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hey get ready for in bioshock infinite if u didnt know already – how do you feel about bookerbeth

I am already half way through Bioshock Infinite! Bioshock1 taught me not to start shipping something until you are finished with the game lol. Also I’m thinking booker is elizabeths dad? Even if he isn’t her dad I still like seeing them as buddies instead of a romantic relationship?? But ofc if the game puts them in a romantic relationship thats cool but I have a very good feeling they are related or something lol. But don’t tell me! Cause I don’t want any spoilers haha!

Human? Yeah, right

While the fandom at large was basking in the warm sapphic phosphorescence of Pearl’s unbridled gayness, I have spent the last 24 hours fixating on a number of weird mysteries surrounding Pearl’s nameless new girlfriend.

Now, it’s not exactly a spoiler to say this lady looks like rose, but I don’t think we as a fandom have addressed just how fucking weird this is. Mystery girl isn’t just tall, she’s about as tall as Rose was. Rose herself was pegged as being around 10 feet tall (by comparison, the tallest human on record was only 8′11″). 

In other words, Mystery Girl is taller than any human alive. Now, I was willing to brush this off, but thats only the start of the weirdness. Remember the discussion about her Pink hair and how Steven speculated that she dyed it? As plausible as it sounded, that claim was never actually confirmed. When Pearl actually asked her, she completely deflected the question and asked Pearl to tell her instead. And when Pearl said she was a hologram, what did mystery girl say?

“I know how that is”

Okay, these clearly aren’t just a bunch of circumstantial similarities. Something smells fucking icthyan in here willing to suggest that this mystery girl is ANOTHER Rose Quartz.

Yes, I just said there was a second Rose Quartz in play, and it’s not as crazy as it sounds. A lot of people assume Rose was some sort of unique gem, but Bismuth stated pretty damn clearly this was not the case

Bismuth: Just another Quartz soldier, made right here in the dirt, but she was different. And she was different because she decided to be.

There are other Roses out there, or at least there were before the rebellion. I don’t doubt that after Rose became the face of the rebellion the Diamonds would have gotten rid of any imitators, and when that happened the only option a non-rebel Rose Quartz would have would be to go into hiding among the local population, to take a human name and wear human clothing.

The only other way we could see another Rose Quartz is if they were a fugitive like her. A gem hiding in plain sight, a twist so huge that the crew can’t even let her speak if they want to preserve it, lest people notice that she has the same voice actress as an identical gem. What a coincidence then that our Mystery Girl doesn’t speak in the episode all about her


kamalakhan asked: Hi quick question! What did it mean when Matt suddenly went deaf after that fight? When he’s in his apartment and can’t hear and starts banging on the wall. What was that about? How did that happen? when frank shot him in the head it obviously messed with his other senses, therefore making his radar sense go blind as well, that’s why he kept banging his hands on the wall to try to make any sound. being in that state was probably like being in complete darkness and silence without any perception of the surroundings, thats why he sat down with his back against the wall.. it’s one of the most terrifying things i can think of, that scene broke my heart


I love you

random doodles that became a short comic.


“Those are unusual movements.
What are you doing?”

I still can’t believe this.

I found out something so incredible and unreal today? I’m shaking as I type this and I’m going to try to explain it in the best way possible …okay so last month I bought my parents tickets to a twenty one pilots show because they’ve really grown to like the band which makes me happy. Anyways my mom was picking me up today and saying how excited she was for the show and how she went on the facebook page for the radio station the show’s going to be at and one person commented “21 pilots? don’t you think thats deceiving? there’s only two of them” and I said “ugh I hate when people say that, they don’t even know the meaning behind the band’s name” so my mom asked what the meaning was and I told her about the play and how that tied into the meaning…while this was happening my mom’s eyes got huge and she started to cry and I got confused as to why. it didn’t make any sense to me so I asked her if she was okay and then she started to tell me a story…

so my mom’s a nurse and has taken care of many many many patients and she obviously can’t remember all of them. She starts to tell me about how a few years ago she was taking care of an elderly man who suffered from severe panic attacks as a result of PTSD. The man was an airplane mechanic for the military in WWII. My mom would sit with him and hold his hand and talk with him through his panic attacks. She learned a lot about him and his past. The man was an airplane mechanic and in charge of assembling airplane parts. Once, he noticed that the parts he received were faulty and told his boss immediately, expecting to have to stop production, however his boss instructed him to still use the parts and assemble the planes. The man was really distraught because as it turns out, the planes he assembled crashed as a result of the faulty parts which resulted in the death of “over twenty pilots” (he would say this a lot))(my mom had heard this story over and over and over again). A few years later the man could no longer take his panic attacks and PTSD and ended up killing himself. My mom had never forgotten this mad and he was actually her favorite patient. She would sit and help him through his panic attacks, even off the clock. His death had always affected my mom deeply and I distantly remember her being really upset over his death. Obviously this isn’t the protagonist of the story, but this man definitely played a part and it affected him deeply.

At first I thought my mom was joking, this couldn’t be, it was too similar. Too unreal to be true. I didn’t even think that All My Sons was based off a true story, but I looked it up and it was a true story. My mom and I started crying and freaking out because it was such a coincidence. This is my favorite band, and a story they were built upon. They helped me save my life and this story is very close to my heart(i have tattoo that expresses the moral of the band very closely tied with the story of All My Sons). This is so unbelievable and warms my heart. All i know now is that I connect with this band more than I ever thought possible. 

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:2016. 2000 AND FUCKING 16. 2015 was like THE BEST YEAR in pop punk since 2005. All the up and coming bands released new music and a couple older ones like All Time Low and Mayday Parade joined in too and I didn't think any year could be better. BUT OH HOW I WAS WRONG because EVERY BAND FROM 2000 IS RELEASING NEW MUSIC IN 2016. NEW BLINK. NEW RELIENT K. NEW SUM 41. NEW ALL AMERICAN REJECTS. NEW GOOD CHARLOTTE. NEW STARTING LINE. NEW SIMPLE PLAN. AND THATS JUST WHATS ALREADY BEEN ANNOUNCED. HOW COULD I POSSIBLY BE FINE RIGHT NOW IM ABOUT TO EXPLODE IM SO EXCITED

Soul Eater // Maka Albarn + scythe!Soul

This is the result of the livestream I had yesterday and today. It turned out totally different from what I had in mind but I’m still very proud of this one. ;u; ♥

in the beginning of fairly local tyler says he’s evil and explains why

then he calls the clique out and says we’re the few, the proud, the emotional

he calls us good people

then he tells us that he’s not evil

idk about you but thats exactly how i think the process of going into the clique is

you start out having all these demons and thinking you’re no good/bad/ect and then wait? whats this? someone is singing about exactly how i feel? 

and then you enlist in the clique you memorize the words to the songs, you feel like you belong and you find yourself(you know who you truly are)…you feel better bc all these people feel exactly how you did and you use the music as a crutch as you fight your demons and get better and realize that you’re not so bad(evil) after all….gøød peøple nøw

i think about e/R as dads with a biological child a lot so i had to draw it

I’ve been trying to draw Luna now for a year. This isn’t even the composition I started with, but it is the farthest I’ve gotten so far. Hooray! Since this falls into personal projects, thats just sorta how it goes. It is literally going to take a hundred years to draw all the scouts at this rate.

Still, this works out. Though not really a part of the ‘draw all the scouts’ goal, I think it’s nice to begin with Luna in her human form. The story about her and the astronaut was my gateway to the whole series. I remember being pretty confused about a lot of things, having never seen or read Sailor Moon, and being approximately ten. But it left a massive impression on me, and I still love it. 

Pencil and gouache (for the stars) on bristol, so far.

So, I thought my mom was half black. Apparently that was incorrect. We’re of Native American (NDN) descent - I could’ve had my status card if she had applied for it soon enough, but she didn’t. And now I’ve no idea where to go with this new information.

Teacher Shitty and his kids

*cracks knuckles* 

Time for more High School Teacher Shitty

If you haven’t read my previous post, read it here x otherwise you may be slightly confused, or not, who knows. 

But this is going to focus on the kids

  • Shitty is the teacher who starts class with telling a story about his weekend or day before
  1. This can range from the 2 minute story of this cool snake he found in his yard from the 15 minutes one about how this old lady thought he was her grandson and he helped her shop for groceries
  2. If he doesn’t have one at this beginning of class, the kids ask one and he tells stories about Harvard and Samwell

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