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  • me: *attempts to take some time to myself away from social media*
  • social media: *new pics of faves, Fresh Content™, fandom in flames, faves confirm secret relationships with each other, 41 new memes come and go, own blog is now irrelevant and everyone has forgotten my name*
  • me, laying in bed: ...weLp

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Jared and Evan—thoughts on Connor Murphy! Go! 💌

“You can’t just– You can’t just ask me something like that so sudden–”

“He’s a HUGE NERD.”

“No he’s not!!!”

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Mitchsen kid meme anon here: yeah I was kinda hoping for a brother or sister or sibling to charlotte haha

  • Name: Parker Grey Mitchell-Posen
  • Gender: Male
  • General Appearance: Blonde cropped hair with stormy blue eyes. They used the same doner as Charlotte.
  • Personality: Parker is a wild man and a bit of a dare-devil. He likes dirt and dinosaurs and cars, and comic books, and basically anything that his parents would be nervous for him to be around or try. He is essentially fearless (or that’s the way it seems, anyway) and has broken more than a few bones in his short life. (Like that one time he broke his leg by jumping out of a tree with a cape tied around his neck, thinking he could fly). He also enjoys music, though maybe not to the extent of his moms or even Charlotte. And While Parker is younger than Charlotte, he’s still rather protective of her. He’s protective in general, over anyone he cares about. And when he’s not being a little shit, he’s this sweet little thing that secretly likes to cuddle with his moms and be read to and sung to, but he’d never admit to it. 
  • Special Talents: Parker really loves to skateboard and ride his BMX bike (much to Aubrey’s dismay) and he’s gotten pretty good at both of those. Since Aubrey can’t deter him from it, she makes sure he’s wearing all of the appropriate and high end safety gear. 
  • Who they like better:  He doesn’t really like or dislike anyone more than the other, but he is a bit of a mommy’s boy(but don’t tell anyone). He seeks out Aubrey’s approval as much as he can, because he feels like since he doesn’t have his sister’s photographic memory and her school smarts, he doesn’t feel like he makes Aubrey as proud as Charlotte does (Which just isn’t true at all, because Aubrey loves him regardless and she’d never treat her children the way that her parents treated her). 
  • Who they take after more: Beca, not in a musical sense, but more in the attitude. He’s stubborn(and okay he gets that from both of them), and he’s laid back and a sassy little shit, sometimes. 
  • Personal Head canon:  Sometimes Parker gets insecure when it comes to school, because it seems like his sister barely has to try to get good grades, while Parker struggles with reading and math, even though he tries his hardest to get good grades. Every time his sister brings home a good grade or some award for this or that, he sees the look of pride on his parents faces and he knows that he just won’t get that. Except that he does get it, every time he brings home a good grade, or even a sports trophy(because he’s good at sports), they cheer and look at him with pride and it makes him forget that he was ever insecure in the first place. 
  • Face Claim: Harbor Miller



poor pitiful children, poor jeremy

i wanted to do a doodle of this with the other songs but one picture didn’t really serve it justice so i just did a lil comic thing instead

beep bop boop


We did a small gift exchange on on discord to cheer each other up and I got @chocoluckchipz ! <3


(I guess it’s a win win situation ‘3′)




What a great episode I watched it nearly nine hours ago and I’m still yelling g o o d

[The first one is now available as a design on my redbubble!]


Because these boys share their birthdays in the same month, I drew ‘em both!

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I love your art so much! And I have question. How did Benny and Usnavi meet?

in my headcanons when theyre like 7 benny was the new kid in school and usnavi was charged with showing him around 

lily and james, a few months ago: being a parent will be soooo easy lol

lily and james now:

a part of a birthday gift for @wingedcorgi , happy birth!! ❤️