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For people who say it was OOC for Hook not to tell Emma. Hook and Emma aren't OOC character when she thinks he is abandoning her or when he didn't tell her at first. They are slipping into old habits and having a human moment. They are a REAL couple going through REAL things. All this will be for an epic payoff.

Come sit next to me because I feel like we’re sharing a mind.

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it is test anon again and i scored 80% on my physics test and i think the american system is different with their marks so idk of that translates into sth good but here it's pretty solid!! haha i'll just thank imaginary cf!yuuri for getting me through this

HEYYY GOOD JOB!!!! CF!Yuuri would be so proud of you <3 <3 <3


happy 11 years on yt to phil!!

thank you for teaching me how to love myself, from my not so perfect nose, to my not so flat stomach. you taught me how to be happy and kind, and that everyone and everything has a purpose. thank you for teaching us that its okay to be yourself, and that its okay to be weird. youve kept so many of us alive, and thats honestly so awesome. you’re under appreciated and thats stupid because you are like, the actual sunshine. so thank you phil, for being you. lov u :(

when you follow a mental illness blog and then they turn their life around and suddenly start reblogging nothing but #recovery and #positivity

like, i came here for memes about my suffering, miss me with that healthy optimism shit

Supergirl Writer Problems

When you have James Olsen, who helps Kara, loves her for who she is:

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But decide he isn’t good enough for Kara

Then you have Lena Luthor, who fills Kara’s office with flowers, tells her that she’s her hero, has a relationship built and trust and respect:

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But somehow she isn’t good enough for Kara so you decide this guy is:

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“One of the great things is that the relationship that Sherlock and Watson have, it’s such a strong bond that I can only imagine that the relationship that you and Martin have off-screen it has to be just as similar, is that right?” Ben talks about Martin and how much they love doing the show ♥ x