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Okay but thinking about my reaction to Darth Vader in Rogue one like… it kind of goes to show you JUST HOW IMPRESSIVE the writing and acting in the originals was and how they were able to work around their limited effects of the time because you never see Vader wrecking shit like that in the originals but you always KNEW HE COULD? 

Like the entire originals you sit there like “Oh man this guy is a scary motherfucker I can just imagine the shit he could do”

And then you see Rogue One and its like. “Yep. Thats what I thought he could do. Thats exactly what I always knew he could do.”


Sherlock and Mary: Ultimate Brotp

One of the things that I love about Mary Watson is how well she got along with Sherlock. She had a certain effect on him that caught his attention almost the moment he met her. She almost immediately became precious to him. I think a huge part of him loved her just as much as John did or even more I daresay. She was kind of his mirror. Mary Watson was the twin Sherlock Holmes never had. Sherlock Holmes was the best friend Mary Watson never had. In Sherlock’s mind, she’ll always be “Mrs Watson”.

Saw this comment on my Who is Prometheus post and I’m kicking it off into a separate post because my thoughts are completely off topic. But I had a lot of thoughts. 

akhilartha There is nothing wrong with Prometheus just being Clayborne’s son. It shows how a common person caught in the crossfire of Oliver’s vendetta might view. How, a common person with an obsession can achieve the impossible. It is exactly like Zemo in Civil war. A common citizen who managed to do something none of the supervillains could do. Break apart the Avengers. Tommy coming up will be too much soap opera.Tommy was one of the genuinely good guys with a solid arc. It would be a waste to bring him back as Prometheus. It also relies on people following scattered bread crumbs through five seasons. It just is improbable.

I certainly don’t mind disagreement. Especially when there’s a high probability my opinion isn’t the direction Arrow is going. lol But ya hit a hot button word for me lately: WRONG. Of course there’s nothing wrong with Prometheus being Claybourne’s son. I just don’t like it. I like other ideas better. Your reasons for liking it are great! We just don’t agree. Listen, there is no right or wrong in subjective entertainment. Simply because I am saying I don’t particularly enjoy a certain storyline doesn’t mean I am saying others are WRONG who do enjoy it.

I’m seeing this happen quite a lot lately and I find it baffling. Simply because you express either a positive or negative opinion about an aspect of Arrow or hell ALL of Arrow, doesn’t mean you are saying you are more right or wrong than those who hold the opposite opinion. You are simply expressing what YOU like or don’t like. For some reason, there are those that feel disagreement means judgment. That disagreement means you are intending to make others who hold the opposite opinion feel bad about them. That disagreement means you are saying your opinion is more valid than theirs.

Disagreement, in my opinion, doesn’t mean any of those things. It just means you disagree. And that’s okay. Disagreement is a healthy and natural byproduct of discussion and should be welcomed. ESPECIALLY when discussing something as 100% subjective as entertainment.

Everyone has a right to their opinion. Everyone has a right to express their opinion. Disagreeing with those opinions doesn’t mean you are saying people don’t have a right to them. It doesn’t mean you sare saying people don’t have a right to express them. You are simply adding another perspective to the overall discussion.

If I was the only person to LOVE Arrow that wouldn’t make me feel bad. If I was the only person to HATE Arrow that wouldn’t make me feel bad. While agreement is lovely, I don’t feel like I need my opinion to be validated by others. Ya know? My opinion just is. For better or worse. But it is, in no way, a judgment on others who hold the opposite opinion. And that’s the territory we get into when we use words like “right and wrong.” That’s the territory we get into when we assume disagreement means a person is saying they are right and others are wrong. I have reasons for what I like and don’t like, but I certainly don’t expect MY reasons to be everyone else’s.

In fact, when I send my thoughts out into the void known as the Internet, I expect disagreement more than agreement because it’s THE INTERNET. This is a vast spectrum of beliefs, tastes, culture, background, etc. We are bound to disagree because we are all, in some way, innately different.

Allow me to put it into this context: Do you like cheese? Everyone has an opinion on this matter, I’m sure, because who doesn’t? Cheese is something we all can feel quite comfortable taking a stand in. Unless of course you are neutral about the whole matter. You can take it or leave it. Also, a completely valid choice. Personally, I like cheese. I think cheese is good. There are a wide varieties of cheese I enjoy. More cheese I say. But arguing about whether or not I am wrong about cheese seems arbitrary because my reasons are subjective. Someone can have the completely opposite opinion about cheese and we are no closer to determining rightness or wrongness. Nor am I saying that because I like cheese it is somehow a judgement on you because you don’t like cheese.  

In other words, you do you.

I am, above all, a big fan of open discussion when it comes to stories because that’s how we see new and interesting perspectives, especially when we don’t agree. It just bothers me a lot when someone assumes I am insinuating “right or wrong” simply by expressing my opinion. That’s just not remotely in my thought process. We can all feel very passionately about our opinions and express that passion, but there is no reason we can’t exist in the same space. You don’t have to be right or wrong. Enjoyment of stories is not about right or wrong. It’s just about your level of enjoyment and whatever that level is… that’s completely fine. Be comfortable with your opinion. You don’t need anyone else to tell you you’re right. You don’t have to feel like you’re wrong simply because someone holds an opposing view. You have every right to feel how you feel. Television is subjective.

