that's like a lot of my face to handle

How I imagine Jack and Anti after PAX (based off sickness vid)
  • Jack: (sneeze & sniffle) Goddamn, this is the LEAST fun thing to get while traveling.
  • Anti (inside Jack's head): Ha, sucks to be you!
  • Jack: Anti, stfu. And how come YOU'RE not sick?!
  • Anti: I'm an entity, my body becomes physical once I decide to dominate yours. But since you're sick, I'm stayin' inside.
  • Jack: oh rly? (Sniffles deeply)
  • Anti: What the he- Oh s***! Ecch, mucus! Dude, what the fookin' hell-Agh, it's all over my face! Ew, boogers, nosehairs, IS THAT BLOOD?!
  • Jack: (smirking)What? I thought you liked blood, remember October?
  • Jack: Wanna come out? You can get all the antiseptic you want...
  • Anti: HELL naw, I don't wanna catch YOUR sick.
  • Jack: Hmm, so another sniffle or a snee-ee...
  • Anti: Nope, where's the handles?!
  • Jack: (sneezes) Ew, that's a lot, no wonder you hated it...
  • Anti: (groan) I hate this life...
  • Jack: #relatable (blows nose)
Okay so if you guys want a really cute crush story continue reading.

Alright so like the almost the only time I break out is when it’s my time of the month right and I only get cramps on the first and last day (I know I’m so lucky yeah yeah) and for the past couple months my crush has like been super nice to me during my time and I really didn’t realize it until like last week.

So I walk into school right and his brother drives him so we usually get there around the same time and our lockers are close together so we talk the whole time it takes for us to get upstairs and to our lockers and after that but anyway we were walking and I knew I was close to starting cause I was breaking out or whatever and he didn’t really say anything about it. But then at lunch before our other friends got there he asked if I was feeling okay and I said sorta and he’s got two sisters so he knows what girls go through and he was like ‘it’s your period huh’ and I was just kinda surprised he was so blunt about it (most of the other 14/15 year old kids at my school wouldn’t even ask) and I just nodded and asked how he knew and he said ‘you get these clusters of pimples right near your nose about one week every month and I’m not an idiot, I guessed.’ And I was like super embarrassed cause like my crush just pointed out my acne gross but I played it cool and was just like ‘yeah it is’ and then my other friends showed up and like whenever I would get really quiet at lunch that day he would rub my shoulder like massagingly (idk if that’s a word) to like make me feel better in case I was in pain.

So the next day I walk into school and he’s not at our usual meeting spot (don’t judge) but at the table is a note and it says ‘Meet me at my locker -M’ and I knew it was him cause all his friends around there were smiling or whatever.

So I go upstairs to his locker and he’s standing there with it half open and I’m like ‘what’s up?’ And he just sticks his hand in his locker and pulls out his backpack and tells me to look in it so I do and in it are two chocolate bars, some midol (like in the package) and like five water bottles and I just look at him and he goes ‘this way you have comfort during class’ cause we have 5/6 classes + lunch together and he just smiled and zipped up his bag, put it on his shoulder and handed me his hoodie that he like never takes off and I’m like ‘what’s this for’ and he goes ‘my sister told me that being warm helps, and I know how much you’ve wanted to wear this (it’s a joke we have) so I want you to wear it for as long as you need it.’ And he like waits for me to put it on and then we continue throughout our day and it was amazing.

Like his maturity and the way he handled the situation just made me fall for him a lot more and like I’ve always thought that he’s perfect and this just reinforces the fact that he actually is perfect and omg I’m getting butterflies just writing this.