that's how we like it in asgard

Avengers Chatroom: Insomnia
  • Y/N has created a chatroom.
  • Y/N has invited Tony, Sam, Wanda, Nat, Vision, Clint, Bucky, Steve.
  • Y/N: Hi.
  • Y/N: Hello.
  • Y/N: who's awake
  • Y/N: I'm bored
  • Wanda: Y/N it's 3am
  • Y/N: ... I'm aware
  • Wanda: So go to sleep, everyone else is probably asleep as well.
  • Y/N: I can't :(
  • Wanda: I will make you a drink my mother used to make Pietro and I when we couldn't sleep. Brb.
  • Wanda has left the chat.
  • Odin has joined the chat.
  • Y/N: Wtf
  • Odin: Hello, Midgardian.
  • Y/N: I must be hallucinating
  • Odin: You are not.
  • Y/N: why ... How ...
  • Odin: Do you really think that Asgard wouldn't be able to have internet? It is the most technologically advanced realm. Talking to you from one realm to another is easy.
  • Y/N: damn that's some good WiFi you have there
  • Odin: It is.
  • Y/N: so like.. Can u add Thor
  • Odin: No? What? Loki? My son is dead. I must go - Asgard calls. King duty, yes, goodbye.
  • Y/N: WAIT
  • Odin: Yes?
  • Y/N: add Thor before u leave pls
  • Odin has left the chat.
  • Y/N: No chill, that one has.
  • Nat: Sleep, you must. NOW.
  • Y/N: I am waiting for Wanda.
  • Nat: Bed right after.
  • Y/N: Yes, mom. Night <3
  • Nat: Night.
  • Nat has left the chat.
  • Steve: how do I switch off notifications on my phone
  • Y/N: Suffer with me.
  • Steve: Fine.
  • Y/N: this is why you're my favorite :)
  • Tony: excUSE ME
  • Y/N: Aren't you supposed to be asleep
  • Tony: I never sleep. Working on a new suit.
  • Y/N: This whole time you were awake but didn't say anything.
  • Tony: Um, so Loki is alive and stuff.
  • Steve: We should discuss the whole Loki thing later on
  • Y/N: oh Wanda is here, night guys!
  • Y/N has left the chat.
  • Steve: I sacrificed my sleep for you. And you just leave. Y/N why.
  • Steve has left the chat.
  • Tony: alone, again :(
  • Tony has left the chat.
  • Odin has joined the chat.
  • Odin: Fools! They never suspected it is I, Loki!
  • Vision: Yes they did, if you'd read the chat you'd see they know it is you.
  • Odin: Who tf are u
  • Vision: I am Vision.
  • Odin: K.
  • Odin has left the chat.
  • Vision has left the chat.
Deleted lines from the Thor script #216
  • Laufey: It's said you can still hear and see what transpires around you. I hope it's true, so that you may know that I'm about to moon you right now.
  • Loki: *(suddenly waves butt in Laufey's face)*
  • Loki: And YOUR mooning came from the butt of the son of Odin!
  • Laufey:
  • Laufey: It's... You've got to pull your pants down to moon someone.
  • Loki: Oh. Oh, right. Well, um... It's just that I've got this one-piece gold leather jumpsuit and it's difficult to undo all the loops and buttons at the neck and then pull everything down...
  • Laufey: You don't have a zip fastening on the groin?
  • Loki: No. I guess that's not how we like it in Asgard...
  • Laufey: Oh, it's way more convenient. All the Frost Giants have zip crotches.
  • Loki: Really?
  • Laufey: Oh yes, there's a lot of mooning on Jotunheim.
  • Odin: *(awakens)*
  • Odin: Why does it smell like butts in here?
  • Odin: Ugh; this is just like 965 AD all over again.
  • Odin: *(falls back into Odinsleep)*
Things I never noticed before....

Okay so my family were watching iron man two and I realized something. When Tony is recreating the new element he is using his father’s notes on the tessaract. Which as we all know is an infinity gem. Maybe thats why when Loki tries to use the scepter on him it doesnt work. Maybe you can’t use the infinity gems against one another like they cancel each other out? Do you think he or any of the others avenger or asgard know that tony has the equivalent of an infinity gem in his chest?

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Deleted lines from The Avengers script #467
  • Thor: We were raised together, played together, we fought together! Do you remember none of that? Do you not remember that folly when we pretended to be married to fool the Jotuns? Or when we had to hold hands to fool the Elves, or when we had to kiss to fool the Vanir, and *then* there was that time when we had to—!

When I came on Tumblr today I found this.You guys are freaking awesome!! It’s crazy. I never thought I would reach so many followers and especially not in just two months. Thank you so very very much! Lots of love to every single one of you.

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