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Part 4: Ladies men

Series still going, still much more to show of our favorite half-devils. My miiverse screenshot album overflowed with pictures, can’t believe I made this many.

Dante knows whats up.

Wait a sec. Vergil… is that an attempt at a compliment?


(he says that whenever a girl joins them as support, but not to every one of them)

Vergil is not into meta jokes.

Dante pls


I love Leia, but, like. Imagine, in a universe where the Jedi can carry children, thanks to the Force, Kylo/Ben finds out that, while, yes, his dad is Han Solo, Leia isn’t his mom. Imagine if Han and Luke had been together, and Luke gave birth to Ben, but, because of the Jedi code, no one could know, so Leia covered for her brother. Imagine Ben being so shocked, he turns to the one person he can still trust – Hux – and a love story follows, along with Luke’s return, and trying to accept the truth. Imagine.

Also, Obikin. Oh, my headcanon for Obikin.

If your name is NATALIE, then, I got you babe. Also, yes there is a kid up there but this is smut…but..this smut has nothing to do with..the..kid. I mean..well technically it does but..oh my gosh, you get my point. 


You and harry were all snuggled together under the sheets. You were both on vacation and you decided to take a lazy day. I mean, why go on vacation with you uber hot husband if you can’t take a day to appreciate the way your bodies fit perfectly together. 

His arms were wrapped around you and your head was snugly pressed back against his chest as you both watched a re-run of up. You had just finished crying your eyes out at that one scene when harry mutters into your hair. 

“You’re such a kid, Nat” then chuckles. 

“Oh hush, harold,” you reply, swatting his chest. “Its a good movie.”

He smiles and nods gently, thinking about something for a second, then holding you a bit tighter when he states,“ …you’d make a great mom, Nat.”

You chuckle softly, thinking he’s kidding, then look up at him, “..are you being serious?" 

He nods, shifting himself bit and taking your hands. "So great …i’ve been thinking about it alot lately…I being..parents. I know its..hectic with me may always be hectic if we don’t find a reason to slow things down.. I love you..I want to have a family with you..with my wife. ” You stare up at him, flustered for a second, because, to you, it seems like he’s just stating this out of the blue.

You smile and nod after a second, “..yeah..its..great.. be honest..i’ve been thinking about that too..for a while now.”

He smiles back, squeesing your hands gently, “Then..lets..start!” he says enthusiastically, smiling widely and giving you a taste of those dimples.

You chuckles, looking at him,“ now?” he nods “..right now?” he nods again. You’re about to ask if me means ‘right right now’ when he climbs over you, pressing his lips to yours ferociously. 

You lean back submissively, allowing him to pull your tshirt up over your body and leave you sitting there in just his boxer shorts. He leans over, nuzzling you softly and taking your hand, making sure he knows how amazingly lucky and privileged he feels to have you to himself. 

He squeezes your hands again  when you’re both stripped, slidding hid dick down inside of you and moaning. 

He closes his eyes, thinking about the fact that it seems like every time he gets into you it seems like you’re freaking tighter. 

“Shit Natalie..” he groans out, but its hidden by the sounds of your moans of pleasure. He’s pounding into you hard and just knowing that there’s no condom, that he wants you and your children to call his own makes you feel like  you’re ontop of he world. You wrap your arms around him, scraping your nails down his back as he pumps into you. Its a different kind of thrust. Not a 'wow you’re really fucking hot’ kind of thrust, more like a 'I want to make this feel amazing for you’ kind of thrust. 

You yell out in pleasure as his deep, passionate thrusts send his dick down into your g-spot continuously.

It doesn’t take long for you to be screaming his name as you cum, seconds after he does. Your bodies clinging to each other’s.

And thats how you and harry conceived your fist child to the soundtrack of 'Up.’


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