Alright. I’m gonna get off my soap box now. I appreciate the patience with this ramble.

  • me: yeah, my illness is awful and theres not much i can do to help it.
  • someone: well
  • me: oh no
  • someone: maybe
  • me: here we go again
  • someone: if you
  • me: come on man dont say it
  • someone: just lost/gained
  • me: please, please stop before its too late
  • someone: some weight,
  • me: fuck no, stop it now
  • someone: youd feel better!
  • me: holy fuck thats not how that works, but you just had to say it didnt you? what kind of dumb shit are you talking about?

Hi guys! Here is a little future Xmas fic! I hope you enjoy! xD

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Just in time

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HUMANS S02 E04 CLIP: odi + sophie.

(klavier voice) listen. love takes work. love takes time and it takes patience. my boyfriend wakes up every single day, EVERY day, and that includes sundays and holidays before you even ask, and he just screams. he screams! and i dont mean that in any kind of suggestive way, this guy’s out on the balcony shouting like hes trying to communicate with people all the way in beijing. frankly, i dont understand it. i probably never will. maybe our children will scream too. i dont fucking know. its strange and kinda scary, slightly arousing, but thats just how he is, its not hurting anyone and it makes him happy. and i accept that part of him because loving someone means loving their silly idiosyncrasies too. its a part of being in a relationship, you have to learn to compromise sometimes. now if that answers your question herr blackquill can you PLEASE hand me the toilet paper now because this stall really is all out and i need to get back to my desk before i get logged out of googledocs. 


Jeff & Annie + Instagram
(Aesthetic images via Tumblr // Cast images via Google)


Fantasy!AU junk with more Nekoma. Just some sketches I saved up! I have more but they need to be worked on a bit.

So like… Kuroo has this cool cat eye thing that was given to him by a….a cat deity or something idk he just gets that eye an it gives him eight extra “lives”  and allows him to see different magical, supernatural things a regular human can’t.

I like to think thats also how Kenma got his psychic/cat clairvoyance thing. Maybe this cat guardian just granted the entire Nekoma clan cool cat powers. (cept Lev cause he’s new) But at the same time gives them a kind of unlucky-luckiness. For example there may be a lot of clumsy mistakes and “whoopsie daisies” that ended up happening on all of their heists, but they always manage to make it out on two feet. (someone’s hair get’s singed a bit or a tail may get stepped on but it’s all good.)

So I am not that good at explaining things but I’ve been thinking about this a lot and a bit worried too. So you all know Stevonnie right? I love her and I cried when she was introduced (and any time she is brought back but thats another story..). So I love her first outfit, very cute, shows them together and all adorable and whatnot.

At first I liked how the star was there but it not being a big part of the outfit kind of bothered me. Eventually I got over it and just accepted it. But her 2nd most recent outfit, with Connie’s work out outfit is what has me worried.

Would you see what has me worried? Its small but, its there.. Maybe another photo..

Do you notice how, not only the star is barely visible like before, but its looks like something else.. Oh yeah, A DIAMOND.

Like what in the world is that about?? I’m like having a mini heart attack that that is a thing. Maybe it was just how it worked out or maybe its more.. I mean her most recent fusion has the whole star and its the strongest they’ve been together so far.

Again, I am just worried about the whole YELLOW diamond showing up on their clothes, mostly because all of the Crystal Gems make sure to have a star somewhere, and them fusing together I feel they would get to choose a little how they look but thats just my two thoughts.. Anyone else worried about this??

literally though, give me evil!klance power couple

  • lance being a human present for keith but they just end up being best friends and fall in love
  • it takes time and they hate each other at first
  • but they bond over how they both hate being told what to do all the time
  • they both kind of disagree with the whole taking over the universe thing too, yea fighting is fun and all but theyd be happy on some planet for the rest of their lives too
  • the DESTROY when they work as a team
    • if you go against them youre dead. thats it.
  • they can both kill without grieving much, but when lance first sees a human in the ring (shiro) he’s curious as hell and refuses to hurt him
  • he just kinda. lets shiro go at him and dodges the whole time. watches shiro. 
    • shiro tries to talk to him and lance is all for it but shiro gets dragged away and keith is reprimanded for letting lance do that
  • lance is kidnapped by Allura and Coran and the rest of the crew (sans him and keith)
  • keith just. destroys. he doesnt stop for anything, he just Goes. he chases the castle and storms it him-fucking-self and tries to rescue lance
    • he makes it all the way to lance, who’s frozen in a cryopod, before pidge knocks him out
  • lance is unfrozen first, bc they think hey maybe we can trust him, hes human right?
  • wrong.
  • he freaks out, tries to get keith, almost chokes hunk.
  • so they put him in the pod but don’t freeze him. they wake up keith after a day or two of lance saying nothing
    • keith shares a look with lance and they both just. shut down. thats it you’re getting nothing from them.
  • Allura n the paladins don’t know what to do, but then the Blue Lion calls out to Lance
  • everyones a little stunned, especially lance
  • but for some reason, he loves Blue. he loves her like he’s loved no one else ever, not even keith.
    • he spends a day straight talking with her via telepathy
  • shit is Figured Out and they slowly learn to trust him and keith
  • they get the Red Lion from a Galra ship and that’s it, they’re in this for good. 
    • they get recognized and it comes in handy a few times, but soon enough they’re recognized as traitors and fugitives
  • slowly they realize they’re sort of happy, living like this. it makes more sense.
    • neither of them liked the senseless killing at all really
  • and then theres the option of having them be totally bloodthirsty, the galra’s weapons, Power Couple of the Century, not shy of blood and violence and anything at all
  • i lvoe this concept tbh

