that's if i had a boy to cuddle with

Five more minutes

Warm. Everything around you was warm. And bright, very bright. But… that could not be possible… you were sleeping, with your eyes closed… weren’t you? Annoyed by the brightness you groaned and opened an eye, looking straight at the clock in the bedside table.

“Oh, fuck”

This was bad, this was really bad. It was almost eleven and you had overslept. Last night Jimin and you went to have dinner out and came back really late, slightly tipsy, and he, of course, prohibited you to go back to your home, and made you stay in the dorms with him. You agreed (who could resist his puppy eyes when he was begging?) but with the condition that you both will get up before the rest of the members, so they wouldn’t know. But, of course, you had to oversleep. This was a mess, a real mess, and you were freaking out.

“Jimin… Jimin!” You hissed, shaking him while trying to wake him up.

But it was useless, he was deeply asleep and only rolled away, mumbling something about thighs and fire (what was he even dreaming?)

“Jimin, cmon, you need to wake up, we overslept, the members are going to know I slept here” you were getting kinda annoyed, but at the same time couldn’t resist his cuteness while sleeping “Wake up already” you punched him in the arm.

“Ummm, just five more minutes please” you could hear him whining.

“We haven’t got five minutes more, Jimin, I need to get out of here now”

He opened one eye and looked at you with a sad look. ’Ugh, not the puppy eyes’ you thought as you looked away, not strong enough to hold his gaze.

“What’s the rush?” He asked, his voice kind of raspy. His messy bed hair was quite distracting, not to say his nude torso. You gulped, this definitely was quite a sight to see when you were barely awake.

“We overslept” you repeated.

“And so what?” He seemed confused.

“The boys are going to know I slept here, they’re probably going to get in the room in any moment and…”

“You’re being too loud” he whined, burying his head in the pillow “my head is a mess” after a few moments of silence he said “well, so what if the members discover it?”

You couldn’t believe him. Was he nuts? This was useless, it was like talking to a toddler. You groaned in annoyance and tried to get up of bed, ready to dress up and get out as soon as possible. But his arms reached out for you and dragged you back to the bed.

“Are you crazy?” You hissed “someone can get in and see us like this”

“And what’s the problem with that? Let them get in and enjoy the view” he smirked, shooting you a playful look. You rolled your eyes, he was impossible “c'mon, don’t be mad at me, it’s just that I’m tired of hiding it, I don’t care anymore, if they find it let them find it” he pulled you closer into his embrace, already closing his eyes “it’s our free day and I want to spend it cuddling with you, would you honour me?” He asked, pulling his best puppy eyes till the moment.

You sighed, who could resist this little ball of fluff. So you just wiggled your way into his arms and rested your head in his warm chest, hearing his heartbeat, beating strong and slightly fast. You giggled when he held you tighter and rest his head over yours.

“But just five more minutes” you said as you felt his body relax and his breathing slowing down.

“Yes… just five more minutes…”