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still trying to break in this t-t-t-tablet so here are some morioh sketches!

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How I feel about “cycle”

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I saw someone headcanoning that Sero and Bakugou had this friends with benefits thing in the past in which they would make out sometimes just for fun. I really liked that idea. How would you think Kaminari and Kirishima would react to that? Do you think they'd get jealous or?


No bendy!!!!!!111!!!

I’ve just always loved old cartoons, i watch them in my spare time!


a beautiful jongdae singing best luck. [x]


ok so I promised viktuuri baby headcanons and I’m here to deliver

this is pretty much a thread on twitter, but I’ll consolidate it here for convenience:

  • I hope Viktor and Yuuri become really embarrassing co-coach dads to their adopted daughter one day.
  • They’d probably name her Lyuba, because she’s the embodiment of their life and LOVE. Plus Lyuba Katsuki sounds really cute.
  • Viktor is a fan of L words after all, so I’m like 99.9% sure he’d give his kid a name beginning with L.
  • Nicknames: Lyubochka, Lyubov (thanks @3ubra).
  • I feel like she’d somehow have Viktor’s exact personality and heart-shaped smile despite being completely adopted.
  • Physically, she looks like Yuuri’s mom (which is part of the reason why they adopted her).
  • ((but her hair ends up wavy as she gets older, she has multiple beauty marks scattered on her face, and a tooth gap. She’s an absolute charmer))
  • Anyway she’s a horrible, spoiled heathen that makes Yuuri go prematurely gray because he is definitely the overprotective hover dad.
  • Meanwhile, Viktor is the free spirit papa that interprets her brattiness and tantrums as “self expression” and spoils her ten ways to Sunday.
  • ((they both spoil her though, let’s be real. Yuuri just tries to be subtle about it))
  • (((he isn’t)))
  • Obviously when she’s a kid, she clings to Viktor and favors him while saying awful things like “I don’t like daddy, he’s sooo boring.”
  • Yuuri’s heart breaks a lot but Viktor is there to pick up the pieces and Lyuba has him wrapped around her finger so he doesn’t mind being walked all over… :,)
  • ((tbh the only reason she’s so callous is because kids are kinda cruel until they learn other people have feelings too))
  • Because she’s a lot like Viktor, she also picks up on Yuuri’s moods really easily (which is why she’s so good at manipulating him into getting what she wants)
  • But my point is, when Yuuri has bad days and Viktor isn’t there and even Makkachin can’t help, Lyuba kinda just crawls into his lap and cheers him up…
  • She’ll push a picture she drew of their whole family into Yuuri’s face or yank at his face and ears until Yuuri gets out of his head and looks at her, and she just grins this huge ol’ smile that reminds Yuuri of Viktor so bad his heart melts and he can’t help but return it…
  • Then when Lyuba knows Yuuri is giving her his undivided attention, she babbles stories to take his mind off the bad thoughts……. :,,,,)
  • Later when Viktor comes home, he finds Yuuri asleep on the couch with Lyuba sprawled on his chest and Makkachin curled over Yuuri’s feet.
  • (Also Lyuba definitely has a Swar*vski crystal tiara tangled in her hair because you know she would)
  • This is Viktor’s phone lock screen if this wasn’t already obvious.
  • Lyuba goes on to skate and be a world champion and makes her dads proud, both as coaches and as parents
  • (Yuri is probably her ballet instructor)
  • Speaking of Yuri, he babysits occasionally when he’s not busy and is a terrible terrible influence, teaches her how to prank her fathers and push the other kids into the sand lol.
  • Yuri is the favorite uncle. Yuuri thinks it’s cute up until he realizes how bad of an influence Yuri is.
  • Viktor is like “but Yuuri they’re getting along so well!” And Yuuri is like “This is not the kind of getting along I wanted!!”
  • Yuuri has a three page list in small font of recommended activities for them to do while he and Viktor go out. Yuri chucks it in the trash.
  • Mila babysits too, and she’s the only one Yuuri knows he can actually trust with his child (hell if he could raise Lyuba with Mila, he would).
  • Georgi tried to babysit once, but Lyuba bullied him about his hair so much, the he cancelled early an went home crying.
  • Yakov and Lilia are the only two “babysitters” that are stern with her, and Lyuba actually behaves herself around them.
  • Yakov is also convinced that Lyuba is Viktor’s secret love child because she is far too much like him to be just adopted.
  • He tells all his conspiracy theories to Lilia, who finds holes in all of them.
  • Yuuri’s parents adore her to pieces: they insist they bring her to Japan for the coming of age ceremonies, and dress her up for every holiday.
  • Mari looks after her if everyone else is busy, and Lyuba really likes her aunt Mari’s piercings.
  • Minako wants to immediately raise her into the next skating prodigy, which Yuuri protests.
  • Chris and Phichit mail her extravagant gifts all the time.
  • In general, Lyuba grows up pretty well known in the entire worldwide skating community as the child of two of the greatest male figure skaters in history.
  • Of course when she’s older, Lyuba’s affection is a lot more even, she loves both her fathers equally and if she approaches one individually, it’s just because he handles the problem better than the other one would.
  • She’s actually really embarrassed by how bratty she was as a kid. Yuuri and/or Viktor often recount stories while she screeches at them to stop.
  • Even Yuri tries to embarrass her sometimes. “You may be a world gold medal champion, but I changed your diapers.”
  •  Yuri, tossing back a flask: “I let you vomit on me so your dads could go on a date and get some action at a hotel, as if they were still in their honeymoon period.”
  • Lyuba, covering her face: “Oh my god please stop.”
  • She apologizes to Yuuri for being such a jerk as a kid and Yuuri is like, “I married your papa, I signed up for this.”
  • Viktor: oh Lyubochka don’t worry, your daddy likes being bullied and bossed around ;)
  • Lyuba: I want to die immediately
  • Yuuri: *already ascending*
  • He’d be the horrible parent that drops hints about his sex like with his husband now that their kid is an adult 
  • Though let’s be real; why wait until she’s an adult? Viktor is shameless and Yuuri is constantly covering their Lyuba’s ears.
  • "Yuuri, our daughter is one and a half, she has the memory of an earth worm. We can have sex while she naps as long as we don’t wake her up.”
  • Poor Yuuri, between Viktor being himself and their daughter’s rebellious years he has so many gray hairs.
  • Yuri comes over like "oh my god I thought Asian people aged well.”
  • What Yuuri wants to say: “I’m kinda trying to raise the literal spawn of Satan, with the Devil himself”
  • What he does say: “not when they’re married to Viktor Nikiforov they don’t!!”
  • Viktor just kind of shrugs and tries to look innocent while cradling Lyuba.
  • It was in that moment that Yuri decided he would never ever get married.
  • He tells this to Mila, who’s engaged to Sara, at practice the next day and she laughs in his face and says “give it time.”

Anyway, that’s all I have so far, I’m probably going to eventually write a mini series about Viktor and Yuuri retiring and then adopting/raising Lyuba.


[ 20 • 3 ] science ft. slightly dead succulents!

When King Regis calls (part 3)
  • Noctis: No I'm not answering this, after what you did before.
  • Ignis: But Noctis, King Regis would contact you only if it's a very important matter.
  • Gladio: Yeah, have some respect for the old man.
  • Prompto: Maybe he just misses you?
  • *everyone else in the room is giving him a dirty look*
  • Noctis: ... Fine.
  • Noctis: Hey da-
  • *Nyx chokes on his drink in the background*
  • *Aranea decided that it's her turn to make the weird sexual noises this time*
  • Noctis: I'll call you later.
  • Noctis:
  • Noctis: I'm going to ignore all of you for like five mins.


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Yoooo can you write headcanons of the guys coming home to Candy after cheating? Like they feel a terrible regret or something i dunno

,,me when i got the request; o(-( lol kaha out-//shot

Okay I’m just kidding but - sure. I’m 1000% ready to put this under the cut,, I’m just gonna pretend,, Candy is dreaming,, and uh I named this notepad as ‘WHY’ in my documents so…enjoy??


  • Feels horrible as soon it happens, it just all dawns on him at once.
  • Can’t bring himself to look at Candy
  • Looks like death,, he can’t believe he just did that.
  • Gets very tense around Candy 
  • Feels like death, looks like death.
  • Hates seeing Candy getting upset about his avoidance.
  • Would rather Candy not find out by herself, he’d rather tell her.
  • Would be very sleep deprived, he just feels beyond horrible
  • Avoids Candy, he can’t even SEE her.
  • Cuts off his so called ’s/o’ real quick
  • Probably told his s/o about Candy, apologized for his stupidity, then cut her off. 
  • He’d be very nervous around Candy ?? he’s just scared of the idea of losing her
  • Doesn’t even care for Castiel, which is rare.
  • He’s lacking in his work but he doesn’t even care about that ?? Also very rare.
  • Not as uptight. As if Armin asked to burn down the school it’d be a ‘go on ahead’.
  • Nath would eventually tell Candy the truth and nothing but the truth.
  • Could never forgive himself. 
  • Would confess in the library, where they first kissed.
  • Confesses two days after.


  • Already felt horrible doing it and coming back home afterwards.
  • Tries to be as casual as he can, he CANNOT have Candy thinking about him cheating.
  • Plans to tell her as soon as he can.
  • Leaves his s/o without notification, as if she never existed.
  • Won’t answer his phone or text Candy for the first few days.
  • Gets kinda tense around Candy, he doesn’t makeout with her as much.
  • Doesn’t completely avoid Candy just brushes her off with an ‘I’m busy’ or 'I have to go’.
  • Still gives Candy kisses and some hugs…just not as much as he did before.
  • Can’t stand himself, gets very angry at his decisions
  • Probably not even upset he’s just ?? Angry with himself.
  • Doesn’t play with Demon as much
  • Terrified of the idea of Candy leaving him.
  • Doesn’t confide in anyone or anything, he’s just gone.
  • Wouldn’t look like anything is wrong with him but Lysander knows something is troubling him.
  • Doesn’t tell Lysander anything - but drops hints of 'something that he wishes he’s never done’.
  • Castiel eventually grows tired of his paranoia and hiding everything from Candy, and tells her. No fancy place, park, just wherever she is - he’s telling.
  • Confesses the next week.


  • G  u  i  l  t  y  .
  • Would never think he’d do something like that.
  • Absolutely blank - just what did he do…?
  • More quiet than usual,, just guilty.
  • Writes a lot in his notepad, just hinting poems of his feelings.
  • Starts kissing Candy a lot less, doesn’t even try to surprise kiss her.
  • Believes that Candy will leave him.
  • Would explain to his s/o about Candy and ask her not to contact him again. 
  • Honestly feels like the worst person ever
  • Tries to still be intimate with Candy but can’t help but think about that ’s/o’ of his.
  • Can’t focus properly on his poetry, stops writing at some point.
  • Sleeps a lot more than he usually does.
  • Tries to brush Candy off as politely as possible.
  • Knows if he tells Rosa he’d either get smacked. Or smacked.
  • Can’t imagine his life without her it’s just ?? Empty. It’s Rosalya all over again but worse.
  • Tells Leigh about it, literally the closest person to him.
  • Looks down to the ground a lot, doesn’t make eye contact with anyone.
  • Talks very long walks to clear up his mind.
  • Would confess in a private area like the library or the basement.
  • Confesses 3 days later.


  • Everything came crashing as soon as he walked in tbh, it was just so much.
  • Can’t believe he just did that.
  • Swears to himself a lot, just “I’m such an asshole” or “What the fuck Armin”.
  • Hesitant when Candy touches him, he can’t help but think of all that crap he did with that girl.
  • Tries to play video games for comfort but just gets so mad.
  • Would tell that s/o about his girlfriend and how he doesn’t want any contact with her of any kind.
  • Rarely kisses Candy on her lips. It’s either the cheek or her neck..
  • Looks so bothered like his default expression is just ’
  • Is a lot less intimate/flirty with Candy than he was before.
  • Looks very upset,, just he doesn’t smile much
  • Has very short conversations and casual conversations with Candy.
  • Kinda neglects his own needs like someone needs to remind him that those doritos need someone to eat them.
  • Accepted the fact that if Candy left him, he deserved it.
  • Can’t SLEEP usually Armin is just out in 2.5 seconds but the boy is just sweating,, 
  • Tells everything to Alexy like a few days later. Alexy would tell. him. OFF.
  • Confesses after classes when it’s time for break, most likely in the locker room.
  • Confesses the next week.


  • No no no no no.
  • Beyond upset when he gets home. Did he just do that ?? To his girlfriend - to his everything ???
  • Gets so angry with himself. 
  • Almost cries but the tears don’t fall. Angry tears.
  • Doesn’t really text Candy, which he usually does when he’s away.
  • Has pulled 180’s on her if he saw her in the halls just - gone.
  • Drops his s/o like a hat, doesn’t even tell her anything - Kentout.
  • Kisses Candy a bit longer like for a few more seconds than usual, as if she’s going to melt if he doesn’t.
  • Would honestly take it in that Candy would leave him…
  • Wants to spend as much time as he possibly can.
  • Very hesitant to kiss her sometimes.
  • Tries his best to keep a calm demeanor around Candy.
  • Hates hearing about Candy missing him…it’s just that he can’t be around her, not as much anyways.
  • Can’t confide in anyone, very upset just - leave him be.
  • Such as most of the guys, he’s beyond horrified of the idea of Candy leaving.
  • Has had nightmares of her leaving and boy - they were very bad.
  • Can’t sleep a whole night, usually takes a lot of naps.
  • Becomes less active…just sits around at home or in his room.
  • Cookie misses him, though Kentin still pets Cookie and gives treats.
  • Honestly, he would confess to her over the phone. He can’t look at her and she probably can’t even stand to look at him.
  • Confesses 4-5 days later.