that's it that's the whole tweet

smh i’m trying to redecorate Wes’ loft and i realized i have like 0 rugs from cleaning out my cc a few months ago. i closed my game to go hunt for some but ended up downloading 200 items of cc.. none of them were rugs.


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The hate thrown and MM wasn't just on her IG, it was all over tumblr, surely you know that. Have a look at the comments on the posts where you did try and stop people harassing her. They just can't help themselves and will have a dig at her at every opportunity. I know you didn't troll her, but that's not the point. Those who did this on tumblr and IG (yes, they were shippers) tainted the whole fandom. The response? It's their blog. That's why you have the reputation you do.

So what about all the posts that antis write calling shippers names? Or how about the ones where they screen cap us and make fun of us? Or when they bring our personal lives into it and question who we really are? Or how about that time I was accused of being a white supremacist because I posted an unrelated meme in response to my friends tweet and was tattled on to a charity that I was helping to raise money for? Or that time I was forced to post IG posts about my Mom to prove that yes I am in fact a carer and she does actually have a terminal illness. I could give you lots more examples if you’d like. Is that not harassment? Bullying? Abuse? Please explain the difference. 

answer to previous anon

background info: blurryface is the name of the new album scheduled to drop May 19th by twenty øne piløts. blurryface is also a character that targets insecurities, makes u feel self conscious n sometimes hard of breath. tyler (lead singer) portrays blurryface in music videos by painting his hands (symbolizing what he uses to create things) n his neck (tense/suffocating feeling). n the skeletøn clique is the name of the fans/fan group of twenty øne piløts (top/tøp).

its hard to explain from the beggining bc there has been this lurking suspicion building up since april about blurryface n who he is n what his intentions r n y hes here n thats when there have been lil ominous hints dropped that ppl have been trying yo figure out. like a week/week n a half ago we started noticing the tweets disappearing from tylers page so that stressed everyone out more n raised suspicions. these kinds of things just kept happening n everyone was just getting more n more antsy- n this past weekend it just all seemed to just .omg.

so saturday (may 9) @blurryface tweeted a picture that said “I-KNOW-IT’S HARD-SOMETIMES” repeatedly n had 4 letters missing n the missing letters spelled ride (ride was the title of last single schedule to release before the full album, it was supposed to be officially released on May 12)

then he tweeted this photo stating “I’M TAKING MY TIME!“

the next tweet was:

then this photo came next (“MEANING IN THE PATTERN”)

then there were some reported lifestreams from blurryface speaking in a weird language (i don’t know much about this but im sure you can find more information about it searching around “blurryface live” or somethin)

then he posted a tweet that turned out to translate to “dripdrip” in russian (kind of like a leak, dripping)

then tyler joseph tweeted a photo of josh playing trumpet in a shuttle outside of a NY airport

the next thing from blurryface was “NOW YOUCANFI NDIT. GOFIND IT.”

and thats when ppl started looking for leaks, it was like we were practically told to

then all the tweets were deleted n his profile picture was blacked out (rumored to have a tiny picture of tyler joseph in the right corner)

then ppl found leaks n thats when the whole thing started when ppl posted about it n some ppl got mad n there was slight conflict in the clique (**BTW** if you do post spoilers/leaks tag them !!!! this will help prevent further disagreements)

then yesterday blurryface tweeted “taking my time.”

and this morning he tweeted “tonight?”

and thats about all we know tbh. hope this helps!!! :) |-/

Hunter's Relationship Media Rant

Okay before you yell at me: no I’m not mad that Hunter has a girlfriend, I’m not mad at Libby or Hunter or anyone (well no one thats important). This is about the media and theres some cussing in this, so thats your warning.

Ya know whats really fucking irritating? That the media is saying that we “aren’t taking the relationship well” and we “don’t know what to feel” well actually, asshole, we’re taking this very fucking well, you’re the one thats blowing it up into something that its not and making us look like the bad guys. No wonder Libby doesn’t want to take pictures with anyone, she probably thinks we want her fucking head on a stake or something. Just because one girl tweeted that she was upset doesn’t mean the whole fandom is pissed. That girl probably wasn’t even a Hayniac, just some girl that knows of him. The media is going to tear this apart and use the idiots that are dumb enough to post bad things about it to their advantage, against us. Its just really fucking irritating because I don’t want Libby to be afraid of us. I know shes shy and stuff but you know what I mean. I want her to be open with us because we are a big part of Hunter’s life. Also I don’t want Hunter to be afraid to announce anything because of the other assholes saying “if he has a girlfriend I’m never listening to him again!!!1!!” Like no you need to stfu, you’re not a fan you just want to marry him. People forget that Hunter cAN SEE WHAT WE ARE SAYING IN CASE YOU HAVENT NOTICED! He’s not as stupid as you think, and I know he’s busy but he’s not so busy that he can’t scroll through twitter and see what we are saying. He knows how to look himself up. He can read articles and so can Libby. If either one of them reads that then they might think we are mad, and Hunter will have to hide her in fear that her safety his career will suffer. I guess what I’m trying to say is, the media is trying to turn him against us and I don’t like it. There wasn’t a problem before but they are going to make it a problem. This is only going to get worse as he takes her to more shows and it gets more public. Yeah I’m not really sure where I’m going with this but I hope someone else agrees with me.

Ph and one more thing, to the people who are probably going to send death threats to Libby, imagine if you were dating someone and all these people told you they were going to fucking kill you because you’re in love with someone and they’re in love with you. Just, be more careful and do all of us a favor and don’t cross the line aka email her or try and follow her on Instagram or something. Shes not stupid either, she knows that people are trying to follow her because of Hunter, thats why she took her profile picture down. I’m actually surprised that she kept her email up there. Anyways, yeah..

Okay I’m done, I just hope I’m not the only one who thinks this.