that's in like a month and a half maybe

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You said you had some wips you weren't doing? Or going tdo? What were they? :0

oh, there’s definitely a couple i’ve had on the back burner (i haven’t forgotten about that Grillby’s gif, or the phone background, they’re… at least partially there;; =v=) but there’s a few that i put away for a bit and didn’t come back to for various reasons. while i try and finish most of my attempts in at least some way, i do have a few others i’m probably just not going to finish, period. one isn’t worth showing really - it never got to any cohesive place, and i’ve improved enough since i first tried it that it’d be something i’d rather just start from scratch if i ever wanted to try it again…

as for the other? hm. well, i guess the wip gif will probably be okay enough to show…? it’s missing several inbetweens, smoothing actions, and i was in the middle of adjusting proportions… but since i’m probably not going to come back to it i guess i can share it. little insight into my process, if nothing else:

the idea was to try animating a different way that sans might ‘summon’ his blasters. i still like the idea… but it’d need a lot more work before it’d be at a place i was happy enough to put colors and finishing everything onto. so for now, it’s probably going to remain in wip hiatus, haha.;;

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Joe maybe 14 months younger than Taylor but he acts like man tho compared to her half of her exes that are a lot older than her.

Thats saying something to all y'all who kept making comments about how he’s a ‘little boy’

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Them rehearsing could be for a lot of things - it doesn't have to be something happening really soon. I think possibilities are iHeart, talk show performances, VSFS, AMAs, etc. But I also think it's possible this is early planning/rehearsal if she is doing the half-time for the college football in Jan - because between holidays & promo later in the fall, it might be necessary to start getting that ready now.

thats 3.5 months away i think its more than likely not that.. i think it is more likely to be something within the next couple weeks AGAIN if that is what it is. maybe its the ihearts, you never know. Maybe it’s not.