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hello yes let’s think about all the different ways laurent and damen can kiss each other:

  • laurent sitting in damen’s lap, tipping damen’s chin up, cupping his face, sliding fingers into his hair as damen holds him around his hips
  • damen lifting laurent up (maybe he has a thing for looking up at laurent, maybe laurent has a thing for damen’s muscleman bod), laurent’s thighs smooth but firm as they lock around his waist, damen gently pinning him to the wall as they kiss, hands grappling under laurent’s thighs
  • WET KISSES either they take a bath together or take a relaxing beach swim. laurent marveling at damen’s chest and biceps and QUADS when they’re shiny and wet, damen noticing how much darker laurent’s eyelashes seem. they probably splash each other, take advantage of weightlessness in water. the kiss probably starts out lazy and leisurely, hands roaming and frictionless, until it gets really sensual & they sink under water and only their heads are above. damen cups water with his hands and pours it over laurent’s shoulders when he starts to shiver
  • teasing kisses. laurent has mastered these…too-short kisses, lips lingering but not enough. his lips brush damen’s as he whispers some sweet nothing against his mouth, and it’s over far too soon - he pulls back and damen chases forward, trying to prolong it
  • BEARD SCRUFF KISSES if damen goes even a day without a shave its immediately tangible, laurent rubs his face against his stubble without even realizing he’s nuzzling, all of damen’s kisses are at once gentle and rough laurent can barely take the sensation. his inner thighs definitely have stubble burn and it drives him crazy
  • laurent getting the breath kissed right out of him as he comes *2012 voice* that escalated quickly yes i know BUT he probably likes it the best this way, when damen fucks him slowly and kisses him softly, his mouth open and pliant and panting all for damen’s taking
  • and then damen getting kissed while he comes - laurent swallows all his desperate babbling, and he loves having laurent’s tongue in his mouth LOL everything about kissing laurent turns him on, he comes that much harder when laurent’s lips are smothering his own

Misadventures//Pierce The Veil



*screams for ten years*


shannon in every episode:

the end
“It was a pain in the ass getting her here from Australia.” 
“Yeah, but dude, it was worth it.”


who told you??

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♡ rules: answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you’d like to know better

♡ sign: leo sun, cancer moon, libra rising

♡ height: 5′6′’  

♡ last thing googled: singer talent sewing machine foot (i cant find the presser foot for mine omg)

♡ favorite music artist: AAA.. thats really hard.. i dont listen to one music artist in particular a whole lot.. maybe rihanna (mostly her 2000s music) or madonna (80s era mostly)? 

♡ last TV show watched: ….im currently watching dr phil…… i wanted to see what the fuck the danielle thing is about… but before that it was probably rupauls drag race?? or catfish?? i have horrible taste in tv let me live

♡ when did I create my blog: apparently june 2015, but thats because ive remade my blog a few times.. i first joined tumblr in ~2011

♡ what kind of stuff do I post about: on this blog its mostly naruto, sometimes shitposts

♡ do I have any other blogs: i have @dimples (my aesthetic blog), @ryogahibiki (ranma ½ blog), @magax (neopets blog), @boardop (technical theatre blog)

♡ do I get asks regularly: nope :^(

♡ why did I choose my url: bc i love naruto and he says dattebayo constantly

♡ gender: demigirl probably?

♡ pokemon team: valor!

♡ favorite colors: black, a forest green, deep cherry red

♡ average hours of sleep: usually ~7?? on weekends sometimes like 10

♡ favorite characters: rock lee, tenten, sai, haku, gaara.. from anime that arent naruto i really like ginko from mushishi, sailor uranus from sailor moon, ryoga hibiki from ranma ½, and lum from urusei yatsura.. and from video games i like agitha and skull kid from legend of zelda, celeste and sable from animal crossing, shane from stardew valley, flora from professor layton, ema skye from ace attorney, etcetc

♡ dream job: i wanna do something in the technical theatre field.. something with lighting, scene painting, or props would be really fun i think

for the people im tagging, theres no pressure to do this so dont worry about doing this if u dont want to!!! im tagging @lesbiangaara, @softbutchnaruto, @butchminato, @weedlesbian, @lesbianuzumaki, @rosanimorphs, @dreamyuri, @moonstruckgf, @wearecryingdreamers, @hpdnaruto, @dovah, @favecolor, @gaynaruto and anyone else who wants to do it! u can just say i tagged u!

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just think about it,,,,, there's an au where u h8 space hop with a passion and run a h8 blog on tumblr,,,,, and theres an au where space hop doesn't exist,,,,,,, what r ur thoughts???

my first thoughts on this are NOOOOO BECAUSE I LOVE TY SM and if i did that id…like…………di e
but if i did run one id probably critique jeffs hair and thats the whole blog
if space hop didnt exist,, thats actually possible since im pretty sure it was an au? that developed into a comic so i guess were in the timeline where ty decided to go with the “space au”

Unpopular Opinion Time: Mikleo and Sorey

Let me start with this: I adore Mikelo and Sorey and I adore their relationship. At least, I adore the theory of their relationship and I adore the ways the fandom has taken the ideas of their relationship and run with it. That’s what I like: the ideas of their relationship. The way they’re actually portrayed in the game left me a little cold.

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I know there’s a lot of stuff going on right on and I think it’s pretty clear where I stand with everything thats going on. Having said that, Im going to do my best to stay out of stuff as best I can. Keep in mind that I am still following everything thats going on and will frequently like posts with the opinions I agree with but with all the negativity going around in not just youtube but the media as a whole, i want to try to make this blog a sort of escape. A place where you can come and not worry about seeing any politics, or drama or hate. So if I seem like I’m staying silent on some matters, believe me that I am not ignorant to the situations at hand, it’s just that I like to keep my opinions to myself. 

Tl;Dr - Im going to keep any drama related things or negativity as far away from this blog as I can

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Heya, I just found your blog and uhm... maybe if you wanna get less hate, you shouldn't tag all your kin shit with all the zim stuff together, because eh... you know... the truth is that tha majority of people think thank this whole otherkin stuff is pretty retarded. No offense. But when people see your tags and stuff they don't think "oh wow it's zim" they think "oh gawd not another confused child" and thats it. Dunno why you would want that.

I don’t actually get hate for it ??? So please don’t try to correct me on it