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you know what’s kinda freaky? i’ll be reading stuff written by fans of the outsiders and i’ll see fanart and i’ll see the movie and up until i reread the book, i forgot that dally is only 17. he died before he even turned 18. the fandom tends to portray him as this dashing young man with not a care in the world and a malicious streak, but really, he’s a kid hardened by circumstance; he pulled himself into a hard shell to protect himself from everything, at a young age. he might pretend to be cold and unfeeling, but he’s just trying to keep himself safe. and it makes me so sad that people forget that. ponyboy realizing that is some serious character developement for both of them.


modern gods  → ares

after a millennia filled with endless bloodshed, ares has found himself tiring of war. he picks up the odd job as a hit man here and there, going through the motions for the sake of it, but he hasn’t set foot on a battlefield in over a century.


“That’s right. Don’t blame yourself. Blame me.”


Evie checking Jay out in Spirit Day


You trash.

  • A Castlevania fan, playing a LoS game for the first time: Hey this is actually pretty fun, I like the-
  • Half of the Castlevania fandom, breaking into their home: Lords of Shadow MURDERED my children, BURNED my crops, and CANCELED silent hills

I did the @mgsstyleexchange with @stupah! their style is amazingly beautiful and eclectic so I did not do it justice at all, my goodness. I seriously recommend checking out their stuff!!

we decided on drawing each other’s favorite mgs characters as ragnarok online classes … TRULY an amazing experience for me

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not a request but imagine: that one vine w the kid pushing his glasses up and going "youre disp--disrespecting a future U.S. Army soldier" but its like 10 year old jack

 o mg thats adorable? ?? h o ly s hit 


Fitzsimmons in season 1

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