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do you know if otabek is 18 or 19? in eps 10 and 11 it was said he was 18, then in ep 12 he was 19 and the wiki says 19? im confused. Ep 10 and 11 were after oct 31

I was very confused, too. The anime itself has done these kind of mash-ups before and no clarification was ever made. The wiki isn’t reliable or managed by some official source or anything, it’s fanbased, now looking like this: 

18 (Episode 1)

19 (Episode 12)

Now, I took the time to actually look through all those episodes. And, look, in Episode 1, his age isn’t mentioned, so no indication of what his age was during the previous season.

In episodes 10 and 11, there is Victor’s monologue about the skaters, in which he says Otabek is 18, but there’s also the official TV introductions of the skaters within the competition (beginning of 11), which is constructed like as it would show to the YOIverse audience at home, where he’s also 18. 

Then there seems to be a mix-up in Episode 12, making Otabek 19, both per someone else’s mention (Celestino) and also the introductory ‘TV clip’. The only truthful possibility is the creators fucked up and possibly mixed up Otabek and JJ (who’s all around 19) in the animation, just a technical mistake like the ‘Victor Niliforv’ in Episode 1.

I know we all like to believe there’s always a meaning behind everything artists do and like to treat these universes created by them like real worlds where everything has an explanation but sometimes it’s just artists going ‘well, shit happens’.

My favorite example:

My opinion is they just ‘forgot’ while advancing to the last episode lmao, and I stand by the fact that Otabek is 18 (going on 19) as it seems to be the initial age they had decided on.

@oogoobooga hi there was an attempt to draw your oc, i tried my best i swear
also featuring deja being a confused turd like she always is


1.05  //   1.20

okay so obviously i loved i, borg bc HUGH, MY SWEET SON, but like. guinan in that episode tho. holy shit.

up to this point she’s been the wise one onboard who is pretty much, no… literally always right, from what i remember, and i always admired her for that but like… this episode made her real. she had every right to be bitter about there being a borg onboard, because of her past, and seeing her so upset was so… powerful. and then seeing her, after the years and years of pain she’s had to deal with that was caused by the borg, seeing her set aside her own (totally valid) emotions for a second to listen to what hugh had to say, and what he’d learned, and realizing he was learning from her, too, and like… seeing her realize that the collective “enemy” had become an individual who can be vulnerable and who can think for himself and realize he doesn’t support this war is like. uGH. so good. and then she had the strength to approach picard and be like “listen, i think i might have been wrong”. like. goals. lol.

bottom line, i loved guinan in this episode. picard, too, but like, i’ve seen picard be vulnerable before. i’ve seen him be arguably wrong before, but change his mind, as he did again in this episode. that was nothing new. but guinan, as far as i’ve seen, has always been right. she seemed like a fairytale character (whom i loved anyway) up to this point, but after this episode, she seemed more real. more relatable. so much respect for her. i love her even more now. holy shit.

Just a reminder that Octavia Blake spent the first sixteen years of her life hiding under floorboards in a tiny room in space and yet she’s a thousand times more competent at being a decent human being than 90% of the characters on this show. 


I love this scene because it can easily be interpreted two entirely different ways.

When Thor hears the sirens coming from the prison, the only word he says is “Loki” before running off. You could either see this as Thor thinking Loki must be responsible for the commotion. OR that something terrible happened and Loki may be in trouble. To be honest, I don’t even consider these interpretations to be mutually exclusive either.


Mercedes Jones+ sharing her success

KITTEN part 1



 i sat at the bonfire alone thinking a bit with gallys drink in my hand watching the fire till i find what I've been looking for the greenie two months back y/n just going to her room hardly anyone really see’s her much and she hardly ever speaks to anyone its strange as soon as i see her i get up and try to walk over to her without her noticing “hi love” i say

“hi” she says briefly

“you al right” i ask

“fine” she says briefly 

“are you sure, how bout you come hang with the rest of us no point being alone y/n” i say

“im fine alone” she says seeming distracted

“so you say, but come on one night with the guys, or if you want me and you can find a table and just have a nice chat” i suggest

“thanks but no thanks” she says trying to walk off but i just move so im in her way 

“what's wrong y/n something up two months you been here and you hardly say a word to anyone what's up” i ask

“nothing i like keeping myself to myself now shuck off” she says pushing past me and walking off and practically disappearing into the darkness i stand for a moment looking in her direction till minho comes and puts an arm around me

“try and chat up the girl again newt” he says

“no, i wasn't chatting her up, i was trying to talk to her” i answer

“really that's not what it sounded like” he replies

“what did it sound like then” i ask

“it sounded pervy and desperate newt, like you where trying to get in her pants” he says

“well no im not trying to get in her pants, im just worried about her” i say

“why” he asks

“she doesnt talk to anyone she always is alone she just wants to be alone it worries me if that's how she chooses to deal with this place isolating herself from everyone” i answer

“one girl in a maze full of teenage boys can you blame her newt” minho says

“true but im just worried you know me” i say

“unfortunately i do, but why not talk to her now when she’s in her room then know one else is gonna be around maybe she’ll talk then” he suggests i nod and walk off from the guys towards the homestead and y/n’s room i stand for a moment before knocking and opening the door.


i went back to my room in the homestead after that i don't like talking to people for long to scared someone's gonna find out about me im not exactly a girl glader because im not exactly girl well not all of me as soon as i get to my room and let my tail UN wrap from my skirt and move my hair so my ears are the normal place yep im half girl half cat i have ears and a tail but a lot more catish things come out in my personality and things i do like how i disappear without people really noting i like to sit like a cat and i often go around the glade at night like a cat on all fours one problem is my ears and tail my ears i can easily hid with my hair but my tail is the real problem unfortunately it has a mind of its own often doing things the tail wants and me having no real power over it, i don't what the guys to ever know about me so i keep myself to myself till i hear a knock at the door i quickly hide my ears but the door opens i don't have time to wrap my tail so i just grab it and hold it down behind me its newt what the hell does he want he steps in and looks like he has something to say so i just it there trying to keep my tail under control 

“hi” he says nervously 

“hello” i say “what did you want” i ask

“i wanted to uh, tell you that, uh well im worried about you y/n i am im worried about you, and i think that uh you and i should discuss something about you and such as to understand why it is that you keep yourself to yourself” he says nervously and a bit confused 

“okay” i reply 

“and i think we should uh know that you dont need to be alone and i am available 24 hours a day seven days a week, available to talk to not that i available- which i am but not in that scene- i mean i am but not in the way the guys would think i would be saying this- well i am as your the only girl and im defiantly not gay- not to impose or anything just uh im gonna stop talking now” he says making me almost laugh at him

“okay right thank you newt” i reply 

“but yeah so you can come and talk to me when ever you want just one rule” he says

“what rule” i ask battling with my tail again

“no secrets” he laughs

“okay” i say

there's then a silence as neither of us really know what to say

“what’s that” he asked

“what's what” i say

“what's that your hiding” he asks

“nothing” i say

“no seriously y/ n what are you hiding from me” he says trying to move closer to me

“nothing” i repeat

“y/n we just agreed no secrets now come on what are you hiding” he laughs

“nothing i swear” i say trying to make him back off a bit

“love come one just tell me, i swear it wont leave this room” he says

“you swear” i ask i guess having a friend would be nice plus i know i cant hold this tail back much longer

“i swear what happens or is said in our chats stays with us i swear on my life if i say a word you can kill me” he says i then just sigh 

“okay” i say letting go of my tail and dropping my head to the floor i know my tail is where he’s gonna be able to see it and i just sit a moment i look up at him he looks like he’s gonna freak or scream “PLEASE DON'T FREAK” i say

“uh,uh,uh,uh,uh” he says “you,you,you have a you have a, a tail” he says 

“yeah” i reply 

“uh, tail ,you have a tail” he stutters

“yeah” i say moving my hair to show of my ears as well 

“oh god and ears okay, uh anything else” he asks

“no” i answer

“okay, okay uh what, what the shucking hell are you” he asks

“cat girl” i answer a bit a ashamed of what i am

“your a cat” he asks

“yes” i laugh 

“uh okay can i” he asks gesturing to my bed i nod and he sits beside me on my bed looking at me “your a cat girl” he says

“yep, half cat half girl i didn't want anyone to know so i keep my ears covered and my tail wrapped up” i explain

“your a cat girl”he says again

“newt i think the think the fact im a cat girl has been established” i tell him 

“im telling alby” he says trying to get up but i then just pin him down again using both my hands and my tail 

“newt you promised me, you said what happens never leaves us, please don't tell anyone else, i want to trust you with this” i say

“but y/n i meant i would tell people about you know personal stuff but this is big your half cat”  he says

“i know that's why you cant say anything, newt please” i beg he sits a moment before answering 

“al right, i will keep you secret cat lady” he says 

“thank you” i say hugging him and he hugs me back till he jerks and pulls away from our hug “what” i ask

“your tail was touching me, in places” he says making me laugh

“sorry it has a mind of its own” i explain “so what do you think” i say standing up and spinning around 

“uh , well if i may use the cheezy wording but, meow” he says slyly making me giggle

“awe thank you” i say returning to sitting on the bed 

“do you do anything like a cat” he asks

“what do you mean” i ask

“do you, you know sleep like a cat, eat like a cat etcetera” he asks

“i don't know i don't pay that much attention” i answer

“what about play, do you play like cats do” he asks

“how so” i ask

“if i got you a ball of yawn would you play with it” he asks

“no” i lie i have tried that before its very fun 

“why do i think your lieing” he says 

i cant help but glance at the underside of my bed where i know it is he notices and puts a hand under my bed and getting the ball.


i got the ball from under her bed and looked at her she just refused to make eye contact so i threw it across the floor she sat for a moment before jumping of the bed onto the floor and playing with the ball like a cat “awe” i say

“slim it” she says sitting back on the bed 

“what about, if i like stroked you would you purr” i ask

“never tied” she says

“well come here then” i say opening my arms

“what” she asks

“come here kitten” i say she then just shrugs and crawls over to me like a cat and hugging me so i just move slightly so im cuddling her and slowly move my hand up and down her back after a little while of us both sitting lost in the enjoyment of it i can here her purring “awe that is so cute” i say to her

“shut up, i cant help it” she says but neither of us moving till i can feel her tail again trying to wrap its self around my belt and trying to UN do it “HEY,  keep that tail under control” i say pushing her away 

“sorry newt, it got a mind of its own i don't have any control over it” she says

“it al right just mind where it goes” i say “what about if i scratched you behind the ears y/n”

“DON'T YOU DARE” she shouted

“why not” i ask

“because my ears are a personal place newt know one is allowed to touch my ears but me” she says sternly 

after a few seconds i try to reach up to touch her ears but she just hits me and glares but i just throw the ball of yawn cross the room she glares with hatred at me before running off to play with it before coming back “i cant even trust you with a ball of yawn newt” she says 

“maybe not but i swear i wont tell anyone” i say

“okay i trust you” she said hugging me 

“but i have but one request” i say

“what” she asks

“can i keep calling you kitten” i ask

“okay” she says

“kitten” i reply 

  • Linden on Stiles' relationship: as long as they treat stiles right.
  • Malia: *is being aggressive but her behavior is excused cause jeff davis said so*
  • Malia: *would punch stiles because that's how she shows affection deal with it*
  • Malia: *violence*
  • Stalia: canon
  • Sterek and Stydia shippers: *stare at the camera like we're on the office*

I find it really strange that older feminists are trying to shame young women for supporting Sanders because that implies that Hillary Clinton is a better presidential candidate simply by virtue of being female. And while I understand that even having a woman running for president is a big deal for feminists, I also don’t think that Hillary should win because she’s a woman. So for these women to demand that all feminists vote for Hillary solely because she’s a woman is ignoring the fact that Sanders is also a feminist, and while it would be a huge milestone in feminism to elect a female president, doing so also should not necessitate that we, as voters, ignore all other aspects of the candidates political history and beliefs. I’m sure that all of the candidates have worked very hard to get to where they are, and I’m sure that Hillary and Carly Fiorina have faced professional difficulties that their male associates have not due to the fact that they are women in a male-dominated field. However, that does not make them any more or less qualified to be president, nor does it mean that voters should vote for them just because they’re women.

TL;DR: No one deserves to be elected to a political position due to an aspect of their cultural/biological background that they have no control over whatsoever.

Tara Recs Things She Likes

Omnibus edition, because a few lovely fics have passed my way recently, but I wasn’t on the ball enough to rec them individually at the time. SO. HAVE SOME RECOMMENDATIONS, Y/Y?

A Chain of Light, by madamebadger

Mass Effect. FemShep/Garrus. This is a gem of a story. A little banter, a little hurt/comfort, a little comfort comfort (*wink wink nudge nudge*), lovely characterization all around. I really enjoy the way madamebadger writes Shep/Garrus, and this story was a lovely example of why.

In This Dark Hour, by loquaciousquark

Mass Effect. FemShep/Garrus. Look, I am not quiet about the fact that I think Quark is A-MAZ-ING, right? And I think she writes some of the very best FemHawke/Fenris in the DA fandom. BUT. BUT. I jump for joy every time she writes Shep/Garrus, because it happens so rarely and she writes them so beautifully, so. You know, you should read this and tell her how wonderful it is so she writes more. (My ulterior motive is showing, whatever.)

The Life Cycle of Butterflies, by swaps55

Mass Effect. MShep/Liara. I know I don’t poke my nose outside FemShep/Garrus very often, but when I do? How fabulous is it when it’s to read a story like this one. This is just a lovely look at things after the war, hope and memory and nostalgia all wrapped up together. Really gorgeous.

Looking Back, Seeing Fragments, by probablylostrightnow

Mass Effect. FemShep/Liara (between the lines). I am kind of a sucker for this kind of fic. It’s dialogue with multiple characters, and I think the differences in voice are really vivid. (Also, that last bit sets up the possibility for a much bigger story, and I’m excited to see something come of that, too.)

lip-stained shot glasses and ink-stained fingers, by faejilly

Dragon Age. Varric/Isabela. Yeah. You read that right. Somehow jilly started writing my favorite secret ship, and it’s gorgeous and lyrical and hot and, look, THEY LIVE IN THE SAME TAVERN OKAY? It’s not thaaaat much of a stretch? And trust me, jilly is writing them beautifully together <3

Xeranthemum, by jadesabre301

Dragon Age. Andraste. Okay, full disclosure, jade wrote this on a prompt I sent, so I am not unbiased, but… it is absolutely stunning. Just read it. It’s short and perfect and hurts.