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I’ve fallen into the RWBY Rock AU.

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Black Hat and Flug go shopping for food and Black Hat is DISGUSTED with Flug's taste

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I call it:

Hey Black Hat, what the fuck?? 

417 words of bullshit

Flug thought back on all his choices in life. He just, really contemplated them, wondering how it was that he had reached this point. Where had he gone wrong? Was it becoming a scientist instead of a lawyer like his mom had wanted? Finally deciding to go for that doctorate? Applying to work for a demon?

Actually, no, it was pretty obviously that last one. His bad.

Now though, he stood staring as Black Hat, famous criminal, known villain, probably on several watch-lists, stood in front of his grocery cart in their local Walmart, smiling widely and holding out an entire birthday cake.

“It’s not anyone’s birthday is it?” Flug asked, raising an eyebrow.

“No,” Black Hat replied, “but I want it. So…”

“You don’t need –  “

“Oops,” Black Hat said, tossing the cake into the cart. “Slipped right out of my hands.”

Flug sighed, and just continued forward.

This repeated several times, with various foods – from anchovies to pistachios, and even what looked like an entire leg of beef. Where did he even get that?

“Oh no, I’m not touching that,” Flug said, reeling back from it slightly and scrunching up his face as Black Hat approached from out of nowhere again, smiling widely and brandishing the hunk of raw meat.

“Okay,” Black Hat replied, shrugging, smirking and dropping it in the increasingly filling grocery cart of ridiculous groceries.

“Please tell me you at least cook – “ But Black Hat was gone again, racing down another isle like an overly excited child.

Flug was starting to wonder if he was just doing this to freak him out.

When Black Hat came back again with a cantaloupe, Flug just watched in disbelief. He sighed, not reacting, and just continued on his way. When Black Hat began to hover behind him though, he wondered if refraining from reaction was the best choice. He did it anyway though.

Finally, he reached the breakfast isle, smiling slightly as he picked out his favorite box of cereal.

“Urgh,” he heard behind him, and turned to see Black Hat making a disgusted face, sticking his long tongue out. “You don’t actually eat that filth do you?”

At that point, Flug just threw the box directly at his boss’s head and turned to leave, ignoring Black Hat’s indignant yelp and his “Wait Flug come back, I didn’t mean it. Well I did because that’s disgusting but – wait Flug please, Flug, dear, Flug,” as he marched straight out of the store.


Right, first congratulations!! You really deserve it. You are the kindest person I have met on here and I am so happy to be able to call you my friend. A lot of those things you said about me sound fake but I’ll take your word for it. 😁😁 I’m so happy that I met you and I cannot wait to finally attend my first Pride with you by my side. That rhymes. Anyway, I love you and here is to another 4,000!

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Rude, not fake. You are a gem and a shining star! You’re the sharp and pointy to my soft and squishy! 

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Brittane and I are gonna go to Pride and it’s gonna be her first Pride and we’re gonna get sushi and we’re gonna drag Rafa with us and we’re gonna have fun and we should get drunk and we can be each other wingwo/man. 

and see what’s going on and to embrace them. That that’s beautiful, that that’s good. And I think sometimes people came on to the show and would just do “weird things” for the sake of being weird. And I don’t think- I feel that that part of David’s work is soul-based. And it’s a part of his truth on some very personal level. And it’s not “Let’s just shock value and be weird for being weird”. The show wouldn’t have been a success if that’s what it was about. It had a bottom of truth.

Sherilyn Fenn, in some 2008 interview collected in The complete mystery

TMNT Power Inside Her reaction

Tmnt fandom before sneak peak: awe there’s totally gonna be Apritello in this 100th episode of tmnt!
Tmnt fandom after sneak peak: April is Goku!
Me after sneak peak: Donnie is going to face April in the most epic way possible and it is going to be doing things to my heart I cannot form into words and I cannot wait for Sunday to get here.


Well. The trash post hit 100,000 notes. And then some lmao. @arkadycosplay​ and I are totally freaking out this is completely wild.

Thank you everyone who reblogged it, some of you multiple times because you are actually the best friends that have ever existed!  Thank you to @lady-lucrezia​ for taking the pictures, and thank you to @dog-of-ulthar@sharkalanche@n7-commander-ryder​ and @crimson-blade-cosplay​ who hung out with us at ALA; that was the most fun, stress free convention I’ve been to in like a million years.

ADDENDUM: thank you to everyone who has followed me from this post and everyone who has kept following me even as I descended into Star Wars hell. Also if you have not followed Arkady yet, you really should because she’s the whole reason that post is funny. (Also she’s pretty cool.)