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these are kind of old and kind of blurred but. 

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Did u kno that when u get so drunk that u cant remember anything, it isnt because u made memories that u just cant access... its because ur brain literally stopped recording information. There are no memories to recover. This applies to any other black outs too (not just drunk ones) The more u kno, bro 🤔

ok :O there was one time i got black out drunk but it was on vacation in spain in my hotel room so nothing rly happened

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" she's just mean cause I have you and she doesn't "

baz whispers in the dark, running long fingers through simon’s golden curls. 

“its just weird not really being friends with agatha anymore. i miss talking to her.” simon admits, “i feel like shes mad at me all the time.”

“well, you did run off with the boy she dumped you for.” baz smirked

“thats not entirely my fault, you-”

“you kissed me first, si.”

“whats that got to do with agatha?” simon mumbled, curling his fingers in the soft hair on the nape of bazs neck

“just shut up and do it again.”

he did.

Part 2

Sequel to this. | Streets and Sanctuaries Verse

“No ID, neither federal nor from any school, no entry in our databases, not with your finger prints and especially not under a teenaged ‘Peter Campbell’, no contract for your phone number, no lawyer, no address, and no,” Officer Novak looks at him for a moment, his gaze unreadable and yet not as harsh as the way with which the other officers looked at him, “no emergency contact.”

Despite craving to sink into himself and just hug his knees to his chest, finding that bit of comfort in the enemy’s territory, Dean puffs himself up and stares the officer dead in the eye. “What about it?”

“Yes. What about it indeed.” Officer Novak says and sits down on the sofa that is angled towards the one Dean sits on. For some reason, Officer Novak didn’t throw him in a holding cell or an interrogation room right away but shielded Dean and his flimsy clothing from the other officers, who just stared at him like a particularly interesting but also particularly repugnant insect, and led him into his own office and onto one of the two big leather couches. He also offered Dean water and cocoa and even some warm milk, but shut up with his offers when he received an indignant glare for the latter.

At least he wasn’t rough with Dean. When they were still in the car and on their way to the precinct, Dean offered for him to do whatever he wanted to with him in exchange for letting him go. But Officer Novak didn’t take him up on it, as much as he didn’t strike or threaten Dean for even suggesting such a thing. Wouldn’t have been the first time Dean would have gone through that; not the first time a cop got his hands on him and did whatever he wanted to. But the first time he actually made his way to the precinct instead of the backseat of the car.

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Finally got my sister to watch Power Rangers with me so I didn't seem like a loser after the third time
  • *Trini appears*
  • Little sis: She's hot.
  • Trini: ...They don't have to worry about my relationships.
  • Zack: Boyfriend trouble?
  • Trini: Yeah, boyfriend trouble.
  • Zack: Girlfriend trouble?
  • Sis: Holy shit! I knew it!
  • After the movie
  • Sis: *Checks IMDB for the cast members* Wait...Trini was Becky G?!
  • Me: Yeah.
  • Sis: You mean, Becky G who sang that Shower song and I was in love with her during uh...I don't what year in middle school, but when I was still a baby gay?
  • Me: Yeah.
  • Sis: You're telling me that Becky G who plays Trini had that high school invasion at the school I currently attend, but last year I didn't go that day because I was at home sick, but I just did not care.
  • Me: That's the one.
  • Sis: Fuck my life. Also did she get hotter?
  • Me: You could've met her.
  • Sis: I HATE YOU!

Random Fact

When I’m frustrated, angry, annoyed, etc, I speak with an accent or slang (different sometimes) that either sounds horrible or ridiculous when I rant.

Sometimes I worry that if other people who have an accent or slang hear it, they may get offended.