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Right y’all, listen up – I’m only going to say this once. 
People make mistakes – of course they do. What Taylor is saying doesn’t mean that isn’t true. But people also change their minds, they change their perspectives. 

I mean, wouldn’t you, if you found of the person you thought was your new friend was secretly recording you, as well as not keeping his promises about plying you the entire song? 

Like, how don’t people see not hearing the full song adds a whole different context and slant to the words that Taylor heard in the phone call? By the sounds of it, they weren’t in context. She never heard the lyric about being ‘That Bitch’, therefore wasn’t degraded in the snippets that she heard.    Kanye lied to her, didn’t play her the song like he promised, called her a name in the song that is basically used in rap to be derogatory to women… 

Taylor thought Kanye was her friend. 

(She was SO excited about finally being able to call someone she had idolised her friend again, after he embarrassed her so in 2009, you could tell), 

but friends don’t record friends to manipulate and speculate a private situation in the media later nor do they call their friends insults in songs and not tell them about it… 

So, Taylor is right to say now that she was never really part of their narrative, because it’s the truth. Ever since then, he has used her to get publicity, and this has turned out just to be another one of those moments and highlights the main issue here:

Can you imagine the uproar if Taylor had done in 2016 what Kayne has done? Not only named a famous person in a song but insulted them without their permission???? Taylor can’t even be inspired by relationships anymore without being called “obsessive” or “crazy” or “desperate”, and yet some of you think it’s okay for Kanye to do all this and more?

Don’t you see the issue here??????????

By supporting Kayne in this – in the insulting a powerful woman in a lyric that would be heard the world over; the lack of permission to do so; the secret recording of the phone call; the naked depiction of her in the video – you are supporting the blatant arrogance and misogyny that keeps him where he is.   

Because Taylor is right – Kanye and the media have been telling the world that it’s not okay for Taylor to feel what she feels, even though she has no more control over that than you or I do over our feelings… 

Letting Kanye tell people how Taylor should feel about something he did to her? That’s like letting someone who assaulted you, or punched you, or ran you over with their car, speak for you about how YOU feel after they hurt you to a jury… expect Taylor’s jury is the entire world.

That is why I will always stand with Taylor on this, because if I have have learned one thing in my life, it is that misogyny is about telling women what they can and can’t feel / do / be  and unless we stand up to it in all its forms, say “enough is enough”… well, then it wouldn’t ever stop.  

After all, give an inch and arseholes will take a mile. 

And to all y’all ‘fans’ who are destroying evidence of secret session photos, or ranting and raving about the woman you have supposedly ‘loved’ like a friend until yesterday……. I swear to god I better not see you back here when meet and greets roll around again, because it’s an insult to those of us who would never be so insulting or hurtful or so downright disrespectful.

(And to Taylor, if you’re out there somewhere, reading all this, I just want to say……. I love you so much my heart hurts that I can’t be by your side, that I can’t hug you and be there to rant with you about all this like a friend should.   

Our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we touch…. and I just want to take this moment to say thank you for touching mine @taylorswift​).

I am a better person because of you, and I will stand with you always.   #IStandWithTaylor


♪ Arata Uduki & Aoi Satsuki ♪「Six Gravity ☆ Middle Pair」|| Episode 4

Honestly the way Emma is treating Audrey in the hallway is exactly how Haley acted towards Emma in the library. Like congrats Emma. You now have something in common with Haley fucking Meyers

Guys stop hating on Sebastian!

I’m sure he’s really sorry for cancelling at Wizard World and getting a chance to meet more of his fans, but the guys an actor. It’s what he does for a living! There is no need to send him hate messages on his Instagram and be mad at him, I mean the guy is only human and he’s an amazing actor.

He’s going off to film a new movie, maybe it’s for Black Panther, maybe it’s for something else, but you guys shouldn’t get mad over something like this, this is how actors hate their fans. We don’t want Sebastian to hate us now, do we?

I’m sure there will be more cons he will be at, but in the meantime just let him be, he’s off to shoot in Ireland for maybe a month or two, maybe more. And he will run into fans there off set. 

So don’t be mad at him for not being able to have a clear schedule all the time, the man is busy and thanks to him we have an amazing guy playing Bucky and he’s one hell of an actor!

He’s all sunshine and rainbows and we love him for that!

Don’t be mad at him for filming a new movie/tv/cameo. Just be happy we’ll see him in something new!

I see all these posts about Lydia remembering Stiles simply because she’s a banshee and not cause she loves him. Okay? But that still doesn’t change the fact that they showed the two of them staring intensely at each other in the car, and her speak the words that she won’t forget him. Whether it’s due to her banshee powers or not, that doesn’t negate the fact that she cares deeply about him. There wouldn’t be a need for that scene if it were strictly platonically about her being a banshee. People just can’t accept the fact that she loves him and she will remember him. No need to bash stydia fans for being excited over this.

PSA; Chapter 314

Can the fandom stop bashing Ohtaka for Alimor becoming canon??? Like, seriously, it didn’t just happened out of the blue! Morgiana and Alibaba did have some chemistry before Alibaba disappeared for 3 years. Let me just list a few here to elaborate my point;

  • Most of her life Morgiana was mistreated and had little freedom to socialize with anyone ( her only friend, Goltas, did kept her company, but he hardly spoke ) thus she became very DISTANT and emotionless. But, despite this and her ad lib issues, the former prince did nothing but treated her with kindness. Even when she fucking kicked him and nearly stabbed him to death, he never once tried to harm her. And, inevitably, used his treasure to buy her freedom. A STRANGER, who knew nothing about her, did this!
  • Then there’s the time Morgiana nearly DIED trying to save her friends by using up a ton of magoi ( which is lethal for fanalis ) and guess who was the only blond to hold her and shed tears for her??
  • Traveling adventures also play a role for their development, that should be self-explanitory
  • The famous Mahrajan festival scene where she gushes over Alibaba calling her beautiful
  • The time Hakuryuu confessed her feelings for her literally made me shed a tear or two?? because no one has ever opened up to her in that way. Sure they shared a kiss and everything (i won’t bash HakuMor bc it is cute!! Like Alikou too) however…Hakuryuu wasn’t the one that freed her from the chains. He wasn’t there when she needed it the most. He wasn’t the person Morgiana set out to follow. Plus, Morg was completely OBLIVIOUS of romance relations at the time. She was still trying to understand her mixed feelings for Alibaba too. So she decided to stick with her savior/Alibaba. She came with this decision on her own. 
  • And then there’s the most IMPORTANT one; Alibaba’s death. Morgiana literally crossed COUNTRIES day and night to get some ray of hope to save him. Setting her life in danger yet again. And when she comes to realize that he had died,,,,she was TORN. Rendered speechless as she laid over his corpse. 

There’s more scenes i missed here,,,, but i hope this is enough to shine a little light for those that are angered with the chapter. Ohtaka built up their development long ago, before the 3 year gap! Morgiana isn’t just someone who would easily toss away her feelings/experiences. As for Alibaba, in general, he never forgot about their development too. The flashbacks on Chapter 314 proved this. 

TL;DR—BOTH of them had enough character development built up for them to be canon. So PLS stop bashing Ohtaka that it was rushed bc, clearly, it was not c’: