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What do you think of cjes selling green light sticks for jaejoong concert?

ive gotten messages about this

and at first i wasnt going to say anything since most international fans have a different opinion on the matter and im too tired to pick fights

before i start this this is entirely my own opinion that i am in no way convincing anyone to agree with

i am not saying that i know more than anyone or that i am right in any way

basically in my opinion its a never ending argument really

its not just a individual/solo member activity color vs. group color issue

it is also not a jaejoong stans vs. ot5 issue either

the thing is red or green or pink or blue arent ‘just colors’ of some dumb light sticks

if they were just colors that were fun and made just a pretty ocean then yeah thats fine

but green doesnt just represent jaejoong’s solo work

it represents jaejoong stans that refuse to acknowledge jaejoong as a part of jyj

let me clarify that when i say stan i dont mean individual member fans

im talking about “Acgae Fans” 

Acgae: noun; a network of fans and fan communities for the individual members of JYJ and TVXQ who are known for spreading malicious rumors about the other two and/or wishing for the group to disband so that their member of choice can pursue a solo career.[x]

stanning in english isnt referred to as a bad term so its hard to accurately find a word to refer to these type of stans

when u say ur stanning someone what u basically mean is that that person is ur bias but in this case thats not what im talking about

when i go to jyj concerts there are stans in front of the halls giving out lightsticks for individual members colors and refuse to use the official goods

they refuse to acknowledge the other two members 

are u ok with ppl saying ‘fuck jyj’ ‘jaejoongs too good to be a part of this band’ ‘fuck the other two members’

they compare the work cjes gives to jaejoong and the work the company gives to yoochun

they put the other two members down to put jaejoong up and as much as i love jaejoong to death that isnt right

ive seen stans that are to the point where they want jaejoong to leave jyj and for jyj to break up

so yes it is just a dumb light stick

yes its just a dumb color

but maybe 50% of those green light sticks represent hatred towards junsu and yoochun and if you think thats ok then thats ur opinion

tbh the main problem is some fans dont understand what the individual colors really represent and how disrespectful it is

since its a solo concert/activity i do understand how it may seem to be appropriate but i just dont like the idea of giving these acgae fans the mentality that its alright to hate on the other members

anyways the color isnt even confirmed yet since a fan called cjes and they said that this isnt even the confirmed color theyre going to make the goods

and one main argument that ive seen ppl said about the individual colors is that jaejoong probably chose it himself

well u dont know that

i also dont know that

none of us know that

but i doubt jaejoong has the time of day to give a shit about these trivial things

this whole issue is like if someone doesnt understand what a sasaeng is and saying that jaejoong should just be happy that he has fans

he should be happy because he has fans that bother to stalk him

the situation is so much more complicated than that 

since ive hardly ever come across an acgae in the international fandom its harder to believe these ppl exist

theres a lot of shit that went down because of acgaes so im sure u can read more about them if you googled them

so now i will end with a quote by park yoochun about how he wants individual fans to get along with everyone else

“Thank you very much as you have given us a lot of love when we do our activities for the albums, the events like this, and the performance together as JYJ as well as when we do our individual activities.

As you always tell us that the three of us won’t be taken apart and will be together forever, we are trying hard not to be apart and be together forever.

I hope fans of individual members can co-operate one another and become the ones who can support each other at least when we are together.

We have been through 9 years up to now. From now on, since there are so many things to do and so many things I want to do, I would like to do many things well together with you all in one.”