that's just fine then

You know, I try to avoid showing up to nitpick or lecture people in the comments of their fic

–because wow obnoxious behavior–

But do you ever run across one of those fics where it’s just like:


I recognize that you’re just doing make believe kinky fantasy fun time right now

And not actually trying to write a documentary

But I really, *really* need to make sure someone’s told you that whacking people in the spine and kidneys with a heavy, sharp-edged metal belt buckle is a Bad Kink Idea.

D: D:


Moriel headcanons

Every morning when they wake up at the House of Wind Az has coffee waiting for Mor, with tons of cream and sugar because she needs, she has so many needs for energy because she is not a morning person. They sit together and it is sunny and his shadows are nowhere to be seen, and he will take her book from her and read it out loud to her while she drinks. She leans against him and she likes the rumbling vibration from his voice, it goes through her and, together with the calm, steady rhythm of the words, she nearly goes back to sleep.

Every morning he asks her what she wants to do with their day - it’s a new development since the war ended and they are not constantly pulled in a million different directions, trying to protect their friends and their court. She always tries to be diplomatic, but they both know that they will do whatever it is that she feels like doing.

One day Mor decides that she wants to make a cake for Rhys (who needs a reason why?) and so she recruits Azriel’s help in making it. She is not good at this. He thought he would be, but actually… baking is tricky. It’s not like cooking. They make a bloody mess of the kitchen, and she refuses to use any magic or powers or anything like that to help them. She is going to do this herself, whether she ends up covered in powdered sugar or not. She begins to get frustrated, but he reminds her that this was her idea, that she was trying to do something nice for her cousin. He tries to convince her that it’s ok if it doesn’t work out, because Rhys didn’t know about it anyway, and they’ll do better next time.

Instead of finishing the cake, they just eat the frosting from the bowl, because at least that part turned out well.

In the evening, after they return home from doing whatever they have felt like - usually something down in the Rainbow, Mor isn’t particularly artistic, but she can appreciate others’ work - she watches while he makes dinner. He moves with efficiency, and she tries not to laugh at how seriously he takes this duty.

Every evening he presents her with food, as a way to tell her that he will never, never take for granted the one time that she served him, and made their bond forever.

Some SJ fans: ships Jack and Ashi, makes pretty nice art, is just a pretty nice bunch

Other SJ fans: Would rather die than see Jack and Ashi be a ship, some act as though shippers will be sent straight to hell, some have valid points

Me: Honestly could care less either way because HEYO MY FAVORITE SHOW IS BACK ON AIR AND THATS ALL I REALLY WANT

Some Things Are Unforgivable

Anakin’s Force Ghost: [exhausted and disheveled, rubbing his eyes] OK…read what we have so far back to me. 
Obi-Wan’s Force Ghost: [putting on reading glasses] All right. “One - steal his mask and then tell him he doesn’t get it back unless he does what you say”, “Two - catfish him online and attempt to siphon away money from the First Order until it dissolves”, “Three - tell him that the light side has hotter ginger guys if that’s what he’s into” – awww…Anakin…
Anakin: [winks] 
Obi-Wan:  – “Four - kidnap him and send him to one of those cult-deprogramming places” –
Anakin: …wouldn’t have worked on me.
Obi-Wan: – and “Five” – well, actually the next 15 lines just say “kick his ass”, which I don’t think we’re allowed to do anymore. 
Anakin: [throws his pen at the wall] But why can’t we just go kick his ass? That kid is out there, sullying my name… 
Obi-Wan: …well in fairness I think you really got the ball rolling there – 
Anakin: …and concealing a full head of Skywalker Hair. ON PURPOSE!
Obi-Wan: [clenching his fist] The man is a monster. He must be stopped. 

Honestly, the best thing I’ve learned to do as an empath is setting boundaries. Learning when to say, “I don’t have the emotional capacity for this conversation right now, so I’m going to disengage. I will speak to you later” really changed my life and has made me a much better person. A lot of people like to use empaths as their own personal sounding board and while the majority of the time, we don’t mind being there for people, sometimes its just tew much. It’s okay to say no. It’s okay to tap out. The people that really care about your well being will understand and will love how much better/more balanced you are when you return.


Okay really though I thought the ATLA fandom was bad about fighting over ships but I JUST started Voltron and joined the fandom and already the hatred and division between the fandom based on ships is blowing me away. ESPECIALLY between anti shaladin/shaladin and klance/every other Keith ship. Some of the posts I’ve seen are absolutely brutal and scathing. And on both sides. I just wonder, man…


Welp…looks like we should get back to work.

Happy Birthday, Normandy Party Ship. 

Okay I really don’t want to start discourse over BBC Les Mis before it’s even out but I will because this is bugging me. 

Davies shitting all over the 2012 film over it not being an “accurate” adaption of Hugo’s work- specifically because it’s a musical adaptation, really rubs me the wrong way.

The 2012 film was not trying to be a faithful adaptation of the brick- it was supposed to be a faithful adaptation of the stage show. The thing about interpreting a book into another medium is that no matter how true to the original source material you are, things are going to be left out or interpreted differently. That’s why so many novels brought to screen lose the a book’s original message or tone. Film and television are visual mediums- even with narration you wouldn’t be able to leave in every detail of Hugo’s work, and you shouldn’t want to, because even if you somehow managed to do that, it doesn’t mean your adaptation would be successful because it would not translate well to the screen. 

Furthermore, successfully adapting someones work means something different to everybody. I guarantee you that myself reading the brick would have taken away something completely different than somebody else. I may believe the 2012 film was a successful adaptation because it included themes from the book that I connected to personally. Another person may have hated it for this exact reason- the themes and characters they connected to were left on the cutting room floor.

There’s a certain sense of elitism in Davies’ words. That because the film was adapted as a musical it’s somehow can’t be as emotionally impacting as one that’s adapted straight from the brick. Even if Davies is not a fan of musical theatre as genre, he could have recognised that the film included pivotal and emotionally important themes and plot points from the brick.

I’m just saying that you don’t have to like a medium to appreciate it as an art form and recognise it’s successes. 

And saying straight off the bat that you’re adaption is going to be so much more powerful than an adaptation of one of Broadway’s longest running musical is a tall claim to make- especially when you haven’t even started writing the script yet.

Hillary Clinton voters who are miserable the day after the election: If you hit up fast food today, pay the bill of the car behind you. Let an extra car merge into traffic ahead of you. Pick up something someone drops. Flash a few extra smiles. Don’t let our classless next president rob you of yours. You may be helping one of the majority- the racist, sexist, rape apologists- but we are not going to be the sore losers that they threatened to be. It has been proven that decency is not a valued trait by the majority in this country. But it is still valuable. Rise above in small situations today because I worry we will need the practice.