that's kind of stupid

  • random person: how do YOU write romantic scenes?
  • me: what
  • random person: like, you've never kissed someone or been in love. how is it possible you describe it in your writing, then?
  • me: ...
  • me: how can JK Rowling describe Hogwarts if she's never been there?
  • me: how can Rick Riordan describe how Percy Jackson commands a hurricane if he's never done it himself?
  • me: how can George RR Martin describe the death of every single one of his characters if he hasn't died?
  • me: how can JRR Tolkien describe what an elf looks like when he's never seen one?
  • me: YOU. UN. IM. AG. IN. AT. IVE. S. WI. NE.

Scott is an extremely powerful biotic to the point of not being fully aware just how much potential he has. One night during an especially boozy party on Kadara when totally wasted Scott was annoying everyone by making the furniture float in the bar, Gil and Reyes jokingly dared him to try and lift the Tempest. That was obviously impossible and hopefully Scott would be knocked down a peg as he saw the limits of his powers. Except… Scott did make the Tempest float. Not only that – he made it fly a few times over Kadara Port while giggling stupidly and shouting “NYOOM” every five seconds. Reyes and Gil got very, very drunk that night and never spoke of it again. Scott doesn’t seem to remember any of this.

Ahhhhh, just watched the new Shadowhunters trailer with the extended Malec scene.

“Do you not trust my word?”

I am so freaking excited. Also: I need more context!!!

Illegal Heathers Starters
  • “ Our job is being popular and crap. ”
  • “ Haul tail to the caf, pronto. ”
  • “ Why now are you acting like a twit? ”
  • “ This shows some people actually like me after all! ”
  • “ A hot guy complimented me! He wasn’t being sarcastic! ”
  • “ She didn’t mean to be a hoe! ”
  • “ Lately, he’s killed off one of my best friends. ”
  • “ Language. ”
  • “ Being dead sucks, you all suck, I hate you. ”
  • “ My boyfriend left me because he was gay for his linebacker. ”
  • “ Go on and whine and moan. ”
  • “ Come join me in Hell. ”
  • “ Get down! Get drrwwwn! ”
  •  “ We literally just sang a song about how you aren’t going to kill anyone anymore. ”
EXO as characters in a Chanbaek fanfic.
  • Chanyeol: The 'Chan' in Chanbaek.
  • Baekhyun: The 'Baek' in Chanbaek.
  • Kyungsoo: the best friend that seems to hate them but would in fact cut your balls off if you so much as look at them in a bad way.
  • Jongdae: The best friend that's always doing something stupid.
  • Minseok: Just kind of there... Hi?
  • Yixing: The clueless friend that needs protection.
  • Junmyeon: Rich friend with some damn good advice.
  • Sehun: Bitch-faced Dancer.
  • Jongin: "Dancing and Kyungsoo are my life."
  • ZiTao: Quiet. Will cut you.
  • Kris: Wants to be cool. Fails miserably.
  • Luhan: Either girly and gentle or "manly" and loves football. There is no in between.

”I don’t have time for your little crush on Carter”


EDIT:@crshny13 told me that my wording for the drawing was weird and uncomfortable and that is very nice of them to tell me that^^ EDIT#2: this is genderbending people i was confused before but i definetly know now that this is genderbent also if you hate this dont reblog it. Cause thats kind of stupid I found out dream daddy yesterday and then i saw this beautiful papa damien and his beautiful babu lucien And then i drew this. I might draw the other dads but i had to draw something to contribute to this pure goth angel

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You know what? It’s so damn important to appreciate your accomplishments. Because it’s so damn easy to compare yourself to people who you perceive as more successful than you and convince yourself that the things you’ve accomplished don’t mean anything, and that’s such bullshit. Fuck that. Did you finish that assignment for class? Learn to do something new? Kill a spider by yourself? Make yourself take a shower even though you’re depressed? Good. Feel proud of yourself. It doesn’t matter what that person down the street is doing, I don’t care about them, I don’t give a shit if they’re a rich lawyer with five cars, I care about YOU. And you have done things that were hard, and that’s worth feeling proud of. If you did a hard thing, no matter what it was, no matter if it seems small, celebrate that! Even if it was just staying alive another day, because sometimes that’s the hardest thing of all. But you did it. You did a hard thing. I’m proud of you.

Len’s Hands

Welp… I don’t want to admit how much time I put into studying Len’s hands and gif-ing them. And yet there’s so much more I could say than even made it into this post, but ah, here’s some analysis of Captain Cold and what his hands say about him, and mostly it’s just a lot of gifs of his hands okay?

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artist-in-space  asked:

Hey, Kat. So. I know you like Host angst. However I don't recall reading of why Host has bleeding eyes as your headcanon (maybe I missed it) but we can have different headcanons, amirite? So. Imma make a comic that I'll post later/tomorrow that's some kind of stupid but you gotta answer with your own continuation about it. You up for it? Drawing or writing, let's see how we can make it tragic.

Ohhh, I’m excited, I’m always up for some good ol Host angst

Oh my fucking- people are really… People are really that fucking hypocritical? You guys- you guys do know you’re saying the EXACT SAME SHIT that the OP was saying, RIGHT?

Like… I KNOW a part of that side of fandom can be vile and cruel, that’s just facts. But from what that OP has seen - and myself, included - it’s been so OVERWHELMING the type of hate. I won’t deny it, I’ve seen hate from my part of fandom, I have. There will always be. But the problem the OP brought up, was how much they send hate to everyone that so much as likes the character. And I’m not going to say that my part of fandom isn’t this way, I’m not. Because it IS and it’s annoying and I’m sick of it. You can dislike something without being overly vocal (and harrassing). The point OP tried to make is that the hate has become too much - there’s so much fucking hate and it’s fucking DRAINING.

Like, critical thinking is key. People are assholes sometimes. I know. The vocal minority/majority isn’t the whole fandom, I know. It wasn’t that part the OP was directing their frustrations to! It was specificly the part that post hate and anger and vile things in the character tag, in the positivity tags. That’s the MAIN POINT. It’s not to “be mean to the people who don’t like the character”. It’s to point out a behavior that’s toxic and ask WHY IS IT NECESSARY to have so much hate? Oh and the reason they didn’t tag anyone else was because it was specificly about one character. You don’t need to overthink it.

This is just like that band vs that artist all over again. It’s exactly the same. It’s the exact fucking same and it makes me sick.

aizawa: whats your biggest fear?
mic: being forgotten
aizawa: damn thats deep
aizawa: mines the kool aid man but i feel kind of stupid about it now