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Favorite thing about them: idk ur a cool meme who i can do stupid shit with
Least favorite thing about them: you get caught too easily. like wtf how are we supposed to have our fun if you’re so shitty at getting away with it. also stop wearing make-up. you look better without it. :V

really dont know why a lot of people believe Keith is like. the asshole dude who is just always angry. 

hes clearly a super awkward dude with bad social skills who happens to have a lack of impulse control. 

if you actually pay attention, its mostly lance being the asshole when they interact..cause he believes that him and keith are destined rivals just because Lance envy’s Keiths skills. 

Keith doesnt even think that, like sure they can get competitive at times, but its mostly Keith just teasing Lance rather than than actually having some grudge. He actually tries to be friendly at times or at least joke around with him. 

The way he interacts with anyone but Shiro is just. Awkward. Probably cause he doesnt really know them all that well and tends to have a hard time trusting people….he has lived in a shack away from people for awhile so his social skills might be a lil rusty. 

like.. you know how lance believes hes a “seventh wheel”???? imo, I bet he isnt the only one….

  • Sister: You should meet my friend! She's a writer, too.
  • Me: Oh, cool! Yeah!
  • Sister: This is my friend--she's writing a novel! Friend, this is my sister--she writes fanfiction.
  • Me, who is also writing a novel, which my sister damn well knows: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...hi.

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🌷💕 :)

🌷 = favourite blogs

i’ve answered this question already, but here’s some more because why not: @minyardx @aliciacarey @c-ardamom @pctter @becheven @hayley–williams @athenuas @drary @expelumos @isakvalterzn and again, i don’t want to bother people, so i’ll stop there

💕 = tumblr friends

all my mutuals are my friends sorry i don’t make the rules okay so! @trashkinglightwood Pacla my soulmate and love (do u know that soon it will be a year since we started talking!!!) @everheartings Amanda who is an angel and i don’t deserve her @soullessminyard Leonie who gets my sense of humour and sends me so many amazing tfc posts :’) @freakishly-bookish-ant Ala, we have a connection about how much we hate our uni (ug rządzi, am i right) @comeasyouare7 Katia, whom i love deeply (even though i’m an awful friend i haven’t talked to her in months… i’m so sorry) @bakksana Gashii, finally someone who understands how stressful skam can get, it means so much to me, and those aren’t all of my friends but i don’t want to bother the others :)))

thank you, love! ❤︎

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△ Before the you-know-what, did you resent Lewis and Vivi for making you into a third wheel?

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“I want to say no. But…on some level I did, before everything. At least a little. I wanted them to be happy. And they were, with each other! But I thought it would always be the three of us, and one day it just…wasn’t. I was there, but I wasn’t a part of things. A-and after helping Lewis get up the courage to ask Vivi, after helping him set all that big flashy surprise of a way to ask her that he wanted, after being both their friends with so so many years……being forgotten, being edged out or left behind….it stung.

I tried to pull away when it started to happen. I really did. I tried to stay away and just let them be happy with each other. But they wouldn’t quit. They wouldn’t let me go. I….I just regret… angry I was. N-not at them, though. I was insecure. Lonely. I felt abandoned, like I was just the glorified mechanic, or ghost dousing rod for the team. That I wasn’t needed and I was upset at them, but I was because they were happy. And what kind of friend gets hurt over that? I should’ve been happy they were together and content and just-…..

“….. that’s why everything is ruined now. I wasn’t grateful to be included. Lewis and Vivi are my best friends and I felt hurt because, for some stupid reason that boiled down to them loving each other and me being petty. 

“And that opened up this whole can of worms a-and….that’s why it’s my fault. That why this- Lewis d-d….dying, e-everything- that’s why it’s all my fault.”

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this KRAFT thing has gone on loooong enough every body just needs to chill-out OK and Quinn you and @nido-roalty need to chill out the most oh and if you guys keep this up I'm going to fight you both and I will W.I.N! Oh and Quinn you will go on a diet!!!!! If not then we'll then... I will kill ALL the KRAFT makers in the world so go on a non KRAFT diet! Your dearest friend @dailywick/@dailylaughter

BOI u can’t tell us wat to do

we KRAFT™ victory like it ain’t nothin’ so u better macaRUNi before we beat y’all haters up with noodles

@dailywick @daily–laughter (also I’m back from Spain hi guys)

Louis already has someone who...

“is there for him”

“is one of the most genuinely caring people in his life”

“is a stable…influence in his life whom he trusts”

“genuinely cares about him as a friend” 

So im going to be drawing more shance now because @sir-scandalous has opened my eyes to the beauty of this ship. Also freaking love his art so why not tag him in my first shance piece lol


she’s a handsome woman // panic! at the disco

  • Adult Fiction: "I'm a Sad Woman who can't remember the last time I was happy. My husband doesn't satisfy me and I'm constantly searching for something Else™ to give my life meaning."
  • YA Fiction: "I'm an Angsty Teen with a Mission I didn't ask for, but I will find a way to survive it and givE MY OWN LIFE MEANING."
  • Adult Fiction: "Sad: It's 'happy' for deep people."
  • YA Fiction: "Somehow she managed to smile and laugh, despite all that had been done to her."
  • Adult Fiction: 300 pages long - dragging, how can there be that much left?
  • YA Fiction: 750 pages long - YES, good, no wait... EVEN MORE PLEASE!
  • Adult Fiction: Welp, our audience is basically halfway to death anyway, so the moral is: Just try to stay alive until it's time to die.
  • YA Fiction: Hey there, we know everything sucks, but you're not the only one feeling that way. Find your people, keep your fire going, fight your way out! Make a better world!