that's me

The Fourth Soul: I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! I hope you enjoy this drawing I made for you!

*Despite everything, it’s still you.

Ahhhh birthday gifts <3 I should put these on the Fanart Monday???? Nah, birthday gifts enter a new cathegory :P

My cool dude shirt, man, I want to wear it now <3 <3 <3 Thanks a lot for thinking of me <3

Friendly reminder: Not all Nonbinary people want to look androgynous. Nonbinary doesn’t mean you can’t have boobs. Nonbinary doesn’t mean you don’t want genitals. For some it does. For some it doesn’t. Nonbinary can look feminine. Nonbinary can look masculine. Nonbinary can look like both. Nonbinary can look androgynous. But Nonbinary doesn’t have to look like anything. Nonbinary looks nonbinary. If you are nonbinary then you look nonbinary. There is no specific look you have to have.