right. She didn’t believe him for a second but decided to humor him. 

"Well for one, he’s a slob."Y/n revealed, holding back an eye roll when Marc visibly relaxed as she began her explanation, his jealous ass was loving this,"Did you see the mess in the living room?Most of that was him. You already know what a struggle it is for me to keep organized, imagination that times two.  That would be such an unhealthy living situation. Two he’s a nervous chatterbox.”

Marc made a face,”what do you mea—”

“When he’s anxious he wont shut up about the most irrelevant things. Its cute as a friend but i’d probably choke him if he was my boyfriend."she said truthfully making Marc laugh only because he knew she was dead serious. 

"And finally the most important reason of all—I dont find him attractive. Not even a little.oh and there’s that little technicality that I love you, jackass."Y/n chided as she slapped his chest.

"Oh right,"he said stupidly and she rolled her eyes,"sometimes I wonder about you, Marc Bartra.”

“But you love me."he grinned.

"Yeahhh,"she let out a fake sigh,"I suppose I do.”

She squealed and giggled when he bent down and playfully bit at her bottom lip before kissing it. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he continued to plant lingering kisses on her lips. 

Contrary to what Marc might of thought he was not off the hook. Y/n was still slightly annoyed with the way he handled Andrew. Just because she knew why acted the way he did, didn’t make it right. She was gonna let it go for now, but made  a mental note to make him apologize. Later though… because right now she was  more than content in kissing her man. 


Make You Feel Good - Jungkook (Smut)

For ( @ibkp )

