that's mary for ya

I kind of wanted Cas to snap at dean saying “you wanna talk about cosmic consequences?? How about: the DARKNESS. And the fact that YOU KILLED DEATH, DEAN, I don’t think you get to say anything about what I did.”

Abby Wambach

Abby Wambach heads straight for the end of the counter and takes everyone else’s coffees for herself. When the baristas reprimand her for it, she demands to speak to the manager and complains that her drink isn’t as good as it used to be. The manager apologizes and assures her that the next drink she gets will be better, but she decides to quit drinking Starbucks instead. The entire store throws a huge celebration in her honor. She still freely offers her opinion about how Starbucks used to be.


“Can I get you a drink, ma'am?”
“What’s that?”
That is a spinach and celery smoothie. Would you like one?”
“Good choice.”

BrainDead 1.05: Son You Need To Talk To Your Boss About Your Job Description
(Seriously, why’s a Chief-of-Staff serving drinks at a government re-opening party that isn’t even hosted by his boss, other than to relive Aaron Tveit’s underaged bartending days?)

..the idea was that we would unfold a woman to an audience that saw her in one way. And we do make all kinds of judgments about people. We make pre-judgments and we see them in one capacity, and we think we know them. So this has been a kind of unfolding of a woman.
—  Mary McDonnell,  on Sharon’s Raydor’s character transition from The Closer to Major Crimes (x)