that's just rude tbh

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African women are so beautiful it’s unreal" just african? what about other women? thats a bit rude tbh

me: *stares at message in disbelief*
me: *reads message over 5 more times*
me: *squints at screen*
me: is this a joke?
me: *gets mom* look *shows her screen*
me: *turns to mom* it’s a joke right?
mom: *brings rest of my family in* look
me: *looks over at the frowning mess of eyebrows that is my family* surely they can’t be serious. i mean it’s a joke right?
family: *looks at each, everyone in the room suddenly gifted with an unibrow each*

me: *turns back at screen*
me: *squints at screen*
me: yeah they must be joking
me: ok i’m going to treat this as a joke
me: and if they’re not…
me: fuck ‘em

family: *backs slowly out of the room*
family: *quietly shuts door*
family: *whispers* we need to get her away from these people
mom: *sigh* i knew this tumblr thing was a bad idea