that's me

  • Someone:haha you're so emo :) say something emo :))
  • Me:mmmm My Chemical Romance, yes, gerardo way, my dad son
  • Me internally:when I was a young child I ate so much cardboard I could have built a house. I could have built a college for my white blood cells and lived off the tuition they gave me. I could have built another college using the tuitions and built an empire out of cardboard.

Friendly reminder: Not all Nonbinary people want to look androgynous. Nonbinary doesn’t mean you can’t have boobs. Nonbinary doesn’t mean you don’t want genitals. For some it does. For some it doesn’t. Nonbinary can look feminine. Nonbinary can look masculine. Nonbinary can look like both. Nonbinary can look androgynous. But Nonbinary doesn’t have to look like anything. Nonbinary looks nonbinary. If you are nonbinary then you look nonbinary. There is no specific look you have to have.