new cleuce headcanon: deuce never “officially” asked cleo out, or vice versa. they started hanging out with each other more after cleo and clawd broke up and it just began to happen without any questions needing to be asked, because that’s how their relationship has always worked- naturally.

technically it became official when deuce called cleo his girlfriend in passing in casual conversation and cleo was kind of caught off guard since they hadn’t confirmed that yet so she’s just kind of like “???”

que deuce suddenly getting nervous about it and second guessing himself. and saying, “well i just thought since we’re… you know..” in love and all would be what he was trying to say.

about 5 seconds later after cleo gets over her initial shock she heads straight to fangbook to set her relationship status to taken.

and they have been the mh power couple ever since.

Do you ever just get so…frustrated when it comes to your wriitng?

Like not in the “i suck and need validation” kind of way but like…I dunno…

Like you read other people who are better than you and you aspire to get to and you’re like:

“I am reading this stuff all the time, why isn’t their superior skill not being reflected in my own work? Why can’t I take what i am literally seeing and apply it to my own work?”

I sometimes want to actually just slap my hands and yell at them and yell at my brain too. Because the picture of where i want to be with this story and the execution I want for it isn’t coming out how I want it and it makes me angry because I like the story i’m writing and i’m not doing it justice. The pictures in my mind look amazing and it’s not delivering.

It’s just frustrating…

I know I’ve made a lot of progress but I can’t shake off that voice saying it’s not enough.

Ok rant over


Recently rewatched Legend of Korra and realized how much I miss this show.
So here are my favorite ladies in some 20′s outfits. 

Outfits in the second image are based on the ones in this post which were based of this piece of fanart

anonymous asked:

You are so kind and cute and amazing (ノ*>∀<)ノ♡


i used to love everything about you:

the stars glowing in your eyes,
the gold covering your heart,
the bright smile on your lips,
the silky sound of your laugh…

now that time has passed i know

fire when liquid still burns,
pure metals are icy cold,
lips can make your stomach churn,
silk can cut you to the bone.

the softness of your skin, 
the lightness of your touch
-imaginary hints of presence,
blurred border between real and not.

i used to love everything about you
but you are not the ‘you’ i thought i knew

—  i made you up; d.m

Geez, so this was going to just be a simple sketch with shading, but I ended up liking the linework so much, I couldn’t resist coloring it. And man, let me tell you, it’s a choice I do not regret. I’m almost afraid my next drawing won’t come out as good considering how much I loved this one.

Well, regardless, here’s a beautiful Ansem to enjoy.

Art meme/challenge used in case you want to give it a whirl yourself.

I think the thing that bothers me most about Miranda’s loyalty mission is fucking Niket. He helped Miranda escape because she wanted to, because she’d explained the abuse she’d been through and he agreed she needed to get out. But then he learns that she rescued her sister before she could go through that same kind of hell and he gets sanctimonious with her. Because Oriana should’ve had the ~choice~.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about people having agency. But Oriana was literally an infant when Miranda took her. She was about to be raised by a known and unrepentant abuser. The adults in her life had a responsibility to prevent any harm that was likely to come to her, not wait and see if it happened this time too. (I mean seriously wtf)

Niket’s assumption that “well, he was bad to you but maybe he won’t be to Oriana because he’s the father” is the height of Missing the Point. Not every abuse victim asks for help. Not every abuse victim knows how to get out of a bad situation. Not every abuse victim is even aware they’re being abused.

You don’t pull a child away from an uncovered outlet or a busy street because you think they shouldn’t have the choice to make those decisions for themselves. You do it because you know better because you’re the adult and you’re responsible for their well-being.

Miranda literally has to kill people who either don’t believe her or who don’t care, and that’s such a striking statement to me. She risks her life to stand between her sister and the people who would manipulate and break her, and I just really love her for that.

I had forgotten that part in Dragonshy where Rarity tries to Bilbo Baggins this dragon’s hoard. And it actually almost worked until she showed her hand too early.

It’s kind of funny because this episode is so focused on Fluttershy being scared and inconveniencing everypony, but I never really realized until now that literally none of them have the slightest idea what they’re doing at all. Which kind of makes sense, cause they’re still pretty new to adventuring and stuff, but it kind of seems like Twilight’s making it up as she goes along.

Like, Twilight’s plan if the dragon got rowdy was for Applejack to kick apples at him. Fluttershy was the least of their problems.