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“but… if you’re not there…”

Only you can make this world seem right
Only you can make the darkness bright
Only you and you along can feel the like you do
And feel my heart, with love for only you

Happy New Year!
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Samezuka + Iwatobi boys went to an ice-skating date with their partner, and their partner would be really good; how with be the boys? would they be good or really bad xD ? I love your blog, you are a really good writer. I check your blog like 4-5 times a day, it's so amazing! ♥♥♥

(//spits// you’re so sweet what the heck??? i love you, thank you! and aaa this is a really cute prompt //w//)

Makoto: He’s a clumsy mess the second he steps onto the ice, moving stiffly with red ears. He keeps slipping and falling and needs to constantly be clinging onto his partner, even if he ends up dragging them down with him when he falls. 

Haruka: He frowns a little at the ice since it’s basically just frozen water and people are stepping all over it. But once he relaxes and gets the hang of it, he can glide around pretty smoothly, quite liking how the cool air feels on his face. He’d help his partner if they need it, holding their arm and pulling them along.

Nagisa: Honestly, Nagisa’s a little klutzy when it comes to things like this, but he’d have the most fun skating, trying to slide around as fast as he can and ends up falling on his face a lot but laughing the entire time. He wouldn’t fall as much once he’s on ice for a while, and tries to pull his partner into racing him.

Rei: Like everything he does, Rei would study beforehand on all the concepts of ice skating and the best places to put weight and such. Figure skating is incredibly beautiful, after all, so he’d be trying to spin and do dramatic splits in the air when he really just ends up sliding all over the place and needing his partner to guide him through the basics of moving on ice.

Rin: Rin could practically be a speed skater if he wanted to, getting used to the ice almost right away with a fascinated shark grin full of excitement like when he was younger. He’d be a natural, skidding along and being able to stop himself immediately on ice. It’s most likely that he’d be coaching his partner, telling them that their feet were too close together and how to pick up speed.

Sousuke: He’s a little clumsier than Rin, but he’d like the idea of learning together with his partner. By himself he keeps frowning at his feet, completely focused on how he should move and getting grumpy when he falls for the first time. For him to really have fun he’d need to be holding onto his partner and be able to help them, along with a promise of hot chocolate afterwards.

Nitori: He’d stick right by his partner’s side because he really doesn’t want them to get hurt. Although he fumbles around a bit at first, he’d have a lot of fun going around in circles and smiling happily when he learns how to turn or stop himself perfectly. If his partner was less agile than he is on ice, he’d take all the time to teach them, holding their arm and helping them when they fell.

Seijuurou: Seijuurou sees it as a challenge, so he takes it up whole-heartedly, only being able to see images of couple’s figure skating in his head. He doesn’t get discouraged easily, so even when he finds out he’s pretty bad at skating, he’d just laugh if he fell and slowly try to figure out the best way to move himself. He isn’t too much help if his partner also isn’t the best, but he’d cherish the moments of them learning things together.

Momotarou: The clumsiest out of the bunch (besides Makoto), Momo would be intimidated by the ice and stick to the side and inch himself along that way. He’d need his partner to be beside him the entire time, and it would take some prompting before he finally leaves the edge and goes further out while holding their hand. Even if he ends up falling a lot he’d whine at first, but still love to watch his partner skate around freely.

i want reigisa to become canon but not necessarily even in a fanservice-y way.

like literally they show up for practice holding hands and haru and makoto notice it and act suprised for a second and look up to nagisa who is just smiling and waving at them and rei who is blushing his face off and they just smile back at them and continue practice.

thats it they dont even have to mention it again like please just SOMETHING„,