that's lol

super super super shitty quick concept sketches of jonathan for the whole ~heathers~ au? like pre-heathers he just looks generally disheveled and tired and just wears hoodies but the heathers give him Gud Clothes, dye and cut his hair, and pierce his ears while theyre at it for Maximum Edge lol

also i decided that since the heathers are providence, jojo, and lil, that im just gonna make their last names heather because then it would make sense why theyd be called the heathers 

can you imagine prov sitting there with the earring hole puncher thingy and being like “ok stand still this is for the AESTHETIC” and he probably cries

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Why nobody has done: Dippergah, Mabelgah and Stanfordgah with the Grunkle Stan-crabs that say "Money"?

The real Mystery of B.C Gravity Falls: How are Stan and Ford still twins?  


Harvey Dent on Gotham Tonight (TDK Special Features)

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