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Unfortunately, Brittane has died from the latest episode of Supergirl. Ace Reporter has done her in and she is in her resting place.

I am still alive and will represent my boo thang™ Hopefully, she will be resurrected soon. Until then she may be missing from her tumblr. Maybe she’s floating in the mass effect universe.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Trash Pairing Requests

Look my exam is like in less than 48 hours so I need something to do so I can procrastinate on it by studying. My logic is flawless.

So I’ll be taking 24 trash pairing requests from ANY of the Yu-Gi-Oh series. This can be your OTP or a super weird crack pairing that you ship. Crossovers included! If you want to request a theme or a prompt (or a kink, I guess if you want???), you can but I may choose not to do it. Just drop the request in my ask box!

If you have a weird ship/prompt you don’t want your name associated with (non con, incest ships, age difference, etc etc) just let me know in the ask box! Then I’ll post it separately. I love ships of all kinds and I’m not fussed. I’ll write anything.


Have fun and request lots! I’ll get to writing it when I can!


the-spring-glade  asked:

Following from that Bob's Burgers post, have you ever watched Archer and if so, what's your opinion on it. In an odd sense, I find it like one of those comfort shows, something that's good to watch every now and then and you feel like of relaxed when watching it, which is strange considering I like maybe 3-4 of the main characters and the rest I wish would just die in a horrible Scott Tennerman's parents-style way

I enjoy Archer quite a bit, but it’s not in my lineup of shows that I tune into regularly, haha.  Like, I’ve been around people who put it on as background noise while they work, or for stay-in date nights, and I’ve always found it pretty funny.  The writing is sharp and the delivery is really funny.  And I like the characters just fine, but I don’t care about them an awful lot.  Which isn’t a bad thing, not every show sets out to make you care about characters or whatever and I still enjoy plenty of shows like that.  I’m just not super compelled to keep up with it. I guess I’m kind of in the same boat with you… it’s nice to watch every so often!  I enjoy it when I do.

Oh yeah, I should mention like… at any point if my friends are doing icons for a game you really really like, you’re always welcome to join in. Just as long as you don’t mind that one of us might have an icon of the same character

a proper reference image for eve! one of many more, hopefully. these r really hard to do though

god, art is so hard. why do people do it

Young justice is cominf back :3c guess who may or may revert back into my old dc loving self ,,, btw favorite dc characters: robin (damian wayne), impulse (bart allen), and static shock (virgil hawkins)

And I got two of those babes in the last season,, now im ready for my all time fave ;w; please give me dami I love him so much

should 100% be doing something productive but is instead preoccupied thinking about steve being soft™ with his pals because tbh i always want steve to have more bros

im that person who accidentally laughs while talking about suicide because im?? coping???? and thats why i have no friends

Louis already has someone who...

“is there for him”

“is one of the most genuinely caring people in his life”

“is a stable…influence in his life whom he trusts”

“genuinely cares about him as a friend” 

So im going to be drawing more shance now because @sir-scandalous has opened my eyes to the beauty of this ship. Also freaking love his art so why not tag him in my first shance piece lol