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I really hope they do NOT make Harlivy canon is Gotham City Sirens 🤢🤢🤢😷😷😷 NO THANKS GIVE ME A JOKER AND HARLEY MOVIE THATS WHAT WE ALL WANT!!


Honestly, I’m confused about why Warner Bros. is even making a Gotham City Sirens movie. It’s not going to forward the story of the DCEU on and that’s two new villains that you have to introduce in one movie. People are speculating that it’s going to be the Birds of Prey vs Gotham City Sirens that would be even more people to introduce. You’d think WB would learn their lesson with Suicide Squad. Some of the members of the Squad only got 2 lines in the whole movie. Now you double that for GCS? I don’t understand. 

Which is why I think it’s mostly just a marketing ploy. I’m not saying the movie won’t happen, but who’s DCEU’s biggest competition? Marvel. What does Marvel not have? A female led superhero/super-villain movie. I know they have Captain Marvel but now the DCEU has Wonder Woman and Gotham City Sirens. (And Captain Marvel was only a response to Wonder Woman being announced) That makes Marvel look bad. 

It is also really strange that they are doing the GCS movie when critics and fans alike, even people who didn’t like Suicide Squad, wanted to see more Joker and Harley. It’s just all around an odd situation honestly. 

If I had to guess, I think that Ivy and Harley’s relationship is going to kind of be like Deadshot and Harley’s in Suicide Squad. Kind of flirty but no relationship starting. At least not yet. 

Obviously I would love to see a Joker and Harley movie, with the write script that could be an Oscar contender. WB is missing a huge oppurtunity. I also wish that Ivy and Harley would remain friends but we’ll have to wait and see. 

Just remember at the end of the day, it’s a business. WB is out to make money and Joker and Harley together makes them money. If I were a betting woman, I would bet that they are waiting to see how much money comes in with the Ivy and Harley relationship/friendship. If that doesn’t bring in the big bucks. They won’t be canon and Joker will be right back with her in the next movie. 


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Your art never fails to cheer me up. I love them all so much! Your Hermione Granger is the best I have ever seen--I have never seen her drawn with big bushy hair and big teeth, even though that's how she's described. Anyways, have a lovely day! <3

I LOVE BUCK TOOTHED HERMIONE! I must make this reply public because I get so excited when I see her drawn with themm (Verticalart’s  version pops to mind as a rare treat - if anyone else has their own favourites please share) As a kid I was really upset that she got them fixed aha. Also thankyou for the sweet message.

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Can I just add to the ask about sex toys and say imagine if Steve found out about the Great American Challenge dildo? And Bucky's there going no, no Steve, I'm pretty sure it's not physically possible to fit that in you and Steve's just like IT'S SO BIG I WANT IT BUCKY IT'D HURT SO GOOD and that's how they end up going through most of a bottle of lube in one evening and Steve's still too sore to sit properly the next day but damn he can't wait to try it again.

i had to google the great american challenge dildo and

oh my god

everything massive and vaguely phallic: exists

steve rogers: IT’S SO BIG I WANT IT IN ME 

oh my god though bucky can’t fuck him for like a whole day and he’s just making sad eyes at steve’s ass, Off Limits, but then he flashes back to the night before when steve cried a lil while insisting “its so good buck oh god it feels so good buck buckbuckbuck” and he’s like “i HAVE TO GO JERK OFF NOW” “what?” “I SAID I HAVE TO GO WORK OUT NOW BYE STEVE” 

i mean steve’s totally been double penetrated before at some point he’ll figure it out right 

down on solid ground

@vellichorharry I am your polydays giftee!! sorry for the last minute post, but I hope you like it!! 

Galas are definitely one of Bruce’s favorite activities.

Somewhere right between death metal concerts and waking up naked in a heap of rubble.

He’s never liked crowds or parties and trying to make small talk about things that don’t matter with people he doesn’t particularly like. Normally suits itch and pinch, but the bespoke one Tony got him for his last birthday is superbly fitted and very comfortable. Soft and feather-light. It masks some of his less trim areas and Bruce likes the smolder it puts in Tony and Tasha’s gazes. It’s one of the few good things about attending Avengers-related events.

Tonight’s gala is for the charity he founded (also with Tony’s help) for helping people with low income get access to medical care. He typically opts out of all but the most important events, but this is his charity, with his mother’s name on it so he’s here to do whatever’s necessary to get these people to crack open their checkbooks.

“It’s just like arguing your thesis,” Tony had said with a shrug as they took the elevator down.

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Heya Cass, when do u think the CO cd happen? not looking for anything specific, just want to know what ur opinion is of a CO timeline for H&L. Thanks a bunch xoxo

i honestly have no idea… i know i used to be very vocal on what i think is going to happen but literally these days i can’t even see the forest for the trees. i have no idea where they’re going, what they’re doing, when they’re doing it… it’s so hard to have an opinion and speculate on something when you can’t even see what the end game is… other than a CO i mean. like thats always the end game… but urgh… im just soooooooo ????? about timelines now.

in my personal opinion, a CO would be big big big bucks for the boys, the label and the one direction brand… they would be silly not to use it to their advantage and make some money off it… i feel like they know this, especially because we know how savvy they both are with money. they invest, they spend wisely.. even though we see louis blow the big bucks on luxury items, we know he (and harry) have sponsorships and endorse products which would pay them heaps as well. they’re smart with business and they know where they want their life to go and what they want to achieve… they know they have a lot of power and again i need to stress how smart they are in the industry and how they know how to get what they want.

so in saying that… i would say that a co around album release would be the best move for them financially… it also runs in line with management changes, potential changes with syco/sony re number of albums, and going off what liam said about them taking some time off after this album, it would give them a break after they come out before they’re in the public eye again as in touring etc… 

THAT BEING SAID!!!!! I HAVE NO IDEA IF THIS IS WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. I WANT TO STRESS THIS IS OPINION AND I KNOW NOTHING AND NO ONE SHOULD TAKE THIS AS GOSPEL IT’S WHAT I PERSONALLY WOULD DO BUT THAT MEANS JACK FUCKING SHIT… please please please DO NOT get your hopes up.. manage your expectations… for all i know they could come out in 10 years. WE DO NOT KNOW. and just because this is my opinion on what i would do if i was in this situation, doesnt mean that is what harry and louis would do. hell this isnt even a speculation… it’s what i would do. 

this isnt what i think is going to happen… this is what i would do if i was in the situation.