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I think these are my favorite pieces of merch so far with the new hoodies. They’re simple yet super cute, and something about the font used for the letters just makes me happy! So I made them transparent.

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STEP 1: Pay $9 for Patreon. STEP 2: Agree to $100 commission. STEP 3: Get 10% discount. STEP 4: Pay only $99 total for $100 commission. STEP 5: Go buy favorite song on iTunes for $.99. STEP 6: Appreciate favorite song, good art, and your shiny penny. :D

You cracked a laugh outta me x’D Nice money management!

Just so you know, the higher the tier, the bigger the discount is ;)

My sister’s theories 2

Sister: *Comes to my room at 4 AM* Hey, you, little one.

Me: Not again.

Sister: I’ve been thinking about this Keith’s vlog…

Me: Come on Camilla don’t do this to me, we have two hours before going to school.

Sister: So, you saw the Klance tag right?

Me: *Groans*

Sister: What if all the thing that Keith said are components , and he and Lance will be start to bond more fixing all those components, y’know, making Keith stop pushing away people, stop being the loner one and make him more confortable with the team and with the people who wants to be friends with him?

Me: …

Sister: And we’ve seen that Lance is now Keith’s impulse control and constantly makes him to not split out the team. Maybe Lance will be the one who’s going to make Keith more talkative, to open himself to new people and don’t push them away like he always did, maybe he’ll fix all those scars that Keith’s past left on him, maybe he’ll make him forget the fact that because he’s a galra doesn’t mean that he MUST be alone like he always did. And maybe they’ll become the closest friends the team ever had. And that’s how Klance will become more canon.

Me: *Trying to not cry* Holy shit Camilla

ok so. infinite and gadget is kinda growing on me as the friendship hc and if i had to ship infinite w anyone itd def be him too so for all u shippers out there heres a thought: u know that thing where two characters kiss w their faces hidden behind smth?? those two. the object is infinites mask that he just took off, bonus points if its a post-battle make-up kiss and sonic and classic are shook somewhere in the bg ok thanks for ur time

Okay you know what? fuck recovery culture. Maybe it helps other people and that’s okay but I want recovery culture to stay the hell away from me. 

I don’t want to see more ‘uwu it all gets better on meds’ or ‘just get a therapist’ bullshit. I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to hear about it. I’m fucking done. It doesn’t all get better on meds. It doesn’t all get better when you get a therapist. It doesn’t all get better when you lose more than a year of your life to an institution. 

Recovery? It’s not real for a lot of people. I’m not going to wake up tomorrow to a mentally healthy self. I’m NEVER going to wake up to a mentally healthy self. I’ve spent YEARS coming to terms with the fact that the anxiety and the mood bullshit and the random relapses will always be there and you know what? I’m okay with that. 

I’ve learned to be okay with all of my shit. I’ve worked hard to be okay with all of my shit. And when tumblr simplifies the fact that I’m never going to fucking go back to that perfect me before all the mental illness and the fact that I really don’t want to into being anti-recovery? That’s fucked up

So call me anti-recovery if you fucking want because maybe I am. 

I’m tryna be a buff muscle bro. But I’m actually a soft cuddle bro.

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First of all: You can answer to a normal question with a normal answer and not some bitchy passive aggressive gif Second: Why exactly do you demonize a perfectly harmless ship again? Yes they’re both crackships but Freezewald is more logical than Gobblepot since Jim is Straighty McStraight Straight™ and hates Oswald with a passion. Oh and also much more unproblematic than Nygmobblepot, just so you know since THAT is literally the unhealthiest ship ever.

Ohmygod you act like I care

something i want for season 13 is for sam to grieve cas so we can see his pain too, not only dean’s. sam and cas are friends. sam and cas care for each other. sam and cas would do anything for each other. sam and cas would suffer if anything bad happens to the other. i know that dean and cas share a more profound bound, but that doesn’t mean that sam and cas aren’t close too. i just want the show to focus a little bit more in sam’s feelings and how he is dealing with the whole jack thing, and how he’s gonna get through his friend’s death and his mother’s disappearance. pLEASE I JUST WANT SAM’S STORYLINE TO BE AS IMPORTANT AS DEAN’S PLEASE

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*softly* symmetra

I’m confused. This post is about Zarya?

 don’t  think  about  how    ——    the  person  that  tried  to  kill  selina  ,  not  once  but  twice  ,  wears  bruce  wayne’s  face  .  don’t  think  about  how  ,  despite  them  being  incredibly  different  beings  ,  they  do  look  alike  &.  after  five’s  gone  ,  selina  can  still  probably  glance  at  bruce  &.  be  taken  back  for  a  minute  because  all  she  can  think  of  is  the  boy  who  tried  to  kill  her  .  don’t  think  about  how  despite  her  whole  ‘  i’m  tough  ,  nothing  scares  me  ’  facade  ,  she’s  still  probably  a  little  traumatized  about  the  event  .  don’t  think  about  how  after  coming  out  of  her  coma  ,  selina  probably  had  nightmares  a  few  times  about  someone  who  looked  just  like  bruce  wayne  killing  her  over  &.  over  .  don’t  think  about  how  there’s  still  probably  some  part  of  selina  that’s  scared  .