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Can we just note that this: 

happen after they know about Keith Galra heritage and that Lance don’t even mention it. Like, it’s not something that define Keith for him. Keith is just a cool guy/rival/buddy(/bf) who always rush to make stupidly dangerous but pretty cool stuffs. 

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I think the thing that upsets me about jordan is how much the fandom ran to him and started shipping payneton. Not his fault, but it did seem as if he encouraged it, liking the pics of liam in his jersey. I'll never understand why people are so-

Up for shipping Liam with anyone but Zayn? But youre right, he hasn’t gained a lot of promo via articles but 1d fans certainly took to him. We know his name, we recognize him. Also your thought abt the ziam linkages is interesting! Hope you’re well!

Hey anon,

I’m fine thanks. Hope you are too.

You know what if he is such a thirsty promo seeker and all he wants is a load of 1d fans on his case either pro payneton or whatever, then this little part of the fandom is doing a fantastic job of keeping his name on everyone’s lips aren’t we? 

And meanwhile the world still turns around us.

When you take a step back then all he did was be polite and like a few tweets and tag his mate in literally a couple of pics and Liam mentioned him two or three times, that or Jordan’s shit at his own promo and can’t be arsed to use his own PR team and instead tries to make something of it himself and frankly he’s terrible at it as no one is paying the blindest bit of attention to it all out there in the world. 

BTW I just did a google search, nothing about them on  google except for a load of tumblr links talking about it.

Everyone took all the above in a number of different ways and well, look where some of those ended up…..

I have complete and utter faith in Liam and Zayn as individuals and as a couple.  I don’t panic about all this because I believe they’re unshakeable (or as much as any couple can be) and its totally natural that they’ve built a world around them in LA, they may have the same friends or Liam may have some friends of his own and Zayn has too, it’s how relationships work. 

Maybe my thoughts re the Ziam connections are pie in the sky and there’s another scenario have thought of. Or maybe it’s not.  As always I’ll just be observing and I firmly believe a reunion will happen at some point, just a matter of how and when.


when you know only the random English parts in a non-English song

I genuinely don’t care if someone thinks George Michael was ‘really’ bi. I don’t. He identified openly as gay, so respect that. We want people to respect our orientation, we need to respect the repeatedly-spoken orientations of others. And it really, really bothers me that we’re having this conversation right after he died. Please, just… don’t. 

He may have been ‘really’ bi by your standards, and yes, the media may have covered him poorly, but he said he was gay, and that’s what matters. 

Please, respect as you would be respected.

This isn’t a callout or something I’m interested in debating. I’m genuinely distressed by seeing ppl who want their self-declared orientations disrespecting the self-declared orientation of the recently deceased. 

I hate the way we can’t just like or dislike things anymore. Everything has to be a debate. If you dislike a thing, you have to prove that it’s objectively bad, preferably by calling it whatever-ist or whatever-phobic. And if you like a thing, you better be prepared to defend that preference against people who’ll tell you it’s whatever-ist or whatever-phobic.

Screw that. I like things because I like them. I dislike things because I dislike them. I don’t have to justify anything if I don’t want to, and other people sure as hell don’t have to justify anything to me. It’s okay to like different things. That’s why the world is so full of stuff, so that there’s something in it for everyone.

Reasons why Asuka Tanaka is an Absolute Best™ (with pictures) :

• Glasses

• Dark opaque tights

• Talented and passionate

• Long stylish hair, dark as ink and soft as silk.

(often messy which means +10 charisma)

• Meaty thighs

(10/10 pillows ↑↑ )

• Wide hips

(essential for hand placement and overall hug’ability)

•  ↓

•  ↑

• Breasts of increased softness, ergonomic shape and bonus top tier armpits

( ↑↑ this airfield can probably balance, like, 2 or 3 phones in the tawawa challenge)

• A pinch of yandere

(the perfect mix between possessivity and affection ↑ )

• Cannibalism tendencies (she will bite you)

• Strong, independant and feminine

• Still needs to be protected

( ↑ fig. n°1 : smile that must be protected at all cost)

• Mischievous

• Can be serious

• Can goof around as well


• She knows what’s up

• She understands human beans very well too

• Very cute (that is important)

• She will headpat you

• Her birthday is December 25th

– If you’re not convinced yet, let me reach out for your imagination :

• Loud and shameless mind-blowing sex

• Lingerie

• ↓

• Cooking in underwear

• Sex in the car

• Probably shitposting on social networks

My point is :

Adorable and precious sex machine. Must be married at the speed of light.