“Look Y/N, Jungkook isn’t a bad guy! Just go with him! It’s not as if he’d try to come on to you, he’s with me incase you forgot!” Your best friend said as she tried to persuade you to go on an overnight stay with her boyfriend, you had booked concert tickets around a year ago to see your favourite band with your best friend, but her family had to rush away to look after her grandmother for a few days so you had no one to go with you, until she persuaded her boyfriend to tag along with you. “It’s not that I think he’d try something, its that he physically hates me! He’s only going because he likes the band.” You moped to your friend, feeling sorry for yourself. “Stop complaining, at least you won’t be by yourself” She spoke on the phone to you, “Fine, but this won’t make me like him! Just so you know.” You replied, continuing to whinge and complain. “Yeah, Yeah… Anyway I said goodbye to him this morning before I left and told him to look after you. I’m not saying he was happy about it but never the less he promised me he would.” You groaned as you said your goodbyes, and beginning to pack your bag, You had been finished packing for around 10 minutes when you received a text from the man himself. ‘I’m picking you up in 20 minutes. You better be ready : |’ You rolled your eyes at how blunt his message was as you put your jacket on and tied your laces, walking down stairs and locking your door just as he showed up, tooting the horn in an ‘asshole’ manner, if there was such a thing. You hurriedly put your things in the boot before jumping into the car beside him. “Hey.” He spoke dryly, “Hi…How are you?” You spoke, trying to make a decent conversation with him, failing miserably when he responded “fine.” You scoffed at his attempt at discussions. The 4 hour drive to your hotel was anything but pleasurable, with only 4 or 5 lines of speech per every long hour. You hadn’t realised you fell asleep until you felt a harsh nudge on your arm, and an irritated Jungkook telling you to “Wake up.” You got out of the warmth of the car, and into the cold air of the out doors, shivering as you walked to the boot gathering your case.  You watched Jungkook in his full stance, wearing a pink bomber jacket, black jeans and timberland boots with a bag on his back and your small case beside him. “Here.” He said rolling the case over to you. “Thanks.” You spoke sarcastically as you followed behind him into the hotel. “I make a reservation for Jeon” He said to the nice lady the desk, being so much nicer to her than he ever has been to you.  “Of course, However sir I’m afraid the only room we had was a double bed, not two singles” The women said with a sorry expression on her face. “Thats okay. We’ll work it out” He said pleasantly to the women, who could only nod at him, handing him the room key. “Guess you’re on the couch” He smirked as he began walking to the room, “I am not sleeping on a couch” You defended “Awh yeah, guess you may have to sleep on the floor if there isn’t one” He said laughing slightly, you slapped the back of his head as he slid the keycard into the door and entered the room. Luckily there was a couch that you dumped your case on, sitting down where there was room. “I’m showering first” He said running into the bathroom. You got your outfit for tonight out of your case, and prepared for your shower. The bathroom door opened and out came Jungkook, in nothing but a white towel at his hips. You tried your best not to stare at his toned torso, before your eyes made there way to his V line, looking away quickly before you got caught. You grabbed your clothes and make up bag before walking into the bathroom and after a quick shower, making sure to shave your legs because you where wearing a dress. You blow dried your curled brown locks you began to apply your make up, a black smokey eye with a subtle contour and a pink lip. You put on a long sleeved grey dress that came to your mid thigh with a pair of thigh high black socks/stockings and a pair of black velvet thigh high boots, supporting it with a thick chunky chain necklace. You walked out of the bathroom to see Jungkook, his light blonde/brown hair covered with a red beanie. He wore a white shirt, black skinnies and burgundy timberland boots. You knew he looked handsome as hell, and he was aware of just how beautiful you looked, of course neither of you said any of these things as you ‘hated’ each other, so instead you intently worshiped one another appearances before you broke the silence saying, “Shall we go?” as you grabbed your phone and the tickets to place in your bag, He held the door opened for you whilst you exited, before following along behind you. You both began to loosen up around each other, however the dislike between the pair of you still prominent. The taxi to the concert went surprisingly well, he asked you about how long you’ve known your best friend and how you became friends in the first place. You where surprised he made effort to speak to you when he could have easily gave you the silent treatment. You handed him the ticket for entry into the building, it wasn’t a massive concert. More like a ‘friendly get together’ with around 150-170 people there. You found a spot to sit your things, turning your phone on silent. Jungkook walked up beside you “What would you like to drink?” He asked sweetly, you pondered your choices before responding to him “I’ll just have a bottle of soju please” You asked pleasantly, he simply nodded and walked off to the bar. You sat patiently waiting for him to return, however when he did he handed you a pinky red cocktail. “Whats this?” you asked confused as he sipped his beer. “A WooWoo, Y/F/N loves them! I thought you might too” He spoke encouraging you to drink the unfamiliar drink. You took a sip, tasting the sour yet sweet alcohol that flowed over your body. You weren’t much of a drinker but you enjoyed the drink, giving him an approving nod. Many people began to scream signalling that the band you had came to see was appearing on stage, both you and Jungkook walked over to the stage area, you began “Wooo!”-ing as they played their first set. It began to get later in the night and you’d had a few more drinks than you cared to admit, not completely drunk, but tipsy. You told Jungkook that you’d go to the bar whilst he was at the toilet, however when you got up there someone nudged you. Looking round you saw your ex-boyfriend. “Hey, Y/N how are you doing?” He asked you smugly, you attempted to ignore him until he roughly grabbed your arm and swung you round to him. “Ouch! I’m fine, leave me alone” You said trying to shuffle away from him, however he shuffled along beside you. “So, are you still a whore or have you calmed your act down since we broke up?” He asked you, feeling a dagger in your heart obviously a minor feeling for him still existing after everything he put you through. “I never was!” You defended, “Sure thing, you slutty piece of shit” He said smirking at you, after that you lost it. You grabbed your bag and stormed away, tears streaming down your face, you bumped into some one on the way out not even looking back to say sorry. You crouched down outside, crying your eyes out. After a few seconds you felt a reassuring hand rub your back. “Hey, whats wrong” the voice asked, straight away you could tell it was Jungkook. “He’s here” you cried into your arms. “Who’s here?” He asked confused at who could have got you in such a state. “M-my ex-boyfriend.” You cried, trying to speak with a lump in your throat. “Just ignore him!” He said as if the task was easy. “I can’t not after what he done to me” You whined, Jungkook not knowing your backstory was very confused “He used to call me a whore or a slut and abuse me for it” You cried, you felt Jungkook tense in anger, he did secretly care about you and he always had a soft spot for you, because he was your best friends boyfriend you where always strictly off limits. “Stand up” He spoke seriously. You did as he commanded, looking at him, your make up had ran down your face from the tears that had just fell. He latched his hands onto your waist, you placing your hands on his shoulder, confused as to what was going on. “Y/N, I know this might seem wrong but just for one night, let me show you how you should be treated. Let me take care of you, make you feel good.” He whispered sensually into your ear, you where vulnerable and over emotional because you had been drinking, maybe you needed this, so you nodded. He held you close in the taxi, before walking you up to the room you where both staying in. He brought you in and closed the door, pushing you up against it. “Jump” He whispered, you did as he asked. He held your thighs as he began kissing you, you wrapped your arms around his waist and kissed him back. He began to squeeze your ass ever so slightly, being gentle with you. The subtle feeling causing you to moan into his mouth. He slid a tongue over your lips asking for entrance which in time you granted, allowing him to taste your mouth as you did with his. He carried you over to the bed, softly laying you down as he throws his shirt away, as you slide your boots off. He crawls on top of you pulling at the hem of your dress and lifting it over your head, he admires your beautiful body as you do to his, “You are beautiful” He sighed as began to kiss you again, your hands began exploring his chest, then unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his jeans. He slid them of in one swift movement, before moving his kiss from your lips to your jaw, he ran his hand from your rib cage all to way down to your heat. He then unclipped your black lacy bra, and threw it across the room beginning to kiss your neck nipping and sucking, then moving down to your chest, massaging one of your breasts and licking and biting the others nipple, earning yet another moan from your needy body. He made his way down to your women hood, spreading your legs. He began to kiss up your thighs, leaving a few minor bruises from where he sucked the skin for a little too long. He ran a finger along your soaked wet panties making you gasp. He smirked at the effect he had on you, as he removed the panties and threw them on the floor. He ran a finger across your entrance as you groaned, growing more needy for him as the time passed by. He slowly slid a finger into, as your head fell back onto the pillow. He began to slowly pump in and out of you and when he felt you loosen up he added another, the full time you where a moaning mess. He added the last finger he could fit before you became too tight around him, then he brought him thumb to your clit and curled his fingers into you, the intense pleasure caused you to have an untimely release “Ah Jungkook…”  you moaned out as he rode out your orgasm. Once you had release for his fingers it was time to clean you up with his tongue, his head disappeared between your legs then you felt his wet tongue, licking directly up your entrance to your completely drenched heat, he took his tongue and began curling into your heat, lapping up your release, it was amazing what this boy could do with his mouth, finishing up by sucking on your clit to receive another moan. “Are you on birth control or do we need protection?” He asked before he got himself ready, “I’m on birth control” You said. “Even better” He said smiling as he lined himself up at your entrance, slowly sliding into you. It was slightly painful at first as you’d never taken anyone as big as him. “Okay, you can move” You told him, with that command he began to slowly dive into you, you watched his beautiful body, rolling his hips into your wet core moaning his name over and over again. You felt him twitch around you, you where both close. He began to speed up, taking his thumb to your clit once more and causing a fantastic orgasm for both of you. You where so tired and emotional that after that you passed out, Jungkook soon falling asleep too. The next day was somewhat awkward, you had a casual conversation on the way home, whilst you contemplated what you did last night. You knew it was wrong but I’d never happen again. You made it back, and turns out your best friend had returned home late last night too so you headed to her house together. The door opened and Jungkook stepped into the house, he walked up to his girl friend and pulled her into a kiss, holding her tight. You felt a sense of jealously as she received the warmth that you did last night, your heart dropped when he gave you a serious glare as if to say “Don’t say a word” You felt crushed as you soon realised, you where in love with your best friends boyfriend…