that's it i've peaked


I’ve fallen into the RWBY Rock AU.

v v v   Extra below.  v v v

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TMNT Power Inside Her reaction

Tmnt fandom before sneak peak: awe there’s totally gonna be Apritello in this 100th episode of tmnt!
Tmnt fandom after sneak peak: April is Goku!
Me after sneak peak: Donnie is going to face April in the most epic way possible and it is going to be doing things to my heart I cannot form into words and I cannot wait for Sunday to get here.

Hermione, that’s not how you put books away.


Well. The trash post hit 100,000 notes. And then some lmao. @arkadycosplay​ and I are totally freaking out this is completely wild.

Thank you everyone who reblogged it, some of you multiple times because you are actually the best friends that have ever existed!  Thank you to @lady-lucrezia​ for taking the pictures, and thank you to @dog-of-ulthar@sharkalanche@n7-commander-ryder​ and @crimson-blade-cosplay​ who hung out with us at ALA; that was the most fun, stress free convention I’ve been to in like a million years.

ADDENDUM: thank you to everyone who has followed me from this post and everyone who has kept following me even as I descended into Star Wars hell. Also if you have not followed Arkady yet, you really should because she’s the whole reason that post is funny. (Also she’s pretty cool.)