that's lucky

Lucky Us: They Had A Chance
  • Setting: An outdoor restaurant
  • Chloe: *sneer* Full offense, but I wouldn't date you if you were the last guy on Earth.
  • Nino: Haaaaha. Okay. You know what, Chloe? I thought you were kind of cute. But maybe I just need new glasses, huh? *stands* I'll see you later, Adrien. *walks off*
  • Adrien: ...Chlo?
  • Chloe: *shoulders shaking*
  • Adrien: You don't have to do this. Go after him.
  • Chloe: *stubbornly keeps eating her dinner through her tears*
Lucky Us: More Things That Won't Happen
  • Nino: If you want Marinette, you have to seduce her.
  • Adrien: *literally a supermodel* How do I do that?
  • Nino: *pinches the bridge of his nose*
  • Later:
  • Marinette: So how's your back doing?
  • Adrien: *remembers Nino's advice* Oh, it's much better! *pulls off his shirt* See?
  • Marinette: *shatters the glass in her hand*


Don’t know if anyone else has posted this before, but the Dogblr Downunder crew were chatting about dog age in human years (also Embark does this calculation) and I had remembered reading that the first two years of a dog’s life were around 25 years in humans and then it slowed down. I did a quick Google and found this handy chart from AKC.


“When you’re in love with somebody, everything looks colorful.”
     ━ Dedicated to Selma

Lucky Us: The International Incident
  • Mayor Bourgeois: Prince Ali will be perfectly safe here. My daughter Chloe and her friend Adrien are upstanding citizens and highly responsible young people. *leaves*
  • Adrien: So Prince, how do you say "party" in your country?
  • Prince Ali: Why...?
  • Chloe: *brings out the booze* PARTYYYYYY

I went out today to find cute underwear, it’s nice to ring in the new year in cute new underwear, but I hated everything. So I guess I just won’t wear underwear in 2017. I ended up getting a nightgown instead but I’m not going to wear this either because it’s too cold. I’m going to wear almost all of my clothes. That must be a new year’s luck thing somewhere? Not getting frostbite is super lucky, right?

Even is thinking, after Isak says “just take it day by day”, how can you be so perfect and understanding? I love you so much. 

medieval-fantasy au?!?! i t hink????? idk i just wanted to draw kirigiri in a dress + a hand smoochy thing so this happened! (click for higher resolution please!)

Lucky Us: The International Incident IV
  • Chloe: Shit it's the cops
  • Ali: Oh no oh no what do we do, brother?!
  • Adrien: Act natural.
  • Ali: What???
  • Adrien: You have to act natural!
  • Ali: I'm not sure I can do that! Ooooooh my advisor is going to be so angry and my parents will blow this out of proportion and I don't feel good---
  • Officer Raincomprix: *peers into the window* Is this your missing prince?
  • Ali's Advisor: Your Majesty!!
  • Ali: *pukes*
  • Adrien and Chloe: *sigh*


I’ve been playing pokemon for four years, tried shiny breeding, soft resetting and shiny chaining, but I never found a shiny.

and it just shows up out of the blue when i’ve given up on ever finding one.

Trotter is my trainer in Sun, so this was doubtless his reaction as well