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I just love love loved your recent Gruvia pic with Juvia and Gray wearing those shirts. Not only made me laugh but brought a smile to me, and my girlfriend's face. What inspired you to do that for your recent drawings? I hope we can see more especially say Juvia in the recent new Japanese sweater and how Gray would react to it. Keep up the good work not only for the Gruvia fan base but the Fairy Tail community 👍💙

Thank you so much ! ah nice to hear that from both of you guys as a couple (*^v^*).Actually i just found the “mega milk” shirt used by one of youtuber that inspire me the rest of the comic tho,and i think thats kinda funny thing hahaha,the kill virgin sweater? hahaha well, i dunno, my holidays already ended ;;_;; but i appreciate it , and there’s another amazing gruvia artist that already draw them so beautifull <3. Thank you so much for your nice message, have a good day ! *and your gf to XD*

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“I just find it funny.” He says softly but his tone is bitter. “Really funny.”

“What’s funny?” I ask him.

He doesnt look at me, not even a glance. “No matter how long you’ve tried to get over him, here you are always going back.”

I stay silent, I know he’s right.

“Its pathetic. Whats so good about this guy that he has you fallen to your knees at his mercy? Whats so good about him that a strong girl like you can’t even resist.” His voice rises.

I laugh a bit, because it is actually funny. “That’s the thing about him though, there’s nothing special about him, nothing extra. But he’s different from the rest, and thats enough for me.”

—  maybe i wasnt made for you // excerpts from a book I’ll never write # 7// (via stuck-in-laughter)
Touring And Sharing Bunks - Luke Hemmings

You’re a stylist for the band ‘5 Seconds Of Summer’. Yes thats right. 5sos. You’ve no idea how you even managed to land this job. But you did. And you love it!

Touring around the world with your 4 closest friends was the best thing ever.

“Guys wakeup,” you said to them, shaking their bunks. Calum groaned. “5 more minutes” “you said that 10 minutes ago! Now c’mon, or esle you’ll be late. Again!” No one moved. You put a hand on your hips and sighed. “I made pancakes for breakfast.”

Within a minute they were all dressed and sitting at the table waiting for their pancakes. You laughed. “You won’t get up for me, but you’ll get up for pancakes?” “Not any pancakes, your pancakes.” Replys Luke, his voice rough from sleeping.

You smile to yourself and give out their food. “Eat quickly” You say and go to the bathroom to shower and change. You put on a pair of fitting black and white striped pants with a black high cut crop top, black high heels with simple makeup and your hair in a neat high ponytail. As you stepped out you trpped over someones case and went flying. But before you could hit the ground, someone caught you.

“Careful YN,” Luke said, holding you up. You smiled. You liked Luke. A lot. But you didn’t tell anybody, in fear that he would find out and it would be awkward. 

He didn’t let go of your waist and you didnt let go of his hand. You stayed like this until michael came in and you both practically jumped away from each other. “Sorry did I interrupt something?” He asked, backing out of the room.


Luke said quickly and your heart sank. You hid your hurt by clapping your hands and telling them to “get a move on, you have an interview in 10 minutes”

You hurried out of the room and locked yourself in the bathroom. You leaned against the sink and begged yourself to stop hurting. God you loved him. He always made you laugh, feel special and just so perfect. You took a few deep breaths and calmed down.

“Hey, are you okay in there?” Ashton called through the door. “Yeah, just doing some touch ups, thats all.” You lied. ” I’ll be out in a minute.” You called back and re applied your favourite pink MAC lipstick. You unlocked the door and stepped out.

“All ready?” You asked Michael “Uhh, almost, Calum won’t put his pants on and Ashton can’t find his bandana. ” “It’s like herding cats” you mumbled.

*at the interview*

You stood behind the cameras, your usual place at interviews. You were fixing Lukes hair when the interviewer walked in. “Annnd done!” You smiled.

“So all you lads are single?” The interviewer asked. You rolled your eyes. This was asked at every. Single. Interview. All the boys nodded except Luke. He just looked at his hands. ” Well we may be single but someones heart is taken.” Ashton nudges Luke. You felt your heart sink.

Why didn’t he tell me? Who is she? How did I not notice it? Now I have no chance. ” You thought to yourself. The boys always came to you first when they liked someone. You would give them advice and tips, because, well, you are a girl, and know a thing or two.

“Is this true?” The interviewer asks, leaning in. Luke laughs and shrugs. “A little.” “Oh do tell us more, what’s she like?”

“She’s, beautiful, she’s funny, she can cook and has such a funny laugh. Her smile makes me smile and I could look at her eyes all day. She may not be perfect, buts she’s perfect to me. And I want to make her mine.” You shook your head and stepped back, your heels clicking against the floor. You felt your eyes tear up. When he talked about ‘her’ he looked really happy.

It hurt you to see some other girl make him so happy, because thats how he makes you feel. Happy and special.

You took quicker steps back and bumped into a table, knocking over a bottle of water. And then you ran.

You cursed your choice of shoes and continued to run/trot. You heard someone call your name “YN, hey YN!” you heard calum call your name.

You quickly wiped your eyes and turned, putting on a fake smile. ” Oh, hey Cal, I just came out to, eh, get some air, you know?”

He saw right through you. He holds your shoulders and looks at you in the eye. The moment he saw you sad he pulled you in and hugged you tight. You didn’t say anything. You didn’t need to. Everything clicked when he saw you crying.

“C’mon, lets get some coffee.” He whispers.


“…and I just, I can’t do anything about it. I have never felt this way about anyone else before, and to know that, that someone else makes him feel the same way I feel about him, and it’s not me, it, it sucks.” You sniffed, wiping your cheeks. “God” you laughed. “I am such a baby, I can’t stop crying.”

You let the hotness of your coffee leak out and warm up your hands. The coffee shop was quiet, and you sat in the corner. “I, I don’t know how I’m going to face them now. I’m embarrassed and confused.”

After that Calum took you back to the tour bus. The other boys went out to a party but calum stayed with you. His was practically your older brother. “Calum I told you, you don’t have to stay with me, I’m fine.” You said for the fourth time. “I know, but I want to stay, now get some sleep, you’re tired.” He said as he lifted you into a bunk bed.

Hours later, you woke up to find a body beside you. You were about to scream when you recognized his hair. Luke. His arm was draped across your waist. You dared not to move. Instead. He moved closer and put his chin on top of your head. His hand touched yours for a split second and his hand moved away. And then his fingers intertwined with yours. A smile broke across your face.

In the morning you woke up and realized that you and Luke were still holding hands. You were about to pull away when he pulled you in closer. “Stay” he whispered. “What about her?” You whispered back. “Who?” “The girl who is perfect. Who you want to make your own.” He laughed. ” What’s so funny? It’s not funny,” you hissed.

“Yes it is.”

No, it’s not”



“Because I never saw someone being jealous of themselves.”

It took a moment to realise what he ment. “You like me?” He smiles. “A lot” “you want me to be yours?” He blushes a little and shrugs. 

“ I’d like that.” You whisper. 

“You would? You lean in and kiss his lips.


how sausage party got made (probably)
  • seth 'bunfucker' rogen: okay, so hear me out. the food...says fuck.
  • sony execs: ...
  • seth 'bunfucker' rogen: and it gets better. there are all these TOTALLY classy but hilarious and not at all offensive representations of different races and sexualities. and i know you guys hate that. but listen to this.
  • sony execs: ...
  • seth 'bunfucker' rogen: food. orgy.
  • sony execs: ...genius.