that's kind of stupid

  • random person: how do YOU write romantic scenes?
  • me: what
  • random person: like, you've never kissed someone or been in love. how is it possible you describe it in your writing, then?
  • me: ...
  • me: how can JK Rowling describe Hogwarts if she's never been there?
  • me: how can Rick Riordan describe how Percy Jackson commands a hurricane if he's never done it himself?
  • me: how can George RR Martin describe the death of every single one of his characters if he hasn't died?
  • me: how can JRR Tolkien describe what an elf looks like when he's never seen one?
  • me: YOU. UN. IM. AG. IN. AT. IVE. S. WI. NE.

Ahhhhh, just watched the new Shadowhunters trailer with the extended Malec scene.

“Do you not trust my word?”

I am so freaking excited. Also: I need more context!!!

EXO as characters in a Chanbaek fanfic.
  • Chanyeol: The 'Chan' in Chanbaek.
  • Baekhyun: The 'Baek' in Chanbaek.
  • Kyungsoo: the best friend that seems to hate them but would in fact cut your balls off if you so much as look at them in a bad way.
  • Jongdae: The best friend that's always doing something stupid.
  • Minseok: Just kind of there... Hi?
  • Yixing: The clueless friend that needs protection.
  • Junmyeon: Rich friend with some damn good advice.
  • Sehun: Bitch-faced Dancer.
  • Jongin: "Dancing and Kyungsoo are my life."
  • ZiTao: Quiet. Will cut you.
  • Kris: Wants to be cool. Fails miserably.
  • Luhan: Either girly and gentle or "manly" and loves football. There is no in between.

*blinks* i have… actual plans today? like, dani wants to meet up to play pokemon go, and also to get me a decent magic deck, because my last one is about 10 years old, and most of his decks require actual tactics while i’m still used to my old red/black deck (which is all blunt damage), so it gets pretty exhausting

and then i got to catch the quarter to five train to fribourg because bola invited everyone for dinner, and i probably won’t be home until quite late

and even half a year or less ago, the sheer thought of doing all those things would have been overwhelming to the point of meltdown, but somehow, now, it’s more of an exciting challenge than anything else?

Illegal Heathers Starters
  • “ Our job is being popular and crap. ”
  • “ Haul tail to the caf, pronto. ”
  • “ Why now are you acting like a twit? ”
  • “ This shows some people actually like me after all! ”
  • “ A hot guy complimented me! He wasn’t being sarcastic! ”
  • “ She didn’t mean to be a hoe! ”
  • “ Lately, he’s killed off one of my best friends. ”
  • “ Language. ”
  • “ Being dead sucks, you all suck, I hate you. ”
  • “ My boyfriend left me because he was gay for his linebacker. ”
  • “ Go on and whine and moan. ”
  • “ Come join me in Hell. ”
  • “ Get down! Get drrwwwn! ”
  •  “ We literally just sang a song about how you aren’t going to kill anyone anymore. ”

”I don’t have time for your little crush on Carter”

Len’s Hands

Welp… I don’t want to admit how much time I put into studying Len’s hands and gif-ing them. And yet there’s so much more I could say than even made it into this post, but ah, here’s some analysis of Captain Cold and what his hands say about him, and mostly it’s just a lot of gifs of his hands okay?

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cypsiman2  asked:

Tsubaki w/ Black Star, sensual.

Living with a boy like Black*Star is actually torture. Quite aside from the fact that she actively adores her meister, the thing is… Black*Star has this thing about not seeing much need to wear shirts in the house. Or pants.

And frankly, watching her mostly-naked meister doing thousands of pushups is wreaking havoc on her poor overwrought libido. She can’t seem to tear her gaze away from the way his biceps flex beneath sun-bronzed skin, can’t stop the way her knees get wobbly when he rolls his shoulders and she gets an eyeful of what it does to the muscles of his back, can’t keep her eyes from following the trail of a single drop of sweat that rolls down his neck, his clavicle, all the way right down his toned chest…

She can’t take this anymore. Every single thing Black*Star does seems sensual, every move he makes absolutely dripping with sexy, and if she doesn’t find a way to get him on top of her in the next five minutes, she is going to go absolutely insane.

  • 14 y/o on Twitter: @se4realhinton I love your book sooo much!!! <3 it changed my life and I'm such a huge fan!! How did you come up with Ponyboy and Sodapop's names?
  • S.E. Hinton: @fan get the fuck away from me
Halloween Edition: Horror Stories.
  • Kise: Hey, hey, guys! Let's share our horror stories! Any kind of stories!
  • Aomine: Ha? That's stupid.
  • Kise: What? No, it's not! Right, Kurokocchi?
  • Kuroko: I agree with Aomine-kun.
  • Kise: So mean!!!
  • Akashi: We only meet once so let's give it a shot. You go first, Atsushi.
  • Murasakibara: Mm'kay. *shuts the light* It all happened in one specific day and month... Today.
  • Others: !!!
  • Murasakibara: Muro-chin... Yes, Muro-chin, he grabbed all of candies and suddenly gave it to the kids who knocked on our door! Ooohhh, spooky. *starts eating again*
  • Others: ...
  • Aomine: You aren't even trying!
  • Kise: Was that supposed to be scary?!
  • Murasakibara: It was for me.
  • Midorima: Ridiculous. That's a horror story for you, Murasakibara? So childish.
  • Murasakibara: Then, Mido-chin, you tell us a spooky story.
  • Midorima: I guess it can't be helped. I will tell you all a story. A horror one.
  • Others: ...
  • Midorima: It happened before November hits. Around 9AM, October 31st, I was watching a show in the living room with my sister... Then suddenly... BAM!
  • Others: !!!
  • Others: ...
  • Midorima: THE HORROR!!!
  • Aomine: Okay... That's enough.
  • Kise: ... I should've seen that coming.
  • Kuroko: Midorima-kun...
  • Akashi: You two... I guess it's my turn.
  • Kise & Aomine: Akashi/Akashicchi!
  • Akashi: It happened last year, before I enrolled in Rakuzan. Everything was perfect for tonight's dinner until...
  • Others: ...
  • Akashi: The phone rings...
  • Others: ...
  • Akashi: But when the maid answered it, there's no voice. None. I took the phone and tried to speak but the other line spoke first and asked for candies.
  • Others: !!!
  • Kise: Was it... Halloween?
  • Akashi: Yes, it was. The maids and I thought it was a prank but it's not. It sounds like someone is dying but they are asking for candies through the phone rather than knocking in the door.
  • Aomine: ... Scary, Akashi. Too scary.
  • Kise: Did you know who did it?!
  • Akashi: Until now, no.
  • Kuroko: It couldn't be anyone, though. It's Akashi-kun.
  • Akashi: That's what I thought. Asking for candies through phone...
  • Murasakibara: Ah.
  • Others: !!!
  • Aomine: What?!
  • Kise: Don't scare us like that, Murasakibaracchi!
  • Murasakibara: Oh, sorry. I just remembered something. That was last year, right, Aka-chin?
  • Akashi: Yeah.
  • Murasakibara: I was the one who called. Muro-chin gave every single candies I had to the kids when he and I settled in the dorm.
  • Others: IT WAS YOU?!
  • Murasakibara: Mm.
  • Kuroko: ... I guess it's my turn.
  • Others: !!!
  • Kuroko: I will tell you about yesterday when me and Kagami-kun went to the haunted house.
  • Akashi: Uh, Tetsuya.
  • Aomine: Tetsu, please. Do not continue. We're okay.
  • Kise: Yeah, we're good! Let's end this, guys!
  • Kuroko: Eh?
  • Midorima: Right. It's almost time for trick-or-treating.
  • Murasakibara: Kuro-chin tells a really spooky story so we're good.
  • Kuroko: Eh...?
5sos' sense of humor
  • Ashton: the really good at witty remarks and on the spot jokes kind of funny
  • Calum: the "im gonna drag you down by the hair and also break ur arm but im just kidding" kind of funny
  • Michael: the "what the fuck are you talking about, michael. that's so stupid" kind of funny
  • Luke: the "i've kept this joke in my joke collection box for a while now and im just waiting for the right time to execute it properly" kind